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Colleen: I try to eat all my fruits and veggies but I really don’t know how much I should be getting in each day. What do you recommend?

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Megan: Every body type has different demands primarily based upon activity levels and if the person has any nutrient deficiencies or absorption troubles. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a great tool called MyPlate that provides this information and can help create a plan for you.

Below are their recommendations: https://www.choosemyplate.gov/

Daily Recommendations*
Children2-3 yrs1 cup
4-8 yrs1 to 1½ cups
Girls9-13 yrs1½ cups
14-18 yrs1½ cups
Boys9-13 yrs1½ cups
14-18 yrs2 cups
Women19-30 yrs2 cups
31-50 yrs1½ cups
51+ yrs1½ cups
Men19-30 yrs2 cups
31-50 yrs2 cups
51+ yrs2 cups
Daily Recommendation*
Children2-3 yrs1 cup
4-8 yrs1½ cups
Girls9-13 yrs2 cups
14-18 yrs2½ cups
Boys9-13 yrs2½ cups
14-18 yrs3 cups
Women19-30 yrs2½ cups
31-50 yrs2½ cups
51+ yrs2 cups
Men19-30 yrs3 cups
31-50 yrs3 cups
51+ yrs2½ cups

If you have a question for Megan email her at [email protected] and be sure to check out her website www.everybodysfitoceanside.com

Megan Johnson McCulloughEvery BODY’s Fit(760)201-6784

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