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Chelsea: Megan, I’m a bartender which means alcohol is always around me and not to mention the holidays are coming up so I have a lot of functions and parties to go to. I’ve been trying to really watch my drinking and still be able to be social. What drinks do you suggest to stick to or have that are at least better options for alcoholic beverages?? 

Megan: Many people face this dilemma, especially now that we have so many local breweries. You have to keep in mind that one shot of alcohol is about 100 calories so whatever you add to it adds to the calorie count. However try these: 

  • 1. Gin & Tonic: 5 oz has about 107 calories
  • 2. Vodka & Soda Water: 5oz has about 67 calories
  • 3. Michelob Ultra Light beer has about 95 calories per serving
  • 4. Port wine drink about 50ml and that has about 78 calories
  • 5. Champagne: has about 84 calories per 4oz

Stick to just one or two servings because not only will you be drinking your calories, but will likely be eating them at the same time. 
If you have a question for Megan, email [email protected] for a chance to be answered and featured.

Check out her website www.everybodysfitoceanside.com
Megan Johnson McCulloughEvery BODY’s Fit www.oceansidefitnesstraining.comYouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8yvzvtCObAg4AAlrcV0TfQ


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