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Ask The Pro

By   /  March 25, 2020  /  No Comments

Lorenzo Gaspar

Janessa: When I have asked for what to do when I’m super sore after workout, a few people have mentioned Epson salt baths. What are the benefits of doing that? 

Megan: I love Epson salt baths myself. There are a few reasons why these baths are so great: 

  • 1. Stress reduction: when the salt particles break up, these release magnesium which helps re-produce cells in the body making you feel re-energized.
  •  2. Pain and swelling reduction: magnesium regulates pH levels which reduces stiffness. The side effects of arthritis and fibromyalgia can be alleviated temporarily with these baths. 
  • 3. Help with sunburns: Temporary pain relief from being in the sun as the result of this bath’s anti-inflammatory ability. 
  • 4. Alleviate constipation: The bath actually reduces bloating and water retention. 

All in all, a nice warm bath always feels good, but add some Epson salt and feel even better. Plus there are types with fragrance that make the experience even better.

Enjoy. If you have a question for Megan email her at [email protected] Check out her website www.everybodysfitoceanside.com


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