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Lorenzo Gaspar

Steven: I always hear that carbs are bad for you. It seems like everything I like has carbs in it. So are carbs really bad for you?

Megan: Many people think that eating carbs leads to gaining weight. There are actually 3 main types of carbohydrates: sugar, starch, and fiber. Dietary Guidelines recommend that 45-65% of a person’s diet should be made up of carbs for total calories per day. They’re the MAIN source of energy for the body. The key is what types you are eating. You want to focus on high fiber carbs versus processed foods or those with added sugars. Many healthy foods including legumes, whole grains, fruits, and beans are carbohydrates.

Choosing these over potatoes, white bread, or desserts makes a difference in your waistline. Often times foods without a label that are fresh and not out of package are the better choice, but always read labels. For me, depriving myself of carbs gives me a foggy brain and low energy. We want to nourish our bodies and make sure we are fueling that properly with the right amount and right types of foods. If you have a question for Megan, email her at [email protected] and be sure to check out her website www.everybodysfitoceanside.com Keep moving during this time with her Online Training 

Megan Johnson McCulloughEvery BODY’s Fit -(760)201-6784



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