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Ask The Pro

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 Peter at Digitalensphotography 

Kevin: It seems that everyone recommends different amounts of sleep. Some say 8 is the magic number some say 6 or 7. What do you suggest? 

Megan: Hey Kevin, sleep deprivation is a common phenomenon. Some people can function off 6 hours, some need as much as 10 hours. We also might find that when we were teenagers we could sleep all day and as we age, we sleep less and less. Part of this is shutting off the mind; part of this is that we become busier; and part of this is because we aren’t as active and don’t need as much recovery. I’ve had periods of my life when 6 hours was just fine, and I’ve had others where it’s hard to get out of bed after even 8 hours. Sleep is part of our circadian rhythm . The key is quality sleep. There is no magic number of hours. Rather, sleep that is not disturbed, interrupted, and deep, is what counts. Cat naps during the night won’t cut it. Emotionally and physically we need good sleep to wake up refreshed. Less stress and really winding down before bed time, instead of forcing yourself to go to bed, will help your body actually sleep. Don’t spend time tossing and turning to make a certain number of hours of sleep. What counts is quality not quantity. 

If you have a question for Megan email her at [email protected] and be sure to check out her website www.everybodysfitoceanside.com

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