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Calendar >  Cigarette Butts and Trash in Vista & By-District Elections For City Council

Cigarette Butts and Trash in Vista & By-District Elections For City Council

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Vista City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 28th at 5;30 PM. Vista City Hall, 200 Eucalyptus, Vista.

On the agenda:

  • C3. Land Acquisition – 504 S. Santa Fe Avenue (CC) RECOMMENDED ACTION: Adopt City Council Resolution No. 2017- , approving a Purchase and Sale Agreement for real property located at 504 S. Santa Fe Avenue.
  • PH1. Central Vista Business Improvement District Public Hearing (CC) RECOMMENDED ACTION: 1. Open, conduct and close a public hearing to receive testimony regarding the proposed resolution of the Central Vista Business Improvement District. 2. Adopt City Council Resolution No. 2017- , confirming the Fiscal Year 2016/17 annual report for the Central Vista Business Improvement District and levying the assessment for Fiscal Year 2017/18.
  • PH2. By-District Elections for City Council (CC) RECOMMENDED ACTION: Open, conduct and close a public hearing to consider bydistrict elections for the City Council. DISCUSSION D1. By-District Elections for City Council (CC) RECOMMENDED ACTION: 1. Adopt City Council Resolution No. 2017- , expressing the City Council’s intention, pursuant to Elections Code Section 10010(e)(3)(A), to initiate procedures for establishing and implementing by-district elections for City Council Members. 2. Adopt City Council Resolution No. 2017- , adopting line drawing criteria for adjusting council district boundaries.
  • D2. Creation of a dog memorial at South Buena Vista Park to be called “Rainbow Bridge” (CC) RECOMMENDED ACTION: Approve the creation of a dog memorial at South Buena Vista Park to be known as Rainbow Bridge.

The following letter will also be presented to the City Council  Tuesday evening.

March 25, 2017
Mayor Ritter
John Aguilera
Joe Green
Amanda Young Rigby
John Franklin
Patrick Johnson
Andrea McCullough
Vista Chamber of Commerce
Vista Public Works
North County Transit District
Media Contacts
Re: Cigarette Butts and Trash in Vista
We hope you have heard about the Backfence Society and the Only Losers Litter campaign of monthly trashwalks right here in Vista that started in January 2017. Our Trashwalkers include students, families, grandparents, teachers, members of service groups, children, and babies in strollers – concerned citizens who want to make Vista a better place to live. All participants are invited to come dressed in wild attire, borrow a cape (or bring their own), and make a visual spectacle while being a community crusader.

Our January 15 walk started at the Vista Transit Center; one hundred volunteers collected thirty bags of trash and six bags of recyclables. Before the walk had even begun, we collected eight bags of trash from the Transit Center parking lot. Our concern is that the Transit Center is a gateway into our city and that this entryway could be doing a better job at looking more inviting to daily commuters and potential visitors, especially as the downtown, through ongoing redevelopment efforts, continues to increasingly become a destination.

Then on February 19 our trashwalk started and ended in Brengle Terrace Park and included clearing out trash (broken tennis racquet, underwear, cabinet doors, plastic, water bottles, balls, stuffed animals, scarf, jacket, towel) from the creek.

The most recent trashwalk was March 19 and included meeting the NCTD patrol employee (William Mark) who cautioned that we needed to inform NCTD that we were using the parking lot. He called NCTD to report that our gathering would last from 10:45 to 11:30 am – long enough to sign in participants and send them out with buckets and trash pickers. This time there was roughly one bag of litter collected from the transit center parking lot and the area around the dumpster was mostly clean. According to Mr. Mark, NCTD is now patrolling that parking lot daily and when there is debris, their maintenance department is called in to take care of it. However, the sidewalks leading up Olive Avenue from the Transit Center are lined with cigarette butts, perhaps due to the fact that there are no receptacles provided where smokers regularly congregate, just across from
where the buses line up.

A major problem noticed from the trashwalk on March 19 (to be honest, every walk) is the collection of discarded cigarette butts. During this walk, we found them in concentration at the wall in front of the Village Pub, outside Belching Beaver (both entrances) and other businesses in Vista Village and downtown. No smoking is allowed indoors, or usually within twenty feet of a building, so customers smoke outside.  But there are no receptacles to put their butts in or a designated smoking area, so they are ground out and discarded in the mulch or on the sidewalks, leaving an unsightly mess.

Perhaps a suggestion to the city would be to
design a public art project(s) asking for artists to design decorative cigarette butt receptacles and place them in designated smoking areas. A designated area with a proper disposal receptacle would hopefully encourage smokers to put their trash in the correct place. Perhaps there is a grant that would help provide butt receptacles the city and our organizations could collaborate on?

Another suggestion would be to perhaps engage the VVBA in designing and fostering an “Adopt Your Block” type program with the businesses downtown and beyond. This program would encourage business owners to take more pride in the outdoor spaces they share with the community, especially when their patrons might be the biggest culprits. We appreciate The Flying Pig restaurant for asking their employees to take turns once an hour to circle the property on “Butt Patrol.”

We are attracting more visitors every day but the butts are unsightly and unfriendly to the environment when they make their way down storm drains; they need to be properly handled. Our group recognizes areas of greatest concentration when it comes to this issue of cigarette butts on the ground through the real work of cleaning it up, and we would be excited to help the city combat the issue of litter further through collaboration.

  • Please respond to [email protected] or [email protected] .
    Only Losers Litter and The Backfence Society
    Sarah Spinks , Alexis Panchevre , Chad Spinks
    The Woman’s Club of Vista GFWC
    Judy Pantazo , Nancy B Jones (760) 822-6824

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