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Calendar >  Council of Community Clinics Rebrand As HealthCare Center Partners

Council of Community Clinics Rebrand As HealthCare Center Partners

By   /  March 3, 2016  /  2 Comments


SAN DIEGO—(March 1, 2016)—The Council of Community Clinics (CCC), a premier consortium of primary care organizations in Southern California, today announced its new name and branding, Health Center Partners, the new name for its subsidiary formerly known as Community Clinic Health Network, Health Quality Partners, and the launch of Integrated Health Partners. Integrated Health Partners is a fully integrated primary health network designed to advance standards of care, improve outcomes and reduce costs for member community health centers. On the heels of its recently augmented executive leadership team and the addition of new member Community Health Systems, Inc., Health Center Partners today unveiled its innovative vision for meeting the evolving health needs of nearly 800,000 low-income and uninsured Californians at a launch ceremony in San Diego.


“At Health Center Partners, we firmly believe that everyone deserves access to quality health care. Our highly experienced, dedicated staff works diligently every day to advocate for health care policy, deliver programs and provide resources designed to enrich the patient experience of the ‘safety net’ population within our communities,” stated Henry Tuttle, CEO of Health Center Partners. “Our new name more accurately reflects our commitment to serving our members—championing the needs of the safety net population, enhancing the delivery of and access to high quality primary care, and acting as a trusted change agent and visionary by bringing forth innovative solutions and effective programs that positively impact health center outcomes.”

The introduction of Integrated Health Partners unites community health centers for a common purpose: to address the shift to value-based care by leveraging aggregated member data for up to 500,000 patients to better analyze and understand the status of community health and drive performance improvement that will result in better patient outcomes, operational enhancements and treatment effectiveness. By harnessing critical information and important benchmarking statistics, Integrated Health Partners helps educate the care community and steward health resources for optimal use. Under this framework, Integrated Health Partners will advance solutions for effective population health management and drive quality improvements necessary for future success against a backdrop of the Affordable Care Act and related changes to the health care ecosystem.

“Integrated Health Partners is the solution for primary care in Southern California—by compiling and analyzing key performance indicators from across the region, we’re able to better understand the communities we serve, overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, solve the most challenging health care delivery problems and address existing and emerging critical needs,” noted Sabra Matovsky, executive vice president, Integrated Health Partners. “We are a united voice representing primary care providers, safeguarding the future of quality health care for the most vulnerable and ensuring a seat at the table for the important health care decisions on the horizon.”

Health Center Partners has been representing and supporting community health centers for nearly 40 years, and today one in six San Diegans rely on its members for primary care. Consortium members support two million patient visits annually at more than 100 locations.

“As a long time member, we’ve found that the collaboration that exists between Health Center Partners and health centers is invaluable—providing a unique opportunity to speak with a strong, unified voice in support of primary care, meeting the growing needs of low-income and uninsured patients, and ensuring Southern California’s health centers are well positioned for the future of health care,” stated Kevin Mattson, Health Center Partners board chair and president and CEO of San Ysidro Health Center. “Health Center Partners is our region’s preeminent health care authority and policy advocate—focused on improving lives by elevating the primary care profession and enhancing our ability to deliver quality health care.”

Health Center Partners’ Program of Work 2020, a comprehensive strategic framework designed to ensure members remain at the forefront in meeting the evolving health care needs of the most vulnerable in our communities, establishes broad-reaching and aggressive goals for organizational transformation. Changes underway are aimed at strengthening Health Center Partners’ capacity to serve as a thought leader and health policy advocate in the emerging landscape of value-based health care.

Health Center Partners and its subsidiaries—Integrated Health Partners, Health Quality Partners and Council Connections—announced the new organizational vision and unveiled the new brands today at a ceremony held at San Diego Family Care’s soon-to-open facility in Linda Vista. Attendees and participants included clinical and operational executives from member health centers, representatives of local and state elected officials, and other dignitaries.

About Health Center Partners – Health Center Partners and its subsidiaries serve as the nexus for its members and partners to transform primary care through the power of innovation and collaboration. Our health policy, public affairs and advocacy efforts enhance the development of and recognition for our members who enrich the patient experience and improve the human condition through access to quality health care and related services for their diverse communities, with an emphasis on low-income and uninsured populations. For more information, visit www.hcpsocal.org.


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  1. E. L. Ondash says:

    I’m interested in news about community clinics, but this is the worst press release I’ve ever read and have no idea what it is trying to say. It’s full of bureaucratese and run-on sentences. You should not just post a press release, especially like this one, without some editing, or in this case, some interpretation.

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