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Calendar >  Curfew Breaker – Thomas Calabrese

Curfew Breaker – Thomas Calabrese

By   /  November 28, 2020  /  14 Comments


We Ain’t Going To Take It Anymore

Thomas Calabrese — Sergeant Wesley (Wes) Coulter had been in the Marine Corps for seven years when his unit was deployed to Afghanistan in 2016 from their home base of Camp Pendleton. He was leading a routine patrol when his squad was ambushed by Taliban insurgents. Sergeant Coulter quickly assessed the situation as small arms fire rained down on them from the left and right flanks. Realizing that they were outnumbered and the situation was growing worse with each passing second, Wes took control of the M-60 machine gun and ordered his men, “Get outa’ here, I’ll cover you!” He laid down accurate suppressive fire that kept the insurgents’ heads down. This action enabled his fellow Marines to make it back down the steep trail to a group of boulders that provided cover and enough time to call in air support.  Sergeant Coulter continued firing until he was out of ammunition, then was overwhelmed by the enemy. He was taken prisoner and beaten badly while being taken to the country of Pakistan.

The Marine was starved and subjected to every form of torture while being kept in a cage inside a cave complex. Taliban fighters would walk by and poke him with a stick to make sure that he couldn’t get more than a few minutes of sleep at a time. Seven months after being captured, the infamous ‘Jihad Jerry’, also known as Jerry Narvo arrived in Pakistan. Jerry Narvo was the son of a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager. He attended a prestigious Ivy League school and quickly embraced the anti-American radical agenda. It wasn’t that far of a leap for him to sympathize with the anti-capitalism Taliban philosophy. Donating hundreds of thousands from his ample trust fund to help fund terrorist activities throughout the world, Jerry Narvo felt the need to be more involved with the Taliban. Traveling to the Middle East, he soon became a spokesman for the terrorist organization. Even though he wore a mask during internet videos of torture and execution, he was eventually identified by his voice patterns and eyes. The name ‘Jihad Jerry’ became synonymous with brutality.

Jihad Jerry had an intense hatred for Sergeant Wes Coulter and everything that he stood for. Whenever he was in Pakistan, Jerry never missed an opportunity to travel to the fortified cave complex to taunt and insult the dedicated American warrior, “You ain’t never going home, leatherneck. You’re going to rot away inside this mountain and then I’m going to burn your body like garbage.”

            “Is that supposed to scare me?” Wes responded defiantly.

            “No more Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, They are all gone now,” Jihad Jerry spit through the bars of the cage at Wes.

Taliban leadership realized that they were never going to the break the American, so they began negotiating a trade for prisoners. In order to do that, they had to make sure that Sergeant Coulter was healthy enough for the exchange. He began receiving three meals a day and was allowed to get two hours of exercise while under guard. Jihad Jerry was adamantly opposed to this better treatment of the Marine. His opinion did not carry any weight with leader Mullah Omar, “I know that your hatred of the Marine is personal. I am not allowed that luxury, the cause must always take precedence over our feelings.”

Despite the explicit instructions from the commander to leave Sergeant Coulter alone, Jihad Jerry could not let it go. His hatred was so intense that when the Taliban fighters left to do battle with Americans in Afghanistan, Jihad Jerry was left alone with Sergeant Coulter, he tried to deceive the American into attempting an escape. “I am a double agent for the CIA. I’ve been waiting for the right time to help you. It’s time for us to go.”

Wes knew that the traitorous American was lying, but he played along, “Right,”

As they were walking out of the cave with Sergeant Coulter in the lead, Jihad Jerry pulled out his pistol and prepared to shoot the Marine in the back of the head. Wes was ready for the maneuver and at the last possible instant, dropped to his knees and the bullet went over his head. He came up in a split second, grabbed the pistol with his left hand, punched Jihad Jerry three times in the face with his right hand, then picked him up by the throat. Wes slowly choked the American traitor to death, then dropped the limp body to the ground. Wes smiled, “God Bless America.”

Once Wes got to the mouth of the cave, he saw a dirt bike located one hundred yards away. There were two Taliban fighters who must have heard the gunshot and were moving closer to investigate. When they got within range, Wes shot them and ran to the bike. As he left the area, he passed a caravan of trucks filled with Taliban fighters. He shot the drivers of two vehicles as he passed by them, then disappeared into the countryside before the terrorists could react and follow.

Back in the United States, there was turmoil and upheaval. The country was divided with millions of people supporting President Ronald Gump, an outsider and disruptor of the status quo, and political candidate Beau Harris, a career politician. During a volatile election year, a virus called Dovid-21 came from China and caused more problems for Americans. Some politicians wanted to take a heavy handed approach while others wanted to give citizens reasonable preventive options. The last thing the country needed was more division, but that wasn’t what was happening.

California Governor Flavin Loathsome was one of the ‘so called’ political elite and ruled under the philosophy of do as I say and not as I do.’ He lived an exorbitant lifestyle that was primarily funded by lobbyists and progressive billionaires. One of his favorite restaurants was a private establishment in Sacramento called the Spanish Laundromat. There was a 100 dollars cover charge just to enter and meals ranged from a two hundred dollar grass fed hamburger to an 1100 dollars caviar filled pheasant under glass. Imported wines could run into the thousands. Governor Loathsome was a frequent customer, never paid for a meal, and would always have at least one bottle of wine and as many as six when he had guests join him for lunch or dinner. When he couldn’t make it to the upscale eatery, Loathsome had a member of his staff pick up an order to go. One of the Governor’s favorite informal meals was a 300 dollar abalone and mussels sandwich with imported goat cheese.

When infectious disease specialist, Doctor Kevin Preston, found that a mixture of apple cider vinegar, vitamin D-3, cayenne pepper, zinc and ginger ale showed conclusive results in the cure of Dovid-21, he was accused of hate speech, false news and creating a panic. His medical practice was burned to the ground and he was ridiculed on social media for endangering public safety. Doctor Preston was left with no other choice but to leave the country when his life and the lives of his family were threatened.

When the police and National Guard refused to enforce the draconian measures that Governor Loathsome was imposing on California residents, he offered early release of paroles to prisoners in San Quentin, Folsom and other state prisons in exchange for them to work as Dovid-21 ordinance officers. Loathsome also created high paid internships to naïve college students who supported his policies.

He also used his super majority in the state legislature to impose Dovid-21 surcharges on all businesses and made ‘no knock’ warrants standard policies. Eminent Domain was used to confiscate property from those citizens who refused to pay the added taxes. The hundreds of millions that was accumulated through this massive tax grab went directly into Governor Loathsome’s pocket and those of his minions.  Any business could purchase a Dovid-21 exemption certificate designating them essential services. The cost of these certificates could run into the thousands of dollars depending on the size of the organization. Hollywood actors and executives that were big supporters of Flavin Loathsome and his policies were automatically excluded from any restrictions and could, eat, shop and travel as they deemed appropriate.

 Chief Of Staff, Roxine Shiftless, knew that the best way to keep a population under control was to create division and mistrust among them. “I recommend that we initiate a reward policy.”

Governor Loathsome had six Rolex watches on his desk and was undecided on which one to wear. “Explain to me how that would work.”

            “We’ll offer a 500 dollar cash payment to anyone who reports violations of Dovid-21 regulations. In this terrible economy we’ll have friends turning on friends, neighbors on neighbors, and if we’re lucky, maybe even families going after each other.” Roxine Shiftless stated.

Governor Loathsome smiled approvingly and slipped the Rolex Submariner Automatic Diamond Watch with sapphire crystal over his right wrist. “I got this for 230,000 dollars. Thank you California taxpayers. I like that idea, implement it.”

Attorney General Hugo Norriega interjected, “There’s no such thing as a bad law if it increases our power and income stream.”

State Senator Nancy Palignant promised, “You write it and I’ll propose it.  You know what I always say, “You’ve got to pass it to read it.”

A young woman was standing behind the bar on the other side of the room and called out, “May I get anybody something to drink?”

Governor Loathsome replied, “I’ll have a Remy Martin peach brandy smoothie, heavy on the brandy, light on the almondmilk.”

Attorney General Norriega chimed in, “I’ll take a tequila latte.”

Congressman Eric Levinthal entered with a big smile on his face, “Some independent wants us to give up our salaries during the pandemic. He says that it is only fair that if Californians are suffering financially then we should too.”

The entire room broke into uproarious laughter. Governor Loathsome snarled, “That’s why he’s an independent. We weren’t elected to suffer, that’s not in our job description.”

            “They say that the middle class is the foundation of America. I say that’s where they belong, in the basement with their faces in the dirt. I prefer the view from the penthouse,” Congresswoman Nancy Palignant’s shrill laugh sounded a lot like a howler monkey on crack cocaine.

“Actor Brad Looney and actress Woopster Bomberg want you to come down to Los Angeles for a mega-fundraiser,” Roxine Shiftless reminded her boss.

“I never say no to Hollywood. If I had not become a politician, my entertainment career was taking off like Apollo 13 heading for the stratosphere. I was destined to be a singer and a movie star, so I want you to remember how much I gave up to go into public service. Dovid-21 is my chance to collect that debt in full.”

Governor Loathsome walked over to a stage that he had built in his palatial office. He pulled out a microphone, turned on the music and began singing a medley of his favorite songs beginning with; I’m So Special, and went right into, I Am The Champion, Ain’t No Stopping Me Now, I’m Too Sexy, How Do You Like Me Now, The Greatest Man, Go Big or Go Home and then finished off with Break My Stride. It was hard to believe that Governor Loathsome could be a worse singer than he was a politician, but he was!

After being imprisoned by the Taliban for over two years, Wes Coulter was looking forward to the freedoms afforded Americans. He had fought for liberty and had his taken away and he vowed that would never happen again! After separating from the Marine Corps, he decided to stay in Southern California and enjoy himself. Imagine his disappointment when he found out about the ridiculous Dovid-21 restrictions. Things had gotten so bad in the Golden State that when individuals who were not allowed to be out past curfew time, were pulled over by the Dovid-21 secret police. Then they were chained to the nearest pole and not released until curfew expired the next morning. The fine for this offense started at 500 dollars and doubled each time a violator was caught. As with all virus fines, the money went directly to the Governor’s office.

Since California had numerous helicopters sitting idle on various airfields, when not fighting fires, Governor Loathsome decided to use them to drop fire retardant on gatherings of over six people relaxing in their backyards. He then billed the individuals for the cost of the flight.  A vaccine was on the horizon and citizens were optimistic about the aspect of getting their lives back to normal. Governor Loathsome knew it could be the end of his ongoing multi-billion dollar windfall, so he made a public announcement, “I believe that this vaccine was rushed, therefore I am restricting its use in the state for the next three years until I am absolutely sure that there are no dangerous side effects.”

It had now reached the point where Governor Loathsome was considering fast-tracking executions of repeat offenders. He started using Adolf Hitler’s policies as a guideline for some of his own. One of his favorite sayings was, “The best way to stop the spread of the virus is to eliminate people before they get it.”

Roxine Shiftless commented proudly, “They say we’re putting people out of work, we’ve had to hire hundreds of bankruptcy judges to keep up with all the applications.”

After doing his research about Dovid-21 and meeting with doctors about the virus, Wes Coulter decided that he was going to have to take matters into his own hands to protect his fellow Americans. Joining forces with former military personnel that included, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Marine recon, Wes Coulter began attacking Governor Loathsome and his legions of thieving scum.

Using the special skills they developed in combat, these American warriors identified targets, then developed plans to attack them. Their mission was to take the wealth stolen from hard working Americans by corrupt politicians and return it to those who needed it most.

Wes Coulter led his team against Harvey Clanton, studio executive, serial predator and staunch supporter of Governor Loathsome. They robbed the guest list of their valuables at his Brentwood mansion and gave the entire amount, which was 411,000 dollars, to a local business association in Los Angeles to be distributed to struggling owners of bars, restaurants and fitness centers. Up and down the state, Wes and his men repatriated millions and returned it back to Californians who were on the brink of financial disaster.

Regular police and the National Guard could not be used because they hated the Governor as much as most of the citizens in the state. The thugs used to enforce Dovid-21 policies were no match for the former military personnel, so Governor Loathsome proposed bringing in Chinese mercenaries or soldiers from the drug cartels in Mexico.

Attorney General Norriega suggested, “Why don’t you let me contact some of our associates in Mexico. I’m sure I can find some appropriate reinforcements.”

Governor Loathsome responded angrily, “Do it fast. These raids are costing us too much money and they are also setting a bad example. We don’t want to give the people in this state the impression that they can stand up to us. Right now we’ve got a bunch of sheep who will walk off the edge of a cliff if we tell them it’s for their own good. We don’t want those sheep to turn into wolves.”

The Mexican cartel soldiers were no match for the American warriors.  Governor Loathsome was growing more delusional with each passing day as his regulations continued to punish Californians.

Wes knew that he had to do something to push the bureaucratic maniac over the edge. He bought a 250 cc Enduro Storm 4 stroke legal dirt bike and two Umarex SA10 pellet pistols and began cruising the streets of North San Diego County after curfew. He caused havoc for the Dovid-21 enforcement police, shooting out the windows of their vehicles and escaping through the hills and foliage of the area when they pursued him.

Wes kept the motorcycle inside a van when not in use to avoid detection.  He soon became known as the ‘Curfew Breaker’. Chief of Police, Brian Griffin, of the Oceanside Police Department made a brief public statement, “We are doing our best to catch the elusive ‘Curfew Breaker’, but so far our attempts have failed. We have pledged our full cooperation with Governor Loathsome and his team of Dovid-21enforcement personnel.” When the cameras were off, Chief Griffin whispered to his assistant as he tried to keep a straight face, “Tell our people that I don’t want any high speed pursuits over 25 miles per hour of the Curfew Breaker. Like the Governor continuously reminds us; we have to be concerned about public safety first.”

There was a large warehouse in Santa Monica that held pallets of cash, taken from California taxpayers. Stacked from floor to ceiling in denominations of twenties and fifties, it amounted to almost 10 billion dollars. Wes and his team overpowered the guards and backed up three tractor trailer trucks and emptied the warehouse. They brought the cash to Vista, California where another group was prepared to return it to business owners and struggling families.

Governor Loathsome was taking a shower in his Holmby Hills mansion in the plush and exclusive area of Los Angeles. He was singing ‘I’m So Special’ when the lights began to flicker. He opened the shower door to investigate and saw Wes Coulter sitting in a chair, “Who are you?”

            “Just an American taxpayer visiting my elected representative,” Wes smiled. When the Governor attempted to step out of the shower stall, Wes warned him, “I’d stay right where you are.”

            “You’re the infamous Curfew Breaker, aren’t you?” Governor Loathsome asked when he suddenly realized who this mysterious intruder was.

            “Everybody wants to know,” Wes responded coyly.

            “What do you want…money?”

Wes smiled, “I’m here for the head of the jackal.”

            “You eliminate me and somebody else will just take my place,” Governor Loathsome said, “What are you going to do, kill them too?”

            “The good news is that I’ll have job security. That’s more than a lot of Californians have right now.”

The lights went off for a few seconds and when they back came on, Wes was gone. Governor Loathsome screamed out, “Guard!”

There was no response. When the elected betrayer of the public trust stepped out from the shower, he was immediately shocked into unconsciousness by stepping into a puddle of water that was electrically charged by a motorcycle battery. Wes stepped over the bodies of two dead cartel soldiers, and walked over to the kitchen counter then said, “Alexis, play, We Ain’t Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister.” When Governor Loathsome awakened two hours later, face down on the floor, he heard the lyric pounding in his brain. We ain’t gonna’ take it anymore.

The End


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  1. Cary says:

    A great story…I laughed through most of it

  2. Larry says:

    All hail to Flavin Loathsome, the great dictator!

  3. Dana says:

    Very imaginative

  4. Steve says:

    I needed a story like this to take my mind off all the reality of today’s
    existence. Thanks.

  5. Joe says:

    I bet this is how a lot people feel that their state government is behaving. God Bless America.

  6. Tony says:

    Mr. Calabrese has hit the nail on the head about our present situation and that are acting like elitist and promulgate orders that translate to do as I say and not as I do. The politicians have placed all the blame on the President but bathe in the and take credit for anything positive. Perhaps, the Politicians should have placed their Party aside and worked together to arrive a solution to end this chaos. It would have been better to speak with a unifying voice and act like Americans instead of allowing people to run rampant and loot and burn as they please. State Governors and Mayor’s of certain cities lost control of law and order. Mr. Calabrese has brought to light the greed and corruption in our government both state and federal. This is a story that has scratched the surface of people that feel that they are above everyone else.

  7. Skip says:

    Brilliant. Only the names have been changes to protect the guilty!

  8. Clyde says:

    Sometimes when a story is over the top like this one, it comes full circle around to reality

  9. John michels says:

    Tom as far as I am concerned the governor his Aunt and mad Max can’t be replaced fast enough

  10. Kyle says:

    A great satire about the stupidity of California’s political leadership

  11. Michael says:

    Loved this one, great story Tom!!

  12. Mike says:

    More restrictions on the way…why does this story read like fact, not fiction.

  13. Mona says:

    Very good story! I loved the humor…

  14. Terry Lutz says:

    Great story Tom. May not be too far from reality in the near future. People can take only so much B.S.

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