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Calendar >  Dog Waste is Litter Too!

Dog Waste is Litter Too!

By   /  January 9, 2018  /  1 Comment


Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes …January, 2018 Dogs are a wonderful companion to many owners; however, just as any other pet, they leave behind waste. This is especially concerning if it takes place in a public area such as parks or even by the sidewalks. Owners are known for taking their dogs out for walks as dogs need the exercise and the activity to keep them calm. This is common throughout Vista as many residents are dog owners.

That being said, they have a responsibility to pick up after them if the dogs need to go to the bathroom. Dog waste is full of bacteria and can carry many diseases that may spread to humans if they come into contact with it. Because of this, it is a pollutant that can go down stream if located near a storm drain ending up in the ocean. Frankly, it is just unsightly. I have had the experience of going to many of my locations for the Grocery Grabs sites along North Santa Fe and have come across a many evidence of dogs. Their owners have not done their duty and have left it for an unsuspecting victim to come across it. I’m sure it is well known what happens if someone steps on it.

As I said, we have litter in our city in the forms of plastics, paper, fabrics and wasted food. This is another piece of trash that is one of the most unsightly to look at and one of the most polluting. As a solution, we need to provide for more access to stations that provide for doggy bags such as DOGI POT where owners can take a bag and then dispose of it properly in a convenient waste receptacle.

These should be installed in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic in our city where citizens are known for walking dogs. This may take some time for this habit to be established, but it creates more incentive for people to do the right thing. The bags are right in front of them, and there is a sign encouraging the proper behavior. All it needs is the action. We need to keep our city clean, and that requires cleaning up after our dogs because they are our responsibility and so is the city.


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  • Published: 2 years ago on January 9, 2018
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1 Comment

  1. Carl/Alex –
    You’ve hit the problem right on the head!
    What’s it gonna take for dog owners to be responsible for both ends of their pets?
    If your dog does its duty, then it’s your (the owner’s) duty to clean it up AND pack it off to the nearest trash can.

    Keep up the good work Carl!

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