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Calendar >  Enhancing Soroptimist Park

Enhancing Soroptimist Park

By   /  March 19, 2018  /  4 Comments


Alex Hughes — March 2018…. I did not realize I came across a park when I walked toward Vista Village. It did not have the typical signs such as a water fountain, a bench or even people. It was just a pathway and some very large palm trees; not to mention a random stone wall surrounding a cylinder with a pipe sticking out. The pathway was a dead end. I ran into a wrought iron fence that prevented me from entering the Sprinter tracks. I looked up and saw the great height of the palm trees and looked down where wood chips covered the dirt not to mention signs that someone was there. From a dart board to beer cans, I knew that this was a dump sight for litterbugs and homeless people. Rather, I wish it were a site for local residents as it could be something much greater than it is now. There are many parks in Vista that it can be inspired by.

Here is what I envision. Currently, there is a path way in the park that is limited to a small portion of the whole plot of land. This could be extended so that it reaches from the Main Street side to the East Vista Way side. It will allow for an enjoyable walking experience and will create easier access for pedestrians to the other side. Along this path, there needs to be seats for resting and mindfulness: this includes adding more colorful plants to brighten and diversify the tone of the space. Water fountains are also a great convenience as well as DOGIPOTS for those walking their dogs. The piece de resistance could be the inclusion of local art from the community. It is quite apparent that Vista is becoming more interested in the arts from the Alley Art Man to the murals in the downtown region. Why not enlighten a park such as this with a little uniqueness that will draw attention!

Photos by Alex Hughes

These additions will turn this park into a new space for residents and visitors alike to break from their tours of the downtown area and just absorb the day before them.


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  1. Garry G. Garretson says:

    Great ideas Alex. Who owns the land? Is it leased to the Soroptmist Club? Did you contact them about the park needing an upgrade? If it is City of Vista property, maybe it could become part of their parks improvement plans.

    • Carl Hughes says:

      Hello Mr. Garretson! Thanks for the suggestions! I sent an email to the Soroptimists of North County Inland. I would love to help them if they choose to move forward with any of the tips.

      • I’ll bring this up at our next Soroptimist meeting…I’m sure we do NOT own the land, and I don’t know the history of the sign, but maybe our club can help spruce up the sign AND the park…thanks Alex!

  2. Did a little digging about Soroptimist Park in Vista and here’s what I found:
    “In 1968, the Soroptimist Club of Vista created a minipark in at the corner of Vista Way and Santa Fe Avenue, which the Soroptimists financed with a $1700 donation to the City of Vista. Because of this, the Club was given an award at that year’s “Vista Beautiful” Award Luncheon (Source, Vista Press, 12/8/1968)

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