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Flowers – Did You Know?

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The Flowers in Your Life

TR Robertson

TR Robertson — Did you know that there are flowers that have been designated for each of the months of the year and are the appropriate flowers to give to that special someone for each month? Not only that, each of the flowers is symbolic for a variety of significant meanings unique to that type of flower. If you are planning on giving flowers to someone, you might want to know just what that type of flower represents.

Month            Flower                                                Meaning

January           Carnation, Snowdrop              white – innocence/pure love, yellow – rejection        red – admiration                  

February        Violet   Modesty Primrose   young love

March             Daffodil  rebirth, new beginning

April               Daisy  innocence, purity –   Sweet Pea   blissful pleasure, departure

May                 Lily of the Valley              chastity, happiness, humility

June                 Rose    (more information later in the article)

July                 Larkspur   purple – love, affection   pink – fickleness     Water lily –  enlightenment, purity

August            Gladiolas   strength, infatuation Poppy    sleep, peace, death

September       Aster       patience Morning Glory     affection, morality

October           Calendula    sunshine, passion Cosmos     beauty, deepest feelings of love

November       Chrysanthemum  longevity, joy, optimism

December       Narcissus   (same as Daffodil) –   Holly   eternal life

ROSES   …..Roses come in a variety of colors and each color has a different meaning or significance. It is important to know the different meanings so you do not send the wrong message to the person you are sending roses to.

Rose color                  Meaning

Red                              love, beauty, passion, courage and respect

White                          purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility

Pink                             appreciation, happiness, admiration

Light pink                   sympathy

Yellow                        joy, friendship, delight, freedom, new beginning

Orange                        desire, enthusiasm, fascination

Red and White           given together this signifies unity

Red Rosebud               purity and loveliness

White Rosebud           girlhood

Cream                         charm, thoughtfulness, graciousness

Thornless Rose           Love at first sight

            It is not completely clear who assigned the various meanings to each of the flowers. There is some historical background to some of the meanings, but regardless, these significances have come to be accepted thru time and for many the meanings have come to represent significant occurrences in a person’s life. If this is important to you, carefully choose the flowers, type and color, for your special someone the next time you are out shopping for flowers.


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