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Girl from B.O.I.S.E – Thomas Calabrese

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The Acronym War

By Thomas Calabrese

The Louvre Museum was attacked by a group of masked intruders on an idyllic Sunday afternoon in Paris. Using high tech weapons and explosive charges, they destroyed tens of millions of dollars in irreplaceable works of arts. When they made their escape, they engaged the French police and paramilitary forces in a gunfight and supported by snipers on rooftops with high powered rifles and light anti-tank weapons they killed the first responders and many innocent bystanders. With split second timing and precision the attackers escaped when four helicopter gunships descended out of the clouds and extracted them.

Despite a worldwide manhunt, the perpetrators were never found. Three months later another well planned attack occurred at the National Gallery in London and more historical art pieces were destroyed and once again the attackers avoided capture while leaving human carnage in their wake. Several weeks later an even larger force attacked the Vatican Museum and destroyed dozen of religious artifacts while killing a dozen Swiss guards in the process. Three military style attacks in less than a year and the continent of Europe was in a full blown panic and on the highest alert.

Every major law enforcement agency in the world was searching for these museum marauders, but there was still no arrests or even one credible lead.  As a precaution the Smithsonian Institute in America tripled its security detail and expanded its surveillance around the area, but it did little good, the terrorists fired sixty incendiary mortar rounds from a distance of three miles that landed on the roofs of eleven of the 19 museums and galleries at the National Mall in Washington D.C. causing major damage to the structures and its contents. One week later, a large drone filled with C-4 plastic explosives crashed into the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and exploded.

These attackers were well trained, well equipped and had an answer for every security protocol. There were numerous questions that law enforcement personnel and intelligence officers were struggling to answer and at the top of the list were who and why. World leaders met at an emergency summit in the White House and put their other political differences aside and agreed to cooperate fully to stop the attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

            “I ordered my Chief of Staff to notify the Pentagon that as of right now this is our number one priority,” President Ronald Jefferson promised.

 A call went out to the best covert operatives in the world and they met at a secret location in the western United States.  B.O.I.S.E. (Bureau of Internal Security Enforcement) headquarters was located two hundred feet beneath the Colorado River along the California and Arizona border in a massive underground facility that was built during the Cold War as an alternate command center in case a nuclear war destroyed the eastern part of the country.

Riley Ripley was recruited from the Marine Corps after an evaluation process that included a   thorough background check and extensive intelligence and physical fitness testing.  This was followed by three weeks of varied mock life and death scenarios to determine her emotional stability and suitability for covert operative work. Riley entered a training program with an 95 per cent washout rate and one year later she completed her grueling regimen. This basically transformed her into a living and breathing weapon with a working knowledge of everything from conventional weapons to biological agents and computer technology. Riley was sitting in the conference room with her eyes closed as she lightly slept while waiting for her boss to tell her what was going on.

When he entered the room, Director Slate lightly commented, “Don’t get up, it’s only me.”

            “No problem, I was just resting my eyes,” Riley responded.

            “Good… because once this starts, there is no telling how long it’s going to be before you can rest them again.”

There was only one way to access B.O.I.S.E. Headquarters and that was through a waterfall. Two sports utility vehicles drove down a dirt road and parked at the river’s edge.  A large houseboat pulled up and a ramp was extended and several men boarded. The watercraft motored down the river a half mile then disappeared beneath a tall waterfall. It pulled up to a concrete dock and the men disembarked, walked up a small stairway and entered through a massive vault door.

Director Slate called the meeting to order, “Please introduce yourself and the agency that you’re with.”

            “Napoleon Kuryakin, U.N.C.L.E. United Network Command for Law Enforcement.”

            “Clancy Ryan, G.I.R.L.S.E.  Government Informational, Regional Logistical and Support for the Environment.”

            “Riley Ripley, B.O.I.S.E. Bureau of Internal Security Enforcement.”

An older gentleman walked in and identified himself as he sat down between Riley and Napoleon, “Moses McClane,  R.E.D. Retired  Extremely  Dangerous.”

The last man spoke up, “Nathan Hunter, IMF, Improbable Mission Force.”

Director Slate commented, “We have a Code Alpha situation. Sydney Bristol from S.P.A.M. Security for Ports and Manufacturing will take it from here.”

A beautiful woman in a military jumpsuit stepped up to the podium. “Port inspectors intercepted a container full of stolen high tech weapons at the Long Beach Port of Entry. Working with the N.C.I.S., F.B.I. and the C.I.A., a team flew to Malta where they apprehended operatives in a warehouse that was filled with military equipment stolen from countries all over the world. During an interrogation that was enhanced by a truth serum cocktail they obtained valuable Intel.”  Sydney looked at each person in the room before she took a deep breath and continued, “T.H.R.U.S.H, Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and Subjugation of Humanity and S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, have combined forces.”

Deafening silence engulfed the soundproof room as each operative processed this devastating news. Finally Riley spoke, “They’ve never worked together before… they are competitors and bitter enemies. Why would they be collaborating now?”

Director Slate responded, “If they can destroy history then they fabricate their own just the way they want it. Maybe they also figured if they got enough of the world, they wouldn’t mind splitting it. I really don’t know, let’s catch them, then you can ask them.” Before he could continue a man walked in and gave him a sheet of paper. “This is not good news; there was a fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and it looks like terrorism. This could be the second part of their plan.”

            “Which is?” Napoleon Kuryakin asked.

            “The elimination of faith and religious beliefs has always been a great method to weaken and subjugate people,” Sydney Bristol added, “In Germany Joseph Goebbels created a relentless propaganda machine and fabricated a heroic image of Hitler. German students were introduced, then indoctrinated to the Nazi idea of a national community, a socialism that was specifically designed to promise them everything that they ever wanted while blaming the establishment and religion for most of their problems. That is why Hitler went after the Jewish people and made them the target of rage by blaming them for Germany’s problems. Once he accomplished this, he could justify concentration camps and the elimination of them. The Nazis used a complicit media to influence the thoughts, feelings and actions of easily influenced and weak-minded individuals in Germany.”

            “Hitler changed the mentality of a country with speeches and newspapers, but nowadays powerful organizations like THRUSH and SPECTRE have access to a global internet and thousands of websites,” Nathan Hunter warned.

            “Don’t you have any good news,” Clancy Ryan interjected.

While they were working on their plan, word came in that a series of Easter Sunday blasts killed over 300 people and wounded one thousand when three churches and three hotels were targeted in the country of Sri Lanka.

Noel Slate gave the operatives their assignments, “Clancy Ryan, you’ll be heading to Africa, the French Foreign Legion will be at your disposal. Nathan Hunter, take your IMF Force and rendezvous with MI6 in London and proceed accordingly. Moses, I know you still have contacts in South America, use them to their full advantage.”

            “What about me?” Riley asked.

            “You and Napoleon have got this continent, America, Mexico and Canada are all yours,” Director Slade answered.

            “What are the rules of engagement?” Napoleon asked.

            “Get valuable Intel any way you can and if you can’t, then you have license to kill. Eliminate the threat at all costs and as of ten minutes ago the world has been placed on Defcom One. It is not a matter of if there will be another attack; it is only a matter of when. Wheels up in 30 minutes and remember if you have to make the ultimate sacrifice then make sure you take as many of the bad guys with you as you can. Good luck.”

Sebastian Moriarty leader of THRUSH and Emilio Blofeld from SPECTRE were at a private well-fortified island in the Bahamas.

            “We have saturated the internet with fabricated stories giving credit for the attacks to various organizations and combine that with our ongoing terrorist attacks and it is only a matter of time before an already divided world turns on each other,” Sebastian Moriarty laughed, “When they’re done, we’ll pick up the pieces and rebuild it the way we want it.”

            “It shouldn’t take much, most people are already teetering on the edge of derangement syndrome anyway,” Emilio Blofeld agreed.

            “You know they’ll be coming after us with everything they have,” Sebastian warned.

            “Ever hear the term cannon fodder (an informal derogatory terms for combatants who are regarded as expendable in the face of enemy fire)  We have thousands of men and women in  organizations that we fund all over the world that would be more than happy to fight and die for their cause. We’ll give them that opportunity,” Emilio said.

            “The tree of global domination grows tall, straight and strong when it is nourished from the blood of terrorists and victims alike,” Sebastian said.

            “Don’t forget to add a few megatons of media manure to that fertilizer formula,” Emilio sneered.

Three weeks later, Clancy Ryan and a regiment of Legionnaires attacked a compound in the Congo. The battle raged on for three days and when it was over, 147 terrorists laid dead inside the walls of the old fort. Clancy walked among the deceased while on his satellite phone to BOISE Headquarters. “Area is secured, we’re currently searching the structure, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to find anything. We pretty much shot the hell out of the place.”

Sydney inquired, “Any survivors?”

            “That’s a negative, they fought to the last man,” Clancy replied.

            “Do you need a break?”

            “That’s a negative, “Clancy quickly replied, “I’m ready to go again.”

            “We’ll contact you at the Mombasa safe house,” Sydney instructed, “Get some rest anyway.”

Two days later, Nathan Hunter and his Improbable Mission Force in cooperation with MI6 breached a warehouse in London by blowing the front door off the hinges while another group of armed operatives landed on the roof and made their way down the stairs. Room by room they fought to clear the building. Nathan encountered two highly trained terrorists and they fought in brutal hand to hand combat until Nathan killed both of them. Once again every terrorist fought to the death.

Several churches in Belgium were attacked and the rhetoric on social websites demanded retribution against anti-Christian groups. A series of attacks against synagogues and mosques occurred and a different set of talking points surfaced accusing Christian militia groups of retaliation. America and fifty other countries put together a cyber terrorism team whose primary duty was to remove inflammatory postings as soon as they appeared on the internet. If they couldn’t remove it, they shut down the website or posted the correct information.

Moses McClane was in Rio de Janeiro when satellite photos showed a large group of armed men boarding trucks. Moses watched on the screen as the convoy left their fenced compound.  Moses called out, “Let’s go,” and got in a truck with six other men.  In less than a minute a dozen vehicles with an elite fighting force exited the warehouse. As the terrorist convoy made is way down the two lane road, the driver in the lead vehicle slowed to a stop when he saw a car turned over on its side blocking their path. Moses gave the signal and eighty men opened fire from their concealed positions with small arms and light artillery weapons. The terrorists struggled to get out of their vehicles and fight back, but they were outgunned and outclassed. When the shooting stopped, Moses made a call on his cellphone, “Mission accomplished.”

Riley and Napoleon were dispatched to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba. While walking across the courtyard they noticed two men with backpacks.

Riley communicated with her support team, “I need an infra-red chemical analysis scan on those backpacks.”

A response was immediate, “Roger that.”

A drone hovered above the two men and relayed information back to the operator who communicated information to Riley and Napoleon, “Infra-red scan confirms explosives are in the packs, chemical analysis determined plastic explosives.” Proceed with caution.”

            “Confirmed,” Napoleon answered.

Riley and Napoleon walked directly toward the two suicide bombers and when they got right next to them they pulled out their pistols and shot them through the head. Their bullets hit the medulla oblongata, the part of the brain that controls involuntary movement. No sooner did they neutralize the bombers that they came under fire from two other terrorists. After a short gunfight, Riley and Napoleon neutralized the shooters.

            “I forgot how much fun it was working with you,” Napoleon smiled.

            “Right back at you,” Riley winked, “You know what they say?”

            “What?” Napoleon replied.

            “There’s nothing like that warm tingling feeling that you get from killing terrorists.”

Things haven’t quite worked out exactly the way that Moriarty and Blofeld had hoped. They had lost hundreds of men and several of their attacks were thwarted, the worst part was that they could not post derogatory and hateful comments on the internet without it being hacked and removed within minutes.

The J. Paul Getty Museum commonly referred to as the Getty, is an art museum in California housed on two campuses: the Getty Center and Getty Villa in Los Angeles. The two locations received over two million visitors in 2018. The Getty Museum was having a gala opening honoring western art on April 21, 2019 and Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones would be a few of the guest speakers and honored guests.

Enrique Marquis, a forensic computer scientist developed an algorithm (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or problem-solving operations, especially by a computer) to determine with some certainty what the next target was. “I think they will hit the Getty next.”

            “How certain are you?” Director Slate asked.

            “83.6 per cent,” Enrique responded.

            “Good enough for me,” Director Slate said.

The other operatives were called back from their assignments in Africa, South America and Europe and the entire group attended the event as either guests or catering staff. Mingling among the stars and the art crowd, the operatives remained inconspicuous while trying to identify the terrorists.  They had their earpieces in and their support staff in the van outside was running face recognition software on everyone in the building.

Riley’s cover was that of a server while Napoleon was a bartender. When three terrorists were identified, Riley put a knockout drug in their appetizers just before she approached and offered them grilled salmon lemon kebobs. When they passed out, Clancy Ryan dragged them to a back room and they were taken away. When another terrorist was identified, Riley walked over and jabbed an ice pick through his heart so quickly that nobody saw her hand move. The man just slouched down on the couch as if he had fallen asleep.

The operatives got the word from their support team. “Four helicopters are coming low over the Pacific Ocean and headed in your direction, eight minutes out.”

The operatives rushed out to the garden and connected themselves to the dangling ropes that stealth helicopters had lowered and were airlifted out. The pilots headed west to engage the terrorist aircraft and were one hundred feet above them when they reached the shoreline. The operatives were all accomplished marksman so when the pilot descended, Riley and her comrades disabled the terrorists’ helicopters by firing well aimed shots in the rotor blade assemblies forcing the terrorist helicopters to make hard landings in an affluent Pacific Palisades residential neighborhood.

The pilots in the operatives’ helicopters were the best of the best at flying rotary aircraft so they swooped down so low that the operatives were only five feet off the pavement as they chased the terrorists down the street. Riley shot two men as she passed by them then kicked one off his feet and he smashed into the front of a Tesla sedan. When one terrorist made a hard left turn and ran into a plush green yard, Riley disengaged her harness, fell to the ground and did a forward somersault through the grass then came up running right behind him. He smashed through the front window of the house with Riley only a step behind him. Realizing he couldn’t escape, he decided to stand his ground and fight. The terrorist pulled out a knife and lunged at Riley who blocked with a sofa cushion. She then kicked him in the right knee which buckled his legs. Riley pulled out her knife and stabbed him through the top of his head. Right about that time, the resident of the house came walking down the stairs and stared in disbelief at what was before her.

Riley immediately recognized her, “Jennifer Garner! I’m a big fan,” then quickly exited the house to find more terrorists.

It took a while, but eventually the operatives located the island fortress of Sebastian Moriarty and Emilio Blofeld and with the full force of the American military behind them, they attacked and captured the international criminal kingpins. Moriarty and Blofeld were taken to another island, one with less opulent accommodations to spend the rest of their lives. It was called Guantanamo Bay.

They were right about one thing; there are millions of people that are desperate and obsessed with believing in anything no matter how ridiculous or untruthful it is as long as it fits their agenda.  These are the same individuals are adamantly opposed to any facts that offends their overly sensitive nature. Moriarty and Blofeld had years of long, empty and solitary days ahead of them to dwell on the one crucial error in their devious scheme of world domination.

That there will always be men and women who live by a code of honor, who run toward certain death at twice the speed that others are running away from it. These warriors may be few in number, but they are mighty in spirit. They feast from the buffet line of danger and look pure unadulterated evil in the eye without blinking or turning away. When you are in serious peril, they’ll rush through gunfire, explosions and natural disasters to reach you.  One of these avenging angels is the legendary Girl from B.O.I.S.E.

The End


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  1. Ron Pickett says:

    Another imaginative and interesting story.
    Thanks, Tom

  2. John Michels says:

    only FUBAR SNAFU WOFTAM and James Bond were missing from that story

  3. Tony says:

    Thomas Calabrese should get a Star of the A. W.of F. Author’s Walk of Fame if there was one just for his use of acronyms in this action story. An adventure story from start to finish. Nicely done Mr. Calabrese. This story should also serve as a “Wake up call for American” that there are people and governments that want to undermine the Constitution, Freedoms and our way of life.

  4. Robert says:

    Enjoyed the story. As usual you created another good story.

  5. Clyde says:

    Being of the age I remember the series Man from UNCLE , this story brought back some good memories, It is also appropriate that it came out on the same weekend as the movie Avengers

  6. Jeremy says:

    Another fun story with a message as well

  7. Cary says:

    How you keep coming up with new ideas every week amazes me. Keep them coming

  8. Marsha says:

    Enjoyed the story, thanks Tom

  9. Larry says:

    Great story..kept my interest all the way through

  10. Tanya says:

    Thanks a for an good story…we were due for a female hero. Don’t mess with Riley Ripley

  11. wolf says:

    Great Story, certainly in line with current events .Tom heads the A TEAM of short action stories writers.

  12. Steve says:

    Enjoyed the story…especially the message that it conveyed

  13. Terry Lutz says:

    Another great story Tom. I like the way you pull current events and places together in your stories.

  14. Guy says:

    Very inventive.. well woven tale of suspense and action.I liked it.

  15. Mona says:

    This story is woven with action and heroism. I really enjoyed it. The acronyms were also pretty amazing!

  16. Dan says:

    No matter how you spelled or abbreviated it, this was a good story

  17. Bart says:

    Nice story. My entire family liked it.

  18. Kyle says:

    It took me a while to get to this story, but I’m glad I did, enjoyed it very much

  19. janet p says:

    Photo looks like Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls

  20. Janet says:

    the girl from Boise is my hero, I look forward to her next mission

  21. Stephanie Boren says:


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