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Calendar >  Good Witch of Wuhan- Thomas Calabrese

Good Witch of Wuhan- Thomas Calabrese

By   /  October 30, 2021  /  8 Comments


Igor the Shark

Thomas Calabrese –The Wuhan Institute of Virology is a research institute that is operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is located in the Wuchang District, Hubei, China, and reports directly to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

Li Chepurnov, was the daughter of Vladimir Chepurnov, Director of the Gamaleya Institute of Infectious Diseases in Vladivostok, Russia and virologist Tu Youyee, the first female mainland Chinese scientist to win a Nobel Prize in medical research. Tu isolated a compound called artemisinin that became effective in the treatment, cure and prevention of malaria and ebola. It helped save millions of lives around the world.

Young Li began working alongside her mother and father in the laboratory when she was seven-years-old and by the time she was a teenager, she was already developing her own formulas and scientific theories. Li had a gift for research and bio-chemistry and over the next three years, she identified 327 viruses in humans and animals.

Viruses are some of the most mysterious organisms on Earth. They’re among the world’s tiniest lifeforms, and because none can survive and reproduce without a host, some scientists have questioned whether they should even be considered living things. Li discovered one virus that had no recognizable genes, making it among the strangest of all known viruses and an essential component of the Covid-13 DNA sequence. She knew that this infection was not created by nature, but rather in a laboratory. Li knew that if she reported her findings, her parents would be killed.so she kept the data and did not tell anyone.

Her parents were treated like royalty by the Russian and Chinese governments because of their expertise in creating biological weapons and developing vaccines for a variety of illnesses. They were among 63 researchers that were killed when a fellow scientist became delusional and suicidal after he was infected by Naegleria fowleri, known as a ‘brain eating amoeba’ HHe connected a natural gas line to an oxygen tank and placed a lit a Bunsen burner next to the hose. The massive explosion leveled the entire research structure and broke every window for a ten mile radius. China and Russia collaborated to rebuild a bigger and more advanced virology institute by forcing work crews to work 24 hours a day and seven days week.

After giving Li an entire two weeks to mourn the loss of her parents, the Chinese Communist Party sent her to study microbiology at Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California. She got her master’s degree in less four years. While, on campus, she met Josh McGregor, a medical student from Oceanside, California, who was there under the Health Professions Scholarship Program. In exchange for four years of active duty service, the military covered Josh’s education-related expenses.

Li and Josh’s relationship was too strong to be broken by the inevitability of their situation and despite their best efforts to fight the urge they still fell in love. It was an emotional farewell when Li boarded her return flight for Shanghai, China. She went back to the Wuhan Institute and began working with Professor Igor Ivanov, a unique individual who possessed a 165 IQ, had the immune system of a shark, but was afflicted with dwarfism. Dwarfism is short stature that results from a geneticormedical condition and generally defined as an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches or less. 

What most people don’t know is these ocean predators are known for their natural resistance to diseases and viruses. Some studies state that sharks are immune to all viruses because of the massive amount of squalamine in their systems. Squalamine is a steroid-polyamine conjugate compound with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity and anti-angiogenic activity.

Two years earlier, while conducting an experiment on natural immunity in his Moscow lab, Igor used himself as a guinea pig and injected a massive dose of squalamine into his bloodstream. His muscles started convulsing and he fell into a coma. Igor was placed on life support and given a less than a five per cent chance of survival. Three weeks later, the mini genius came out of his coma, feeling great except for one unusual side effect, he would occasionally have vivid hallucinations and take on different identities at the most inappropriate times. Being a movie buff, that covered a wide range of characters.

The two gifted scientists became good friends and Li could always tell when Igor was about to have an episode of losing contact with reality and she played along. As the years passed, Li and Igor became increasingly more disillusioned with the World Globalist Cabal weaponizing biological research to further their agenda. When the Wuhan Institute began using experimental vaccines on young children that were forcibly taken from their parents, it added to the outrage that Li was feeling. She knew that she could confide in Igor, “I want to leave…come with me.”

Igor flashed into one of his alter egos, “You talking to me? You talking to me?”

            “Listen up, Pilgrim…because I’m only going to say this once,” Li took on a different persona as well, “We’re burning daylight.”

The National Institute of Health (NIH) denied funding gain-of-function research that made certain viruses more dangerous to humans Li had seen how China manipulated the truth about the Institute and now the United States was doing the same thing. The policy of many governments is to deny, deny, deny then blame someone else.

Commander Josh McGregor had become a radiologist and was currently stationed at Camp Pendleton Hospital. It had been six years since he had seen Li Chepurnov and had only received a few e-mails from her over that time span. He often wondered if things had been different, would they be together right now. It was an interesting and hypothetical question. Josh knew one thing for sure, he still loved Li. Imagine his surprise when he received a text message from Li, stating that she would be attending the World Health Organization’s Global Conference, being held at the San Diego Convention Center, and wanted to see him.

Upon their arrival in San Diego with their security detail, Li and Igor were taken directly to the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. They were told to wait in the hallway while several men went inside their hotel room and closed the door behind them. Ten minutes later, Li and Igor were allowed to enter their two bedroom suite.

Li turned to Igor and put her index finger to her lips, a signal not to say anything. She walked over to the lamp and pointed a small listening device that was place on the inside of the lampshade. She turned on the television, raised the volume and began to speak, “This is the opportunity that we’ve been waiting for. It won’t be easy, but I think it’s worth the risk…do you want to back out?”

            “Reckon not, what about you, Missy?” Igor asked.

Li responded, “No.”

            “Do you think that your friend will help us?”

            “I won’t know until I ask,” Li sighed, “If we had any other options I wouldn’t even get him involved. This is my problem, not his.”

Later that evening, Li used a burner phone that she smuggled in from China to call Josh McGregor.  He didn’t recognize the number, but answered anyway, “Hello.”

            “Josh…it’s me,” Li said.

Josh exclaimed, “So good to hear your voice…are you in San Diego?”

            “I’m at the hotel,” Li replied, “I need to ask you something?”

            “Sure, go ahead.”

            “It’s very dangerous so if you don’t want to help, then I completely understand,” Li said.

Josh was intrigued and joked, “Danger is my middle name.”

Li continued, “My research partner and me want to leave China.”

            “Have you contacted the State Department?” Josh asked.

            “No offense, but I think some people in your State Department are working with the Chinese Communist Party,” Shi said.

            “That would not surprise me,” Josh asked.

            “I have evidence that exposes a conspiracy between various countries and gain-of-function research. I’ve also isolated the viral component in the Covid-19 virus…which means I have the cure. A lot of very powerful people don’t want that information to be known. Does that change anything?”

            “Not for me it doesn’t,” Josh said, “This is a little out of my realm of expertise but I might know someone who has the skills for this.”

            “It is good to hear your voice, this is not exactly how I wanted our reunion to go,” Li said.

Josh responded, “You don’t hear me complaining. Your safety is the most important thing.”

            “I looked at the schedule of events and should be able to contact you tomorrow afternoon,” Li heard the guard walking in the hallway and stopping by the door, “I’d better go, I don’t want to get caught on the phone,” After disconnecting she went into the other room to speak with Igor, who asked, “What did he say?”

Li answered, “What I knew he would say even before I asked. Josh McGregor is the kind of man that every boy wishes he could be when he grows up and every old man wishes he had been when he looks back on his life.”

Igor handed Li a tissue to wipe her tears and said, “That’s pretty intense…I’m going to need time to process that. You still love him, don’t you?”

Li did not answer, just turned around and walked back into her room

Commander Josh McGregor met many Special Operators during his career in the Navy. He knew that some of them were angry about vaccine mandates so he called Rick Beckett, a Navy Seal, stationed at Coronado.

 Josh explained Li’s situation and emphasized the part about her having the cure for the Covid-19 virus Rick was eager to help, “It’s bad timing for me, but I’m deploying in a couple days and right now my team is in pre-deployment mode. I know a freelancer lives for these kind of things.”

There was a lot of diplomatic pressure being put on China by countries around the world who saw their economies take a nosedive because of COVID-19 lockdowns. Political leaders wanted information about the origin of the virus, but the the Chinese Communist Party repeatedly denied their requests or gave out misinformation. When threats of sanctions, tariffs and international boycotts of Chinese goods were mentioned, Beijing knew it had to change strategy in a hurry. They needed a fall guy or in this case a fall girl.

Their plan was to make it appear like Li Chepurov and Igor Ivanov were working for the CIA and purposely released the virus. Since they were already in America, the other part of their scheme was to kill Li and Igor, who wouldn’t be around to defend themselves.  The Global Conference would the perfect opportunity to do this. Rather than use their own agents, China offered the ruthless Aristeo Cartel one billion dollars in fentanyl if they killed Li Chepurnov and Igor Ivanov.

Griffith Pyle was a former Army Ranger, who had worked as a mercenary all over the world. This highly trained individual hated corrupt administrations, domestic or foreign and fought them from the Congo to San Salvador.  Griff wasn’t particularly fond of American bureaucrats either. It all started when he was court martialed for hijacking a government plane filled with dogs that were bound for a cruel and heartless deaths at the hands of researchers at an unknown dark site.  He contacted Josh and said “Our mutual acquaintance told me that your friend is in danger. From who?”

            “Big government.”

 Griff said, “I’m not a big fan of researchers, why should I help?”

            “Because Li Chepurnov has the cure for Covid-19,” Josh replied.

            “That’s a good enough reason for me. We’ll figure the rest out as we go along,” Griff said.

Josh asked, “What do you mean by we?”

            “If this is as important to you, I figure that you would want to come along to make sure that I do it right.”

            “You make a good point,” Josh said, “Count me in.”

            “I’d pick you up at the base hospital, but I’m persona non grata on military bases since my court martial,” Griff stated.

            “I’ll meet you at Denny’s outside the main gate at 1900 hours. How will I know you?” Josh asked.

            “You won’t, I’ll know you.”

While sitting outside the Hilton Hotel, Josh and Griff noticed that many people were in walking in various costumes. I completely forgot that tonight is Halloween,” Josh said.

Griff thought for a moment, “We might be able to use that to our advantage.”

Griff noticed several black Cadillac Escalades driving down the street as well as were several groups of hard-looking Hispanic men lounging about in strategic locations, “I do enough work in Mexico to know that the men I’m seeing on the street tonight hardly ever come across the border. This mission has just taken on a new dimension”

Josh pondered the situation, “If China wanted someone killed, but also to divert attention from themselves what better group to do it than a bunch of trigger-happy drug dealers. It leaves a lot of options open for them.”

            “Astute observation, Doc,” Griff said, “To make it look like a drug deal gone bad, they’ll have to shoot more than just your friend. This could be a bloodbath.”

Griff handed a Glock 19 and six loaded magazines to Josh, “I guess it’s a little late to ask you if you know how to use one of these.”

The lobby of the hotel was one big festive party, with people wearing costumes and partying. There was a gift shop and Josh and Griff walked over to it, “I need a couple costumes,” Griff said.

The female clerk replied, “We don’t have much left.”

Griff pulled out a wad of hundred dollar bills and set it on the counter, “I’m sure you can find something?”

The clerk’s eyes opened wide in anticipation, “Male, female, size, just tell me what you need.”

Josh answered, “A woman about your size and a boy.”

After getting the costumes, Josh and Griff walked over to the front desk. Griff flashed a fake badge and identification card to the clerk and said in a stern and professional voice, “This is a matter of national security…which rooms is the Chinese Delegation staying in?”

The young desk clerk stammered, “1138, 1139 and 1140.”

When Josh and Griff reached the elevator, four Hispanic men got on with them .By the time the door opened on the 11th floor, the four men were lying dead on the floor. There was the sound of gunfire coming from the hallway. Griff and Josh came up from behind the several Chinese men and shot them.

Josh knocked on the hotel room door and Li opened it. They looked at each other and embraced. Griff commented, “Save that for later,” and tossed the bag with the costumes to Igor, “Time for some trick or treating.”

Li changed into a sparkling white costume and was carrying a wand. Josh stared at the woman that he loved and thought to himself that she never looked more beautiful, “Who are supposed to be, The Good Witch of Wuhan? This was a loose comparison to Glinda the good witch of the South in the Wizard of Oz movie.

Igor came out of his room wearing a strange little costume and a sign Sorry Charlie, hanging around his neck. Griff smiled, “Charlie the Tuna…right?”

They left the room and walked right into a Chinese security detail. Even in their costumes, it was still easy to recognize Li and Igor at this distance. When the Chinese men reached for their weapons, Josh and Griff shot them and quickened their pace to the elevator.

By the time they reached the lobby, an all-out gunfight was taking place. San Diego Police were engaged with the drug cartel soldiers who were fighting against the Chinese. Bullets were flying everywhere and innocent bystanders were cowering behind furniture or anything else that they could use for cover.

With Griff in the lead and Josh in the back, the foursome made their way through the kitchen and exited the hotel. Josh shot two cartel soldiers who blocked their path.

Griff commented, “Good shooting, you might have a second career in this line of work.”

The gunfight continued even after they disappeared into a costumed crowd.

Li smiled, “Happy Halloween,” when she passed a group of children.

Several months passed, Li and Igor had disappeared. In reality they were living on a ranch outside Julian that also served as a training facility for mercenaries. It was jointly owned by Griff and several other civilian security contractors.  When Li found a way to release the cure for Covid-19, without it leading back to her, it caused a combination of global outrage and relief. Who knew what and when? Millions wanted those answers.

After fulfilling his obligations to the Navy, Josh married Li who had changed to her name to Glinda South (no big surprise). He went into private practice in Murrieta, Li and Igor became his radiologic technologist and MRI technician.

When things were slow at the office, the Good Witch of Wuhan, Igor the Shark and Josh could often be found in their private laboratory doing research.

The End

Work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance

The Veterans Writing Group of San Diego County invites all writers to join us at our monthly meetings. Veterans and Non-Veterans are equally welcome. For more information go to our website: www.veteranswritinggroup.org


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  1. John michels says:

    Happy Halloween from your pal broom Hilda

  2. WOLF says:

    Another good one by time.

    Certainly Timely with current events and may be more factual then our governments current investigation into the origin of COVID.

  3. Robert says:

    Another good story

  4. Tony says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Thomas Calabrese is a very talented writer and has a great imagination for writing.
    He seems able to take a subject,topic or two words and develop an entire story of interest for everyone to read.
    This weeks story is particularly interesting because we are living with a virus of unknown source for the past two years without any significant answers to many questions about it. This virus that appeared very quickly throughout the world and a supposedly untested vaccine shortly afterwards?
    Does Mr. Calabrese have a double life? A writer as a cover for his true profession as an undercover agent for the US Government?
    Great story and will we ever know his true profession?

  5. Bart says:

    Good story,. Too bad not true.

  6. Clyde says:

    Once again, I like the way you mixed current events with fiction.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Liked the story …very timely

  8. Mona says:

    Excellent story and as usual , very timely!

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