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Calendar >  Helping One Diaper at a Time: Diaper Bank Program Gets Local Support

Helping One Diaper at a Time: Diaper Bank Program Gets Local Support

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Vista, CA — At VCC, staff and clinicians are working toward creating equitable spaces and communities where everyone can flourish. As a community health care center, they believe it is part of their responsibility to positively impact the communities they serve through the support the organization offers.

VCC is happy to announce the start of the “Diaper Bank” Program, benefitting the parents, or caregivers, of very young children and babies. The health center has partnered with the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank to bring this program to life locally. Originally created by the San Diego Food Bank in order to solve part of the problem of poverty that many of our local families face today, this program will help assist families with their diaper necessities. Diapers are a costly expense for families, especially when finances are already spread thin. Current average monthly costs for diapers fall somewhere between $70-150 a month per child (not including wipes). When one is trying to pull themselves out of poverty, it can be something as simple as the cost of diapers that negatively tips the scales, restarting the cycle of poverty.

Being able to help families with just one more pack of diapers per month can mean the difference between a bill being paid, food being eaten, or medication being picked up. Yeraldin Montiel, Program Coordinator for outreach with VCC has been delivering the packs of diapers while the program was being piloted. She says the expression on the families’ faces has been priceless when she arrives with the packs; “it’s a huge help for a family because diapers are really expensive. For them to be able to not have to worry about the expense that month means a lot because they have to figure how to pay rent, utilities, and food. Diapers end up at the top of parents’ lists because kids need them, and sometimes they need to skip that water or gas bill payment in order to bring those kind of necessities home. So when we help them with food from our food distribution, and now diapers from this program, it means a lot to our communities. The families thank me a lot, but honestly I’m just the middle man delivering the items.”

The new Diaper Bank Program distributes diapers through the already existing food distribution programs that VCC has been a long time partner of. Eligible families will be able to receive one pack of free diapers per month. Each pack ranges from 20-40 diapers depending on size and brand. VCC has a variety of sizes on hand at their health clinics, and are happy to distribute to those in need as they become available. VCC’s current supply includes sizes 1-6, and a limited stock of swimming diapers. VCC is excited to officially launch this much anticipated help for fellow friends, families, and neighbors in the communities we share. If you are interested in the program and have questions, you can contact Yeraldin Montiel at 760.631.5000 ext 7014.

Author credit: Nannette Stamm, Chief Health Promotions Officer, VCC

About Vista Community Clinic

With eight state-of-the-art locations in North San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties, VCC provides affordable, high quality health care to more than 66,000 community residents. Services offered by VCC include primary care, pediatrics, prenatal and women’s health, optometry, chiropractic care, dental health, podiatry, acupuncture and behavioral health services. VCC also offers a wide array of community health education programs which are free and open to all community residents. VCC is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Level 3 (highest) Patient-Centered Medical Home, and is the recipient of the HRSA National Quality Leader Seal for exceeding national clinical quality benchmarks. For more information call 760.631.5000 or visit www.vcc.org.


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