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History of Early Vista –

History of Early Vista –

vistatimelineBRINGING BACK  THE VISTA PRESS ….www.thevistapress.com

The first issue, dated Sept. 24, 1926, was printed in San Diego and distributed from Remsburg’s office at the Vista Inn. At the time, Remsburg and a carpenter were enlarging a small building on North Indiana Avenue to house an old press. The first issue from that press was published Nov. 19, 1926, according to “A History of Vista.”

The paper began as a weekly tabloid. There were only a few hundred people living in Vista when the newspaper began publishing, but the community was poised for rapid growth. In February 1928, the paper cited figures from Vista Irrigation District officials who “conservatively estimated that there are now 1,200 persons residing in the district,” compared with “less than 350” two years previously.

An examination of some editions of the paper from the archives of the Vista Historical Society Museum shows a publication that stressed community news while covering national and international events.

The top of the front page of the Jan. 3, 1935, edition had two articles on an upcoming election of directors for the Vista Irrigation District. One article listed the open positions and the names of the candidates. The other carried a statement from retiring district director Jules Delpy that summarized the issues facing the district. Delpy urged voters to elect directors of “sound business ability.”

Also occupying the top of the front page was an article headlined “The Future of American Democracy,” reprinting the text of an address given at Whittier College by C.C. Teague, president of the California Fruit Growers Exchange. The article, published in the midst of the Great Depression, demonstrates that more than just immediate farm issues were on the minds of the agricultural community and the newspaper’s publisher.







  1. Frank Cooper says:

    I have been looking for back issues of The Vista Press online. Specifically I am hoping to find all issues from 1962 through 1964. I lived in Vista as a child and some of my fondest memories are of that time.
    Also, any information you can pass on to me of Boy Scout Troop 787 would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for any help you may provide.

  2. Lisa Sites says:

    I am interested in finding information on George Pratt Smith and Marguerite Smith, my grandparents, who lived in Vista in the early part of the 1920s. My family lived in Vista through the 1980s.

    • Editor says:

      Check the articles in the Vista Press on the Vista Historical Society…that may help. Old newspapers are there. Hope that helps.

  3. Charles W Moore says:

    Hello, are issues from the 1970’s available? I grew up in Vista and lived there through the 90’s. Was always contacting the Vista Press to advertise. Best times ever. Never should have left. Thanks!

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