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How You Can Have A More Energy Efficient Business

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You’ll know how important it is for your business to work as efficiently as possible. Any inefficiencies will mean you could be losing money or time on items that you don’t need for your brand to operate. The same is true when it comes to energy: this could be using up resources you may not be able to afford to spend.

If you’ve already ensured your organization’s processes are as efficient as possible, then you can use the same methods for your energy output. Here are some ways you can use what you’ve already implemented to this area of your business, and how it could benefit you.

Encourage green commuting… You could encourage your employees to lower their emissions for commuting by taking alternative transport to your office. This can include carpooling, walking, or cycling, for instance.

Having a work-from-home policy can also lower your brand’s carbon footprint. Reduce the need for your employees to travel whenever they can: the average American spends 25 minutes commuting each way every day and spends 17 hours flying every year. So instead, use some of the video conferencing tools that are available – this will lower emissions and save money from your budget.

Create an office sustainability team…Your team could increase awareness of sustainability and accomplish many goals. The team’s projects can, for example, help to inform decisions on what efficient appliances and cleaning supplies can be bought. They could also arrange for informal sessions with local authorities for power, water, or waste – it’s more effective to have employees engage with each other, rather than getting information from management.

Another project could be initiating or finding ways to have a more successful recycling program for your brand. From processes to resources – which can include suitable sourcing equipment from recyclingbalers.com – see what will be the most effective for you.

Build energy efficiency into your businessThink about energy efficiency from the beginning if you’re moving offices, or even starting a new business. One example is to use as much natural light in your building as is practical – this could save you from 25% to 80% on energy costs.

Also, consider using laptops rather than desktop computers. This is because laptops use less energy: this is usually 15 to 60 watts of electricity, compared with the 65 to 250 watts that a desktop device will use.

Then there are renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. These may be expensive for you to buy, but what you save in energy costs will add up – which could be two or three times less than other power sources.

Replace high-energy consumers…See if there are any areas where total energy costs can be reduced. One example is a Denver-based liquor store called Molly’s Spirits, which wanted to lower its energy costs.

Its seven delivery vehicles cost around $2,000 a year in gas. The fleet was replaced by electric vehicles, which each drive 20,000 miles annually – with costs of $810 per vehicle in electricity every year. That’s a saving of $1,200 per vehicle per year and overall savings of $8,400.

Use reliable technology…Check that all the technology you have for your brand is both reliable and up to date: you don’t want to cut corners so you can save money in this area. You could lose your data or have a slower response time if your technology is unreliable.

This could also mean that there are faster and better devices available that can do what you need to achieve. You will find you save both time and money in the long-term, even if you have an initial upfront price that may cost a bit more.


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