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Calendar >  Important Events Occurred In Month of August

Important Events Occurred In Month of August

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TR Robertson — Historically, the month of August has been an important month for major, world changing events. Read through what has happened on the various days throughout the years to see what has occurred and made major news headlines everywhere. Find years during your lifetime and see if you remember the event.


1 – First U.S. Census completed (1790); Anne Frank penned last entry in diary (1944); MTV debuts (1981); University of Texas mass shootings (1966)

2 – Wild Bill Hickock killed during a poker game (1876); 55 members of the Continental congress sign Declaration of Independence (1776); Iraq invades Kuwait (1990)

3 – The Nautilus, U.S. nuclear powered submarine, crosses North Pole under water (1958); Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain with 3 ships (1492)

4 – Champagne invented by Dom Perignon (1693); Barack Obama born (1961); Anne Frank and family captured by Nazi troops (1944); Lizzie Borden’s parents found murdered (1892)

5 – Marilyn Monroe dies (1962); American Bandstand debuts on ABC (1957)

6 – John Hart becomes first person to be executed in electric chair (1890); Cy Young pitches his first baseball game (1890); The Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima by U.S. (1945)

7 – The Order of the Purple Heart created by Pres. George Washington (1782); Kon-Tiki completes trip across the Pacific Ocean (1947)

8 – Daughters of the American Revolution organization created (1890); USSR declares war against Japan (1945); First Legionnaire’s Disease appears in Philadelphia (1976)

9 – Betty Boop appears in an animated cartoon (1930); Richard Nixon resigns (1974); Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki (1945); Manson murders discovered (1969)

10 – “Candid Camera” debuts on T.V. (1948); Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz arrested (1977); Construction of St. Lawrence Seaway begins (1954)

11 – The Beatles begin their U.S. concert tour (1966); Babe Ruth hits 500th home run (1929); Watts riots begin in Los Angeles (1965), First 911 number pioneered (1991)

12 – U.S. annexes Hawaii (1898); IBM releases first personal computer (1981), T-Rex Sue discovered in South Dakota (1990); Hourly wage raised to $1.00 an hour (1955)

13 – Spanish conquer Mexico City (1521); Berlin Wall built (1961); Stages collapse at Indiana State Fair (2011)

14 – Whiffle Ball patented (1953); V-J Day, Japan surrenders ending WW II (1945); Social Security Bill signed into lay providing Unemployment Benefits (1935); India and Pakistan gain independence (1947)

15 – Panama Canal opens (1914); Woodstock music festival begins (1969); Beatle; s first live concert at Shea Stadium New York (1965)

16 – Gold is discovered in the Klondike, Alaska (1896); Elvis Presley dies (1977)

17 – Grand Jury investigation of Pres. Clinton begins (1998); Woodstock Festival ends (1969); Pres. Clinton acknowledges inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky (1998)

18 – 19th Amendment to the Constitution ratified – granting Women’s right to vote (1920); Toyota Motor company founded (1937).

19 – First auto race held at Indianapolis Speedway (1909); Paris liberated by allies (1944); Packard cars end production (1958)

20 – Pres. Andres Johnson officially declares the Civil War is over (1866); Dr. Ronald Ross discovers link between mosquitos and malaria (1897); First commercial radio station begins in Detroit (1920)

21 – Venetian blinds patented (1841); Hawaii becomes U.S. 50th state (1959), Saddam Hussein crimes against humanity begins (2006); Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre (1911)

22 –First Cadillac produced in Detroit (1902); Hurricane Andrew strikes Bahamas, Florida and Louisiana

23 – First picture of Earth from the moon taken by Lunar Orbiter I (1966); West Nile Virus spreads in U.S. (1999)

24 – Mt. Vesuvius erupts burying Pompeii & Herculaneum (79 AD); The Waffle Iron is patented (1869); Communist Party outlawed in the U.S. (1954)

25 – Ivan the Terrible, first Tsar of Russia, is born (1530); The Banana Split is invented by David Strickler in Pennsylvania (1904); Amelia Earhart completes her trans-continental flight (1932); Paris is liberated WW II (1944); Bruce Springsteen releases “Born to Run” album (1975)

26 – Julius Caesar’s Roman army invades Britain (55 BC); Ford begins production of Edsel (1957)

27 – Volcano Krakatoa erupts in Indonesia killing over 36,000 people (1883); Guinness Book of World Records published for first time (1955)

28 – Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. held led by Dr. Martin Luther King, who makes his “I Have a Dream” speech (1963); Large anti-Vietnam War protest in Chicago (1969); Prince Charles and Princess Diana formally divorce (1996)

29 – Walt Disney releases “Mary Poppins” (1964); Soviet Communist Party is suspended (1991); Soviet Union tests their first atomic bomb (1949); Beatles play final U.S. concert in San Francisco (1966); Katrina strikes New Orleans (2005)

30 – The Late Show with David Letterman premieres on CBS (1993); First Mini skirt goes on sale in Great Britain (1959); Direct line between Moscow and Washington D.C. set up (1963)

31 – Rocky Marciano dies in a plane crash (1964); Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed die in a car crash (1997); Jack the Ripper kills first victim (1888); Due to Katrina a curfew is placed on New Orleans (2005)


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