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Calendar >  Is YouTuber Alex Warren The Next David Dobrik?

Is YouTuber Alex Warren The Next David Dobrik?

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Oceanside, CA –Oceanside native, recently broke out on YouTube and Tik Tok, amassing millions of views and followers across both platforms. The word on the scene is he is the next David Dobrik who is a YouTube sensation with over 14 million fans.

September 2019 一 Many know David Dobrik for his prank and comedy sketch-style Vine and YouTube videos that have amassed huge success over the past few years. You could say the same for Alex Warren, an up and coming YouTube sensation who has amassed over 1 million subscribers and 50 million views across YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram at only 18 years old.

Alex Warren’s channel features hits like BEST FRIENDS KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! And HE SAVED HIS BEST FRIEND FROM DROWNING!!, all of which are titles that have attracted controversy on Alex’s social media. Many are comparing Alex to other YouTube sensation David Dobrik, claiming “he’s trying to be something he’s not.” In the world of social media, it’s certainly hard to stand out, but Alex is paving his own path with a series of new endeavors.

While Dobrik amassed fame with his Vine channel at first, Alex has done the same with his Tik Tok platform, garnering over 1 million subscribers in under a year. He is also the founder and creator of his own fashion line “dysfunctional.” He has kept his YouTube alive and growing while
managing new projects using his sense of authenticity and focus.
You can watch more of Alex’s videos at
You can follow Alex on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/alexwaarren/


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