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Calendar >  July 2019 South Vista News & Upcoming Events

July 2019 South Vista News & Upcoming Events

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South Vista Communities’ 13th Annual Meeting was held on June 20.
The following officers and board members were elected:

  • President, Stephanie Jackel (Creekside)
  • Vice President, Tazheen Nizam (Shadowridge)
  • Secretary, Lynell Ciranna (Stratford Place)
  • Treasurer, Leonard Finkel (Stratford Place)

At Large

  • Kathy Bagwell (Shadowridge)
  • Val Brown (Breeze Hill)
  • Pia Romano (Shadowridge)

SVC’s ABOVE AND BEYOND award was presented to to Ken Leon, president of the Shadowridge Owners’ Association and a former member of SVC’s board, for his long-term efforts to assist SVC in improving the quality of life for all South Vista residents.

Awards will be presented to Lisa and Rich Dimler and to Vista Community Development Director John Conley at future community meetings.

Mayor Judy Ritter was the featured speaker for the meeting. She provided a wealth of information about our city:

Mayor Ritter

The Mayor and City Council Members are very proud that the city currently has a 30% Emergency Reserve Fund. The goal is still 35%, but 30% is very good for a city to have. At the depth of the Recession, the fund was at zero. 67 Commercial and residential projects are currently underway. All projects can be seen at https://gis.cityofvista.com/planningprojects/
Issues for the public to note and for concern:

  • SB 50 – Bill to increase residential building along transit hubs throughout California and its cities. Troubling that this bill eliminates the usual parking requirements that most homes, condos, and apartments would otherwise have. It has been tabled for now, but it is not over.
  • Affordable housing requirements- RINA – 2020 -2029 low and very low-income housing. The City of Vista must allow for zoning for these affordable units and will now be required to build the units as well. Vista does not yet have the actual numbers of units that will be required. SANDAG oversees this and Vista asked for lower numbers but got higher numbers instead. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – Will modify requirements for ADUs to increase density of affordable units by making it easier to have an accessory unit attached to a home. The fees for the units will be lowered; in order to qualify for lower fees, the units must be affordable for 5 years, and then after 5 years, can change to a market value rental.
  • Traffic Congestion Plan – Huge problem that the City is continuously working on. July 1, gas tax increases by 6 per/gal in California.
  • SANDAG – San Diego Representation of Governments – SANDAG wants to use the transit tax for mass transit instead of what voters approved. Vista and North County do not benefit not serve us well in the north. Vista would like the money to stay in Vista to repair roads and highways such as the 78. $21.4 billion. 28% of road repair in progress as of today and the rest is waiting.
  • Crime- Crime rate in Vista down 21% since 2014. Public safety is a critical issue for Vista and Council members take these issues very seriously.
  • Homeless Strategic Plan – The plan is set to be drafted later this year after all the information is compiled and a plan written up for Council members and the public to discuss. Watch for this item to appear on the Council meeting agenda or special meetings for discussions starting in August and throughout the fall months.
  • Measure Z – Marijuana, 7% sales tax from that, 11 licenses approved, 5 of which have the license and building, and 7 are still getting the license and approval for the space. None have opened as of the date of this meeting.

Residents of Vale View, Matagual, and Hacienda scored a BIG WIN to preserve the quality of life of their neighborhood.
In March this year, the 2.27-acre property at 536 Matagual Drive was listed for sale. Lonna Leghart, Vale View homeowner, contacted the realtor and discovered the property owner was seeking a zone change from residential to commercial so a four-story hotel could be constructed there.
Ms. Leghart and fellow homeowner Jaydon Sterling rallied their neighborhood to oppose the zone change and the hotel, stating, “Our concerns include lower property values, increased traffic, loss of green space, the incongruity of a 4-story building next to homes on half-acre lots, and the fact that hotel guests will have no stake in our neighborhood.”

At the June 11 City Council meeting, as a discussion item, the neighbors presented evidence that convinced the Council to recommend staff not pursue the zone change. CONGRATULATIONS!


The Sheriff’s Department offers standardized training for owners and managers of multi-housing properties. Please click on the link below for registration and information.
      As  a  reminder, you need  to atend one of  these  training classes every two years to keep your property certified.
July 25 — Poway City Council Chambers – 13325 Civic Center Drive
Poway, CA 92064
Residential areas are often targets of opportunistic crimes such as bicycle theft. The Vista Sheriff’s Department has collected over 100 stolen bikes in the last 6-months. Most have little or no identifying marking of ownership and/or have been re-painted to disguise the original color. REDUCE your chances of becoming a victim with simple tips found on the attached flier.

When you think of South Vista, what images or places come to mind?
Each of SVC’s board members has favorite images that connote what living in South Vista means to us. We’d like to know what it means to you.
We are inviting you to send us photographs of the South Vista places or events that are special to you, which will be featured on SVC’s website, Facebook page, or in our newsletter. [Due to security concerns, however, please do not include photos of young children.]
If your photo is selected to be used, you will win a gift card from one of South Vista’s most popular and, in many cases, delicious businesses. There will be multiple winners throughout the year, as images can be changed and updated regularly. We encourage you to send us your favorite South Vista image… and send it in NOW!
Please email your photos as jpegs to [email protected] If you are sending photos from your cell phone, please send them at Actual Size

This is Staley MacAw at Buena Vista Park, photographer Ron Grayso’n image of Vista.

When enjoying City parks, please check for all posted signage and be mindful of the rules. The City encourages pet owners to take measures to protect themselves, their pets and others by ensuring their pets are leashed, unless there are designated off-leash hours. The City will begin enforcing the dog leash ordinance posted in parks. https://www.cityofvista.com/Home/Components/News/News/5548/18?backlist=%2f


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