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Calendar >  The Kindness Meter Appears At Moonlight

The Kindness Meter Appears At Moonlight

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Philanthropist, Carlton Lund, owner of The Lund Team, speaks to attendees

By TR Robertson…..Prior to the Thursday performance of Moonlight Amphitheatre’s first musical for the 2016 summer season, “Sister Act” a new fund raising option for the Moonlight Cultural Foundation was introduced to those in attendance. The new fund raiser is the brainchild of North County Philanthropist, Carlton Lund, owner of  The Lund Team, with the help of Jeff Pashby, MCF board member and senior sales associate at The Lund Team.  Their organization is known as Kindness Meter Charities. The new fund raising idea is known as the “Kindness Meter”. This meter has already been used at several of the organizations and charities Mr. Lund is involved in, like the Carlsbad Boys and Girls Club, the Carlsbad Cultural Foundation, the Carlsbad Charitable Fund, and the Wyland Foundation, to raise funds. Some $10,000 has been raised so far this year. Monies raised for Moonlight will go toward the goal of $1 million in fundraising to assist with improvements of San Diego’s #1 Outdoor Theatre.

Mr. Lund stated, “I wanted Moonlight to be a part of the Kindness Meter as I believe in the arts”. The idea for the Kindness Meter comes from his belief that there is too much bad around us and a feeling that we need to be practicing  more kindness in the world. He said this has been a 15 year journey for him toward kindness. “I want to deal with the kind of people that do the right thing, people you can trust.” He especially feels this Kindness Meter can help kids learn about giving back and supporting the arts.

The Kindness Meter is referred to as Darlene the Dolphin with the mantra of “Feed the Dolphin”.


This comes from his friendship with Wyland, the renowned artist known for his paintings of sea life. Wyland started his famous paintings by painting life sized paintings of whales on buildings. His original gallery in Laguna Beach, where he lives, is celebrating 35 years in existence. Wyland’s mothers name is Darlene and several of Wyland’s paintings of dolphins are named after her. Mr. Lund said he would love to have Wyland come to Vista for a fund raiser for Moonlight. He, Mr. Lund, said his desire to assist with charities started when he was the Senior Class President at the University of Wisconsin and met Paul Newman, who was campaigning for Presidential candidate Gene McCarthy. Mr. Newman had a fundraising parking meter known as the Newman Zone. This made an impact on Mr. Lund and the effectiveness this could have in raising funds, especially for charities.

The Kindness Meter will appear at various events and locations to help raise funds. Toria Watson, Executive Director of the Moonlight Cultural Foundation stated, “We hope that our supporters realize the tremendous impact their generosity has in our community and thank them for helping to make spirits soar all season long.”

For more information go to www.moonlightfoundation.com or call 760-630- 7650.



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