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Calendar >  Leucadia’s Hidden Beach

Leucadia’s Hidden Beach

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Alex Hughes– July, 2019

I’ve been to a lot of beaches in San Diego County thanks to my knowledge of the bus routes. From Oceanside to Ocean Beach, I had trekked the sand and discovered many different types of sea shells as seen in this previous article that I wrote: http://thevistapress.com/sharp-shell-shrapnels-treasure-by-the-handfull/. However, I was always curious about the community of Leucadia which I did not explore much as a child. We always tended to go to Encinitas when there was the street fair in the spring. Leucadia was one of the areas that we tended to pass over as there was not any real parking. However, when you are on the bus that does not really matter.

I had a thought that this area was much like what I had seen in Portland, Oregon where my sister lives where there was a plethora of small, local stores and many tasty looking restaurants. However, as any other great North County beach city, it must have a beach. When you’re in Leucadia, you cannot get a good sight of the beach unless you are at the border of Carlsbad. Once you are past the surfboard sign, you are trapped behind a large hill that follows you until about Pannikin. It makes you wonder how you access the beach or where it is.

The secret spot is a small street that is called Grandview Street and has a corner business called Swell Property. It has a partial amount of sidewalk which is common in this area. A pedestrian must be careful of the cars that go up the hill and be prepared for an uphill hike. Once you’re at the top, you can see the ocean beyond some of the cliff side homes. You then take a right on Neptune Ave., and you will see a sign for Grandview Beach. There is some parking across from the entrance. The best part of this beach is the view from the staircase. It is quite high up and is bordered by a set of palm trees. It feels like paradise in some faraway tropical location. I recommend bringing a camera and taking it all in.

The beach is not very large as the cliffs come in closer to the ocean. Like other beaches, there are many homes at the top and some staircases that have seen their better days. It seems that erosion is the culprit, and it leaves many depressions in the cliff sides that offer a precarious place to sit. The seashells on this beach are quite unique compared with others. There are many to keep you interested. It is not too far away from South Ponto in Carlsbad, and you can walk over there.

It is no wonder that people don’t know about this beach unless you explore that area a lot. It seems to be a hidden gem among the many favorites such as Moonlight Beach or Carlsbad State Beach, and maybe that is a good thing.

FYI, if you are interested in exploring this area without having to worry about parking or filling up your car with gas. I would recommend taking the 101 from Oceanside Transit Center. This is the link to the bus route: https://www.gonctd.com/routes/101/.


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