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Calendar >  Looking for Something to Watch While We Shelter Down? – Part I – Television Shows

Looking for Something to Watch While We Shelter Down? – Part I – Television Shows

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TR Robertson –With the exception of getting needed essential goods, the majority of California is housebound for a length of time still to be determined. Schools are closed and kids by now are driving parents crazy as boredom creeps in effecting everyone. I saw one hash tag that said a man had expelled his kid from home school. Families are turning to board games they haven’t played in years, reading books and magazines that have piled up but not read, family drives to nowhere in particular, time allowed for playing outside, walks staying close to home, abiding by the recommended 6 foot space between people, gardening and yard work they had promised to do, personal home hobbies, video and internet games and scheduled time on the internet and a variety of social media venues.

One of the other tried and true methods for many to stay busy is turning to television shows and a variety of movie outlets. Usually our day begins with watching KUSI’s update of the current coronavirus news, which has been including watching President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force report. I don’t like watching more than an hour of this as it gets repetitive and a bit taxing, even more frightening. 

As I looked thru my family’s television viewing habits, I decided to give you some recommendation of shows and movies I have found entertaining and where to find them. Part I will deal with recommended T.V. shows. Part II will deal with movies and series recommendations found on various television outlets.

We watch some of these shows religiously, others occasionally. I like to copy the shows on my Contour box so I can fast forward thru the commercials. For some of the show recommendations you will need to establish a Netflix account, Prime Video or Amazon account or a Disney + account. Other recommendations are available on normal Cable channels where you will have to pay additional for HBO, Showtime or Starz. If you are choosing to rent some of the movies, that will be recommended, on Red Box, make sure you bring sanitizing wipes to clean the cases before picking them up. You will notice we don’t hardly watch any reality T.V. shows. They, for the most part, don’t interest us, except my wife does likes the “Bachelor” and Bachelorette” series. We do like the Emmy Award winning “The Amazing Race”, but it stopped filming when the coronavirus broke out.  I am a college football and college basketball junkie, but, as you know, sports are on an imposed hiatus for the time being. We also don’t watch many of the comedies as we hate the canned laughter used on most of the shows.

Here you go, I hope you take a look at some of the television shows we like. If they are “not your cup of tea”, try something else. Everyone has different viewing habits. This will give you something to consider if you don’t already watch these programs. A short description is attached about each show. Read to the end to see a fun internet bracket you can join in on sponsored by the San Diego Union Tribune.

Television Shows:

Monday “9-1-1 LA” on Fox – deals with rescues in the L.A. area, some a little far-fetched and some based on real rescues;  “Supernatural” on CW – a popular, almost cult following, in its last season dealing with Sam and Dean who are fighting supernatural and religious beings to save the world.

Tuesday“Flash” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow” on CW – loosely based on DC characters as they fight villians – DC Legends goes both in the future and past to save the world, “FBI” and “FBI Most Wanted” on CBS – both excellent stories of the search for some of the worst criminals (made up) the FBI has to deal with.

Wednesday“LEGO Masters” on Fox (I also hear “The Masked Singer” is good) – folks who love LEGO’s will like this show as 2 person teams battle each week to build amazing creations with a team eliminated each week, “Survivor”, “SEAL Team” and “SWAT” on CBS – Survivor is an Emmy winning competition most people know about, SEAL Team is the story of BRAVO teams various missions around the world and their personal issues as well, SWAT is centered in LA and deals with a SWAT teams various assignments to battle crime and their personal issues. “Expedition Unknown” & “Expedition X” on Discovery – this ends for the season on this Wednesday – Josh Gates is an entertaining host who risks life and limb at times on quests around the world to find treasures, lost cities, ghosts and much more – his “Expedition X” is Gates own design where a biologist that loves insects and a paranormal researcher look into a variety of unusual cases. Gates is funny and the shows can be found in reruns.

Thursday “Last Man Standing” on Fox (I like Tim Allen) – this comedy involves Tim and his wife and family and the outdoor store he runs, “Deputy” on Fox – a new program involving a man thrown into the LA County Sheriff’s position and crime in LA.

Friday“MacGyver” & “Hawaii 5-0” on CBS (Hawaii 5-0 series ends in April) – “MacGyver” is a new remake of a man with extrodinary building skills and his team facing new issues each week and “Hawaii 5-0” is a remake of the classic crime fighting show based in Honolulu.  “The Blacklist” on NBC – this show deals with a man named Redington who is a criminal now working part time for the FBI who helps solve high profile cases, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” on Food Network (repeats run thru-out the evening and one new one appears on Friday) – Guy Fieri take his show to incredible eateries around the United States, even covering some eateries in San Diego – hopefully ones that will open again soon.

Saturday – We usually play catch-up now and watch ones we haven’t gotten to, fast-forwarding thru the commercials.

Sunday“NCIS New Orleans” on CBS – this show involves Pride and his team fighting crime related to Armed Forces issues in New Orleans, “Batwoman” and “Supergirl” – on CW are popular – two more shows dealing with DC characters and their fight against a variety of villains, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC is interesting especially if you like older songs – the story of a young girl who had a CAT Scan and afterwards began to imagine people around her breaking into songs. I also have to mention we watch diligently evening Sunday evening, when the series returns, “Outlander” on Starz – the story of Jaime and Claire and their struggles in the colonial United States. This is based on the Outlander books that have been extremely popular. Other programs we occasionally tape on Sunday are “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery Channel – can’t imagine why these people put themselves thru this. “Food Paradise” on the Cooking Channel shows great eating venues across the nation (makes you hungry) and “War of the Worlds” is a spooky sci-fi British version on the Epix channel

Part II will deal with a variety of movies I recommend and some episodic series you might want to binge on. Look for it in the next e blast of The Vista Press.

Before I close I want to mention two non-television recommendations I heard about. Kirk Kinney, of the San Diego Union Tribune, has an interesting voting bracket he put together that has caused quite a furor for those that read the sports section of the San Diego Union. Kirk has put together a voting bracket, matching sports movies against one another. You can mail in or go on line to www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports and scroll to the bottom of the bracket and vote on the match ups. Sundays paper and online had the second round of victors and the chance to go and vote. The furor came from sports fans who felt their favorite sports movie did not make the list. It’s a fun exercise and great for discussion and it’s also a chance to see how many of them you have seen.

Another interesting way to socialize in this time of isolation was brought up on the KUSI morning show. An online way to stay connected is thru Zoom. According to what was shown, you can set up a web cam on your home computer and access sing-alongs, fitness programs, work-outs, game shows and much more. You can set-up links to send to friends and according to the report set-up free accounts with them to let them take part in programs with you. You can go to the KUSI web page and find the information on the Zoom interview.

Hope some of this proves helpful and you are still staying safe. We went shopping with our gloves and masks Sunday, found a store that was easy to access, well stocked and not crowded. Watch those social distances, hunker down and stay as active as you can.

Remember – let me know if any of this helps and recommend programs you like that people can check out. Look for Part II dealing with movies and series you can access on T.V.


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