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Mar Vista Roundabout Construction To Begin Soon

By   /  December 3, 2018  /  10 Comments

Vista, CA — Construction on a roundabout on Mar Vista Drive will begin in mid-December. The developer of the Sierra Town Homes project is constructing the roundabout at the Avocado Drive and Presley Place intersection. The new roundabout will address traffic impacts due to the 60 condos being constructed on the north west corner of S. Santa Fe Avenue and Mar Vista Drive. The project is expected to take approximately six weeks.



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  • Published: 2 years ago on December 3, 2018
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  1. nancy says:

    OMG – I saw the markers yesterday. This means awful traffic at Civic Center since everyone has to divert. It is really needed though – have you been in the 4-5 pm traffic heading east/northeast on Mar Vista? I’m sure I’ll head on Mar Vista toward town at least 100 times before I get it into my head. SIX WEEKS? I’m sure it will take until March because these projects always do take longer! I’m ready for a better traffic flow but we have to get thru this construction first. Give us patience!

  2. Grant Preece says:

    Who approved this? And how was it not posted to those who live near there? This will be a disaster!!! I use that intersection several times a day by necessity and I can’t conceive how a roundabout will be more beneficial than the existing 4 way stop sign.

  3. Mike Saldana Sr says:

    Well I don’t know what the final improvement is supposed to look like but it definitely is not a roundabout. They had to change a couple of the small islands two times so far. Put concrete in and then tear it out. There is already people blowing through the temporary stop signs. I don’t know how a fire truck, trash trucks, semis, etc, are going to come down Mar Vista and turn right on Avocado Dr. those little islands make it impossible. Poor planning and it still is not complete. I live in this area and use this intersection daily multiple times.

  4. Peter says:

    I was excited when I first heard there was going to be a new roundabout. Once people get acquainted with them, roundabouts are more efficient than traditional stop sign intersections.
    It has been a huge disappointment watching what’s happening at Mar Vista and Avocado. As Mike mentioned above, the lanes are way too narrow and I can only assume those little carbuncles they are installing between the lanes are intended to act as speed bumps?
    I really hope they fix this! Roundabouts get a bad rap in the US and botched projects like this don’t help.

  5. Megan says:

    This project is a joke! Whatever they have built there right now is not a roundabout. I don’t know what it is… but I do know that it is doing nothing but making that intersection worse.

    For whatever reason, people going up and down Mar Vista feel free to just roll right through the stop signs now, leaving those of us who live in the neighborhood coming out on Avocado (or trying to go across to the it) having to worry about being hit. The original intersection was better then whatever this monstrosity is. It’s almost as bad as the 3 way stop sign at the East 78 off ramp and Mar Vista.

    Also… how come there are no detailed plans of what the intersection is going to look like in it’s final state available to the public? That should be available and should have been well before construction, especially to those of us who live in the neighborhood.

    I think by now with the delays and the hazard it’s become, those of us who live there for sure deserve a real description and explanation for this nonsense.

    • Steve Jerromes says:

      This so called roundabout has been a disaster from the get go. Once they started, they discovered unmarked utilities installed by SDGE and ATT, that caused a long delay. Then, all the mess during the rains, with many large holes that they tried to fill during the flooding, with bags of gravel which lasted less than an hour! I’ve been communicating with a city engineer expressing my concerns, and he is somewhat sympathetic, and I think some changes were made to the original plans, which were drawn up 10 yrs ago. The problem is that the City, in their infinite wisdom worked out a deal with KB Homes that enabled them to not charge Mello Roos (so no funding for more emergency services) and in exchange they would build the roundabout. What could go wrong there! They want to build their homes, and that’s where their priority is. I spoke with some fire dept. employees today and they said they expressed their concerns to the City, to no avail. The City thinks it’s just fine for the emergency vehicles to drive over the curbs, etc. There will also be a palm tree in the middle of the roundabout, with solar lighting. Maintenance and repairs will be paid for now by us taxpayers. Plans can be seen on the city website, but they may have been changed since I last saw them. Today I had to tell the traffic controller to pick his cigarette butts up from the last two days, there were over twenty of them on the street around him. He said they were going to “pave over them”, ha. When I spoke to his supervisor he was nice and said he would take care of it though.
      All in all, this has been the most unprofessional attempt at construction that I have seen in a long time. Our city council should be held responsible for this!!

  6. Barbara Skydel says:

    Well, I am waiting for the first accident. It is totally a disaster -currently cars stopping at the stop sign coming down Mar Vista are right in line to be hit by cars coming into the traffic circle from cars trying to enter the “traffic circle” to go south on Avocado. The whole project is a nightmare and since starting has been dug up and re-done several times. What a waste of time and money. I am fearful for my life entering this crazy “traffic circle”. I am sure someone will end up suing the city and sad for destroyed cars and potentially loss of life. Cars coming around the circle will impact cars stopped at stop signs on the driver’s door. Poorly thought out plan!!!!!

    • Susan says:

      If you consider a school bus getting stuck for 10 minutes, in the roundabout, on the way to Hannalei Elementary School on Wed. morning, then the first accident has already happened.
      Prior to Wednesday’s mishap, my husband saw a lawn maintenance trailer swipe the side of that high curb, which then tilted the trailer, spilling lawn tools out onto the street.

  7. P says:

    Obviously the work of incompetent engineering on the part of the city. The The roundabout on Vale Terrace is a design failure given all the damage exhibited by black tire marks and broken concrete and sign damage. it’s location is at Ponderosa which is not a thoroughfare. I’m curious as to why and whose idea it was to put that there and not at Vale Terrace and Alta vista. It would be also interesting to find out who within the city of Vista that came up with this idea in the first place. What a waste of taxpayers time and money for cost, repair and maintenance.

  8. Karin Bruning says:

    We drove to the Mar Vista Traffic Circle last night just to see what the devil was going on. It is a disaster. The time has come to take it away and put back the 4 way stop intersection. The City Council should be held responsible, the city is responsible and I wonder when the first law suit will be filed. It is not a round about it is a disaster happening right now.
    Let’s get the full council plus the mayor out there from 5pm to 6:30pm to see how bad a job they did on this.
    We have lived and have a business here since 1991and have seen nothing like this horrible decision by the City of Vista.
    Vista remains a visionary city and this bad decision can be reversed.

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