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Calendar >  Never Forgotten Memorial Day 2020

Never Forgotten Memorial Day 2020

By   /  May 22, 2020  /  No Comments

In keeping with our mission  to serve and to honor Veterans on Memorial Day the Power of One Foundation
in collaboration with Patriots Voice Foundation

will present: A Rolling Memorial Day Salute. 

Food distribution Car caravan and Patriotic Tribute for and about our Veterans.
Memorial Day May 25, 2020 – Oceanside Airport
480 Airport Rd | Oceanside, CA 92058

Respecting social distance this patriotic parade and food distribution will provide food to 1000 Veterans. Veterans cars adorned with American Flags will circle the airport parking lot going to food station while Pilot Jeff Senour lands a Wolfe Aviation Helicopter then leading the audience in Patriotic songs,
Veterans will be served by volunteer fire, police and other veteran non profits. The massive Patriots Flag (which has been to Pearl Harbor,the Pentagon,Normandy and every State in the Union) will fly from the boom of  a fire truck for all to see.

Hosted by multi award and Emmy Nominated Actor Jack Scalia and Broadcast  to shelter in place veterans ,families and community in greater N County San Diego .  (Via Cox cable /KOCT)   

Volunteer servers include fire and police, community members and guest celebrities. Honor guard and taps – Volunteers will also be served.
Everything socially spaced
For May 25th Memorial Day a team as a volunteer  with Patriots Voice Foundation ,partnered with The Power of One Foundation and assembled a socially spaced event to show proper tribute to our Veterans.   

The uptick in veteran suicide because of isolation,food and housing insecurity and triggered chronic trauma  is alarming. 

Connectivity, outreach and recognition are critical to stemming the tide. Memorial Day IS about those who have written that blank check.  We are temporarily diverting attention off business and we will Serve as many Veterans as we can impact.     

On Monday May 25, Memorial Day, the Wolfe Air  A-Star Helicopter,flown by famed Pilot by day rock star by night Jeff Senour, will film an air to air tribute with an A-4 Helo Piloted by a US Veteran.  Both pilots will land at the Oceanside Municipal Airport,just a few short miles from
Camp Pendleton.  On ground the 60 foot Patriots Flag that has travelled from Pearl Harbor to Normandy will fly from the boom  of an Oceanside Fire Department Hook And  ladder Unit.  KOCT TV will capture the ground activity as press from San Diego and surrounding areas captures the tribute so those isolated at home know we love and respect their service.   
One thousand veterans ,in cars and socially spaced will receive an American Flag clipped to their car window as they circle past the fire truck and flag, the helicopters, the stage where patriotic music is being performed and multiaward and Emmy nominated actor Jack Scalia interviews veterans,police and fire volunteers. Andre Roberson representing Power of One  Foundation and Patriots Voice Foundation guide the Veterans through four separate food stations where their trunks will be stuffed with fresh fruit and vegetables,proteins and a cornucopia of foods to feed themselves and their families.  Volunteer Servers will wear masks donated by the Military Reunion Network.  The Vets exit the caravan to the thanks of a grateful nation.   

Between now and that day we are
Gathering  items for a gift bag.  Gift certificates ,cds ,key fobs,fishing, target shooting experiences  ANY THING     We will never step down serving those who have sacrificed.  The  two 13 Fold flags that I look at every day at my radio and TV studio will not allow me to.  

It has been a massive undertaking to coordinate this in a very few weeks and I managed to even take a few days for an emergency surgery last weekend. I realize we may not be your usual business. But it is what happens when you are called to serve.  The people in my circle are similarly called. 

If you or your business would like to send us anything for these gift bags. Autograph photographs, gift cards, A free hotel night stay or tickets to a Vegas show. Even the bag itself….anything you think will brighten the day of a veteran I implore you to share them with us

Please let me know by email or phone what you will be sending. Please remember we have 1000 Veterans cars  n our caravan. We need your goodies by May 22.  

It was through the heroic efforts of Power of One foundation we were able to secure the incredible amounts of food.

This is entirely a grassroots event created by patriots for patriots. 
If you are a veteran and being in this caravan to receive honor and food would be a blessing to you please email me. It would be our privilege to serve you

Please know that any organization involved is not doing any fundraising at this event nor is anyone receiving any compensation for their efforts. This is a 100% GiveBack. Hopefully one of many more.
Barbara Beach
Congressional Commendation /Service to Veterans
Legacy of Valor Medal of Merit Recipient
Executive Producer…..

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