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Perks of Studying in Your State and Staying Near Your Family

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Embarking on a fascinating trip for college is a one-of-a-kind experience that also brings a lot of stress. This point-turning venture requires you to make critical decisions that are sometimes unattractive and stressful to you. And one of these defining choices is the location of your studies, whether it should be a university within close proximity of your home or an educational establishment located far away.

This dilemma perplexes most new students who are not sure if they want to keep going their steady, home-guarded pace during their college years, or if they should move on to the next stage of their lives. And, in addition to proceeding with their intellectual endeavors, they need to make progress with their personal lives, which is a heavy factor when deciding a college that’s far away from home. Though starkly opposite, the two options have many pros and cons, and each of them is beneficial depending on the unique case of each student.

Next, we’ll take a look at the benefits of staying close to home when following your academic pursuits. What, then, are the unique upsides to staying at home?

Perk 1: You Can Save a Lot of Money

Have you ever thought about why most students experience a severe lack of money and are forced to live on a budget? That’s because they have too many things to pay for in their college life: a room they rent, tuition, books touted to them by their teachers, food, and many other things poor college kids need to consider. And, given the peculiarities of studying closer to home, how many of these expenditures can be cut? Yes, that’s the point we are trying to make: studying at home can largely keep your pockets full and place you within a more financially favorable environment.

Living at home during your college years means that you don’t have to pay rent fees for your dorm or apartment. This is a tremendous benefit that most college kids can only dream about! Another factor allowing you to cut costs when living near your university is food. Yes, silly though it might seem to mention, food, being a huge money drainer, is a colossal factor that contributes to students’ financial unwellness. And can you imagine how substantial the savings will be if you stay home and eat the tasty dishes provided by your loved ones? The effect will manifest itself most vividly in your studying: making use of mom’s/grandma’s/sister’s/girlfriend’s food, you’ll feel more financially independent to order a custom paper on popular services like WriteMyEssayOnline and get some rest from your tiring writing assignments.

Perk 2: It Saves Your Time!

Living at home as you discover the depths of academic studies is also beneficial in terms of saving time! Yes, speaking of the factor we mentioned earlier, cooking, it’s worth stressing that this practice takes much of your time and energy and, providing you live at home with loved ones who can do all the cooking for you, you can free up a lot of time! If you are lucky enough to have dinner cooked for you by your loved ones at home, you can use the time you would spend on preparing food for doing more important things connected with your studies or personal life. When studying miles away from home, you would have to adapt your tight and uncomfortable schedule to making meals, dedicating much of your time to this tedious process.

And satisfying your hunger is completely different when you live with your folks: stuck with your difficult home assignments and academic commitments, you have at least one thing that comforts you, and it’s the reassuring smell of the fresh meal waiting for you downstairs.

Perk 3: You Have Constant Support

When you pick the university located not far from your home and stay with your loved ones, you’re less likely to feel lonely and unsupported. With your folks or partner always by your side, you’ll always have solid ground to stand on and get the necessary compassion and love that students who study far from home lack. And yes, getting support from your parents is a colossal advantage over those who chose an educational establishment miles away from home.

Let’s view the following scenario with studying far from home: you come home from university, all annoyed and disappointed with the failed project you had been working on for ages. And there’s no one to express compassion to you or cheer you up, as you live alone. Or, even if you share a living space with other people, they will indeed support you and offer their help to you – but can this ever compare to receiving support from the people you are connected to biologically, to put it bluntly? Yes, having by your side someone like your parents, grandparents, or siblings is an incredible benefit that studying close to home brings.

Perk 3: You Are Always There for Your Loved Ones

As a rule, when a teen reaches the age of entering university, their parents grow older and thus sometimes need support and care. Students do need love and motivation from their parents, which we touched on in the previous section. However, they also have to tend to human relationships and demonstrate love and care to their aging parents. As an adult, you now need to pay back to your parents the endless love they have given you during your entire life. And staying local can help you with this!

Studying close to home offers students numerous ways in which they can take good care of their parents and make their lives better. One of the perks of staying home is being able to come for help anytime your parents need. Yes, in case of some emergency, you can leave classes during the day and rush home, just as you are able to give care to your loved ones whenever they need after classes, compromising your homework to help them out. Being capable of providing help to your dearest ones is a tremendous advantage of staying local, which is often the defining factor for most university scouts who decide to study near home instead of leaving their parents alone and unprotected.

Perk 4: Your Local Surroundings Always Comfort You

The comfort and coziness of your environment is one of the most influential aspects of choosing a university. This is undoubtedly a huge benefit you get from staying local and picking a university not far from home. There’s so much about your cherished environment that can be of great help to you and give you tons of motivation and inspiration. The people you’ve known for a long time will help you feel the atmosphere of relativity and connection, which is indeed conducive to your studying. And the landscapes that amazed you as a kid and still enjoy – what can be a better motivator when it comes to staying focused on your studies?

Being able to stay within the environment you grew up in is a tempting opportunity. This is the main reason why many college kids are glued to their homes, choosing the educational establishments that are located in the close vicinity to their places of living.

Are You Staying Home, at the End of the Day?

Did we manage to sway your point of view regarding the choice of university? Now, have you got a different opinion about whether or not you should leave home for a college located half the world away? Staying local introduces students to a plethora of opportunities and possibilities that they can gladly use to facilitate their lives as well as their loved ones. For college students preoccupied with loads of exasperating academic assignments, having someone who will always be there for them is a lucky catch. With the support of your community and the ambiance of your childhood home, you will find studying a much more natural process! With the right people around and the nostalgic view in front of you, you can largely increase your chances of staying motivated and succeeding at college!


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