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Request For Hall of Fame Nominations

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Vista, CA– Nominations are now open for 2020 selections for the Vista Hall of Fame, which is sponsored by the Vista Historical Society. 

The Hall of Fame celebrates Vista’s history by highlighting individual accomplishments in support of Vista.

A minimum of two members will be elected to the hall of fame each year. One of these members will be from the regular division and one from the early residents division.

The regular division nominee can be living or dead and must meet the first three criteria listed below. The early resident’s division nominee must also meet the first three criteria and must also meet the fourth criteria that he or she must have been dead for 20 years or more. The reason for the difference in the divisions is to ensure that early residents who made significant contributions to Vista are remembered.

            The criteria for election to the hall of fame are as follows:

1. Each nominee must have lived in Vista at least 20 years.

2. Each nominee must have made significant contributions to the betterment of the community.  The accomplishments must be verified to the society’s satisfaction.

3. Married couples who both meet the criteria may be nominated together as one nominee.

4. The early resident nominee must have died in 2000 or prior to that year.

            The deadline for nominations is February 21, 2020.

Those who are selected will be honored during a ceremony to be held at the Vista Historical Society annual meeting, and their photographs will be placed in the Historical Society Museum alongside those elected in former years.  The annual meeting will be held on May 16, 2019 at the Shadowridge Country Club

The Vista Historical Society board of directors will appoint a committee of former Hall of Fame inductees and community representatives to review nominations received from the public.

Existing hall of fame members are listed below. Their biographies can be found on the Vista Historical Society web site and Facebook page.

Thomas Adams, Howard Amend, Carl Ames and Carol Brady, John and Gene Barrett, Ray Betraun, Leon Bone, Ralph Brengle, Kathy Brombacher, Linden Burzell. Paul and Dorothy Campo, Daniel Carr, Oliver Clark, John and Marjorie Cosh, Cave Couts, Elva Dawson, Ida Dawson, Frank Delpy, Jules and Maria Delpy, Hans Doe, Harrison and Ruth Doyle, Tony Duran, Luz Duran, Paul and Diane Eckert, Robert Elsinger, Barney and Donna Fields, Joseph Fotheringham, John Frazier, Kenneth Gammie, Edwin Hart, Charles Hausladen, Bill Huntalas,  Nicholas and Bessie Huntalas, Eleanor Hutchins, Michael Irving, Darrell Issa, Nancy B. Jones, Gloria McClellan, Alexander and Julia McDougall, Frank and Bee Meyer, Orbee Mihalek, Wells Miller, Charlotte “Cleo” Morgan, Joe and Mary Mottino, Charles Mull Sr, Miriam Nichols, William Pechstein, Carl Pinamonti, Bob and Miriam Pope, Jim Porter, Beulah Post, Tom Ramoss, Karl and Peggy Ramsing, Bernard Rappaport, Melvin and Everett Remsburg, Patricia Richardson, Meta Royer, Emily and George Sexsmith, Alan Shada, Milo Shadle, Abraham Shelhoup, John Slivkoff, James Sutton, William Taylor, Russell and Marge Thibodo, Lloyd Tracy, George and Francine Tushak, Rocco Valluzzi, Morris Vance, Velia Villasenor-Telles, Richard Vought, Harry and Cora Walker, Walter and Anastasia Weil, Howard Williams, Bub Williamson, Dale E. Wood, JC Wynne, Harold Yackey.

            Nominations can be made by calling the museum telephone number, (760) 630-0444, by mail at P.O. Box 1032, Vista, CA 92085-1032 or by email [email protected]. Details of the nominee’s service a photo, and other supportive information must be included for consideration.


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