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Calendar >  Senator Jones Asks Governor to Veto Measure

Senator Jones Asks Governor to Veto Measure

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Senator Jones Asks Governor to Veto Measure that Withholds Funds Owed to Homeowners. SB 113 would continue former Governor Brown’s six-year effort to stiff homeowners on mortgage crisis settlement money

El Cajon, CA – – Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) today sent the following letter to Governor Gavin Newsom requesting a veto on Senate Bill 113, a measure designed to circumvent a court ordered payment of $331 million owed to California homeowners:

September 27, 2019
The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor of California
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA  95814
RE:  SB 113 – Request for Veto
Dear Governor Newsom:
I urge you to veto Senate Bill 113, a so-called “budget trailer” bill that would continue the state’s shameless attempt at depriving California homeowners of money they are rightfully owed from the National Mortgage Settlement.
As you know, for six years the Brown Administration and Democrat legislators tried to withhold the mortgage settlement money through a phony “Special Deposit Fund” under the control of the Department of Finance.  Thankfully, last year the Third District Court of Appeal ordered Governor Brown to release the $331 million that was unlawfully diverted to the
General Fund.
Now this year, Democrat legislators have cooked up SB 113 to once again withhold the $331 million from being paid to struggling homeowners, and instead pour the money into a risky investment scheme tagged to pay for assistance to renters. As a legislator and a taxpayer, I object to filling the state’s coffers with money duly owed to aggrieved homeowners.As a renter, I object to robbing Peter (homeowners) to pay Paul (renters) despite the good intentions.
We can help renters in other ways without siphoning off National Mortgage Settlement funds.
Again, I encourage you to veto Senate Bill 113.  Thank you for your consideration.
Brian W. Jones
Senator, District 38

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