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Calendar >  Twisting In The Wind – Thomas Calabrese

Twisting In The Wind – Thomas Calabrese

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Full Circle of Retribution 

Thomas Calabrese… Allison Christiansen’s name was a contradiction in itself for there was absolutely nothing Christian-like about this young girl’s upbringing or behavior. She was completely void of morals or anything resembling a conscience. Her father Jason was a ruthless collector of unpaid gambling debts and her mother Maureen descended from a family of grifters who specialized in taking advantage of naïve seniors in a variety of home improvement and investment scams. As a young child, Allison would often steal from her classmates and if anybody got suspicious, she would plant an item or two of her ill- gotten loot in some unsuspecting individual’s locker or desk then reported them as the thief. Allison was shameless and when she got into high school and matured into a beautiful young woman, she added alluring and sultry to her growing arsenal of weapons which also included a high level of deceitfulness.

She would date needy and socially awkward boys that were so happy to have a girlfriend that they would give her just about anything she wanted just to be in her company. One boy gave her a debit card and added money to it every week from his two part time jobs. Another allowed Allison to use his new car whenever she wanted and one of her most egregious acts was when she convinced a gullible young man to falsify information in order to obtain credit cards, then bought her a long list of expensive gifts. When he could no longer make the minimum payments, he was arrested for credit card fraud .The boy’s struggling middle class parents worked out a repayment schedule with the credit card companies to keep their son out of juvenile detention.  How did Allison react to this unfortunate turn of events? She immediately broke up with the young boy and left him heartbroken and moved on without hesitation or regret.

Allison’s criminal relatives were spread out all over the country when they got the call from “Uncle Bobby”, a human trafficker, to get to San Diego County as quickly as possible. He had worked out a deal with the Tijuana Zeta drug cartel and he needed all hands on deck to effectively carry the plan. The Tijuana Zeta cartel had tens of millions in illicit cash that they needed laundered and the Christiansen clan was more than qualified to do the job. Their first step was to create a charity then buy truckloads of merchandise at highly discounted prices then ledger them at the full retail amount. The charity would give out less ten per cent of the items while stating they gave out over ninety percent then sell the unused merchandise on the black market and return the laundered profits to the cartel. They also bought vast amount of real estate, both commercial and residential, sold them for quick profits or rented them to themselves while showing massive losses. The Christiansen family accountants were so adept at channeling funds through so many business interests that not even a task force of experienced IRS agents could have deciphered the financial maze they created.

It would be too cliché to merely say that Allison was “born to be bad” or “bad to the bone” because that would absolve her of too much personal responsibility. This was a young woman who made a conscious effort when she was old enough to distinguish between right and wrong to take the low path at every given opportunity.

Allison was currently living in the Calaveras Hills area in Carlsbad in a home that was bought through the bogus charity, but besides being a criminal with a taste for the high life, she was inherently greedy and no matter what she possessed or how much money was at her disposable, she always wanted more.

When she met Craig Buckley at the high end health club, Equinox in LaCosta, Calfornia, she was immediately attracted to him; he was young, handsome and athletic and when she discreetly asked around and found out that he was extremely wealthy, Allison knew that she had to meet him. She had already begun planning an accidental meeting when he saved her the trouble and approached her in the juice bar, “Excuse me and I hope that you don’t think that I’m being too forward, but I just had to say this.”

“Say what?”

“May I buy you a double shot of wheatgrass?”

“Who could refuse an offer like that…surely not I.”

The playful bantering was flirtatious by both parties and after few luncheon and dinner dates Allison Christiansen and Craig Buckley embarked on a whirlwind romance .Craig treated Allison like she was the only woman in the world and she didn’t even have to manipulate or connive to get what she wanted because the only thing she wanted was to be with Craig. This was an unfamiliar path for the career criminal who found herself falling in love with the charming young man. Allison had never been happier and she was caught completely off guard when a middle aged man knocked on her door.

Allison looked through the peephole, “Who is it?”

” Excuse me, Miss Christiansen; I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time?”

“Concerning what?”

“Craig Buckley,”

“What about Mr. Buckley?” Allison asked.

“May I come in?” The man asked.

“Give me a couple minutes,” Allison went into the kitchen, opened a drawer and pulled out the compact Glock 26 nine millimeter handgun and placed a towel over it to conceal it from view then walked back and opened the front door, “What can I do for you?”

“I need to show you something.”

“I have a hard and fast rule against letting people into my house that I don’t know,” Allison responded.

“You’ll want to make an exception in this case,” The man gestured to the concealed weapon, “you can always shoot me later if you decide that I’ve wasted your time.”

“Don’t think I won’t,” Allison gestured with the gun in her hand to a chair in the living room and the man walked in and sat down, “My name is Larry Fredrickson and I am a private investigator.”

“You said that you had something to show me.”

Larry Fredrickson handed Allison a folder, “These are just a few of the scams that Craig Buckley has been involved in over the years. I have reason to believe that you are his next target.”

“Interesting,” Allison’s mind was racing, but she kept a cool and detached demeanor.

“I have been following Craig Buckley for over two years and for the record Craig Buckley is just one of his many aliases; his real name is Robert Rizzi.”

“You said you were a private investigator?” Allison said, “Does that mean you have a client. Who might that be?”

“Sorry, no can do, client confidentiality,” Larry Fredrickson responded.

“Any idea on why he has chosen me?” Allison stated.

“I was hoping that you could tell me that.”

“Nothing comes to mind,” Allison answered.”

“Are you absolutely sure about that?”

“Sure enough.”

“If you say so,” Larry said with obvious skepticism, “I can see that you are skeptical…look over the file a little more closely, maybe afterward, you might find that it is in your best interests to help me.”

“Maybe…maybe not,” Allison made it a point to be vague.

Larry Fredrickson pulled out his business card and handed it to Allison, “Don’t wait too long…Craig Buckley is a very dangerous man.”

“I’ll remember that.”

“Have a nice evening, Miss Christiansen, “I know my way out.”

Allison read the contents of the folder about Craig’s illegal activities and it impressed her, and that was not easy to do considering her lifetime of experiences in the criminal world. Over the next two weeks, Allison and Craig continued to spend time together, but Allison stayed extremely alert for any clues or “tells” that Craig was playing her…but there was nothing that aroused her suspicions until that one day.

They had just finished a late lunch at Vigilucci’s Seafood and Steakhouse and were driving back to Allison’s home when Greg received a text. He quickly looked at his phone, “I have to meet a business associate, it’s very important,” Craig drove to 5901 Priestly Drive in Carlsbad and got out, “Why don’t you take my car home, I’ll pick it up later,” Craig kissed Allison then walked away before she could respond.

Allison got out of the passenger seat then got in the driver’s seat, but instead of going home, she drove to the other end of the parking lot, then went into a different entrance of the same building to see where Craig had gone. When Allison got inside the building, she looked at the building directory and saw that the FBI office was located in the building. She took the stairs to the second floor and slowly opened the door to Suite 206 and saw Craig talking to the receptionist. Allison quickly left the building without being noticed

Craig Rizzi received a text as he was talking to the receptionist, “Thank you very much, Ma’am, I will tell my brother how he can get additional information on applying for employment.”

Larry Fredrickson was waiting on the third floor of the building when Craig arrived, both men watched Allison leave the building and walk over to her car. By the time Allison got home, she was anxious and nervous and if Craig was a con man, where did the FBI fit into his plan? Allison pulled the card out of a drawer and dialed the phone number.

One hour later, Allison opened the door and Larry Fredrickson entered, “I’m glad you changed your mind about helping me.  Like they say, never say never.”

“The only thing I’ve changed my mind about is talking to you,” Allison snapped back.

“Then talk,” Larry responded.

“Why would Buckley be working with the FBI?”

Larry laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Allison asked.

“The FBI probably offered him a deal, if he could bring in something or somebody more high value than himself.  Is there anything that you are involved in that the FBI would be interested in?”

Allison lied, “Not that I can think of?”

“What about business associates, friends or family members?” Larry inquired further.

This scenario only made sense if the FBI was coming after her entire family or even worse, the drug cartel. If that was so, then bodies would start falling soon because the Zeta Cartel would not leave witnesses alive to testify about their money laundering operation. Allison could not go to members of her family and tell them about her situation because they were just as ruthless as she was and would kill her without hesitation. She would have to handle this herself then disappear until the heat cooled down.

Larry gave Allison something else to think about, “My client is seeking retribution against Craig Buckley and I’m sure he won’t be happy if this scumbag gets immunity or witness protection. I don’t know what you are willing to do, but maybe …let me not get too far ahead of myself …I’ll get back to you once I’ve discussed this with my client,” Larry quickly left.

Craig was waiting in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s in Bressi Ranch when Larry drove up and got in his car, “I’ll give her a couple of days and by that time, she’ll be willing to go for anything that she thinks will save her worthless soul.”

Craig pulled out his cellphone and looked at a photograph of a teenage boy on the screen, “It won’t be much longer now.”

It was two days later and Allison was staying at the Hilton Hotel in Carlsbad, too afraid to go home. She had been trying to reach Larry Fredrickson without success when he finally called her, “How come you haven’t been answering my calls. I left you dozens of voicemails and texts!” Allison screamed.

“Sorry about that, the FBI must have found out that I was following Buckley so I had to dump my phone and go into hiding. I finally got access to a burner phone. This is coming down fast, meet me at your house…be careful.”

Allison rushed to her house, making sure she was not followed. Larry was hiding behind a hedge  and popped out in front of her, as she walked up the driveway, “What the hell!” Allison screamed out as she lost her footing and fell into the grass, “You trying to give me a heart attack!”

Larry helped Allison to her feet and they went inside, “What the hell is going on?” Allison demanded.

“My connections have told me that it is happening tonight,” Larry answered, “we need to be ready.”

It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes when there was a knock at the door. Larry looked out the window, “Its Buckley… let him in, I’ll be watching,” then went into the kitchen.

Allison opened the front door and Craig rushed in, looking nervous and apprehensive, “I’m in trouble and I need your help.”

“What kind of trouble?” Allison acted genuinely concerned

“The FBI is after you,” Craig continued, “I originally agreed to help them, but that was before I fell in love with you. When I refused to follow through, they threatened to arrest both of us.”

Flashback to two hours earlier… Larry and Craig were in their hotel room at the Omni Resort and Spa in LaCosta. Their elaborate plan to bring Allison Christiansen to justice had taken them almost three years of tracking her down and putting their scheme together. Larry was Craig’s father and their real name was Schaeffer. Craig’s younger brother, Tony was an ambitious young man with a bright future at an accounting firm, but after he met Allison, his life took a dramatic turn for the worse. He began embezzling money to buy Allison everything she wanted and when he was caught, he thought they could run away and start a new life together, but when Allison disappeared, Tony went back to his apartment and slit both of his wrists and slowly bled to death.

Craig put a theatrical blood packet in his shirt pocket and a non- toxic blood capsule in his pants pocket to place in his mouth when the appropriate time came. Larry filled the magazines of two different handguns with blank cartridges.

“Ready, son?” Larry asked.

“I’ve been ready,” Craig replied.

Forward two hours… Larry was in the kitchen of Allison’s home when he pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911, “There is an irrational women running around with a weapon, she could be on drugs,” Larry gave a detailed description of Allison and the address then burst out of the kitchen with a pistol in his hand.

“Frederickson! What are you doing here?” Craig turned to Allison, “All this time I was feeling guilty and I’m the one who was being double crossed the whole time.”

“Don’t try to play that victim card on us,” Larry snarled, “We’re wise to your double dealing tricks.”

Craig angrily charged at Larry, who shot him and the young man fell to the floor as blood flowed from a chest wound and trickled from the corners of his mouth.

Allison screamed out, “What have you done!”

“He was going to turn you in to the FBI, you didn’t believe what he was saying, did you? It was all lies!”

Allison’s mind was racing, did Craig really love her or was Larry Frederickson right about this being a trick.

“You need to get out of here,” Larry said then walked over to the front window and looked out, “I see some cars driving up; you need to get out of here quickly.”

Allison was caught completely off guard and was not thinking clearly. She had always been in control of every situation, but not this time. Larry pulled the extra handgun that he had hidden in his waistband then reached into his pocket and took out a small tube of super glue and dabbed several drops on the handle grip and held it by the muzzle for Allison to grab, “I’ll distract them while you run to your car.”

Larry ran out the front door toward the first Carlsbad police cruiser with his hands in the air, “She’s got a gun!”

When Allison thought it was clear, she ran outside toward her vehicle in the driveway. A police officer called out, “Drop the gun!”

Allison tried to release her grip on the weapon, but it would not fall from her hand. She kept trying to shake it loose as other police officers yelled for her to drop the handgun. When it looked like she was aiming the weapon, several officers opened fire and Allison fell dead in the driveway.

A thorough investigation of Allison Christiansen’s activities eventually lead to the arrest and prosecution of numerous members of her corrupt family.

Larry and Craig were standing at the gravesite of Anthony Schaffer on a blustery day as trash and leaves swirled about the area, “She was like a human piece a trash being blown from gutter to gutter until she finally ended up in the sewer,” Larry commented without pity.

Craig looked up and saw a loose kite get entangled on a power line, then shredded to pieces by a powerful gust of wind, “Or a kite flying high and free until it finally got caught; Twisting In The Wind.

The End













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  1. Guy says:

    Interesting story with a few twists.Thumbs up from me!

  2. Ron Pickett says:

    Different kind of story for you Tom, Well done.

  3. John Michels says:

    She got what she deserved but the ending was a surprise. Enjoyed the story a new twist.

  4. Kyle says:

    The evil female characters are as old as time itself…this was a good one.

  5. Tony says:

    Great story with a few twists and turns. Well constructed and thought out story.

  6. Mike says:

    Good story…I enjoyed it very much.

  7. Mona says:

    I liked the story and the development of the characters in it! Every dog has his day!

  8. Josh says:

    Keep the stories coming! I look forward to them every Sunday.

  9. Dan says:

    Allison Christiansen was doomed, it was only a matter of time before justice caught up with her.

  10. Wolf says:

    I enjoyed it. The perfect sting. I think I might have dated her once. Always wondered what happen to her.

  11. Greg says:

    It seems that there are too many Allison Christiansens in the world…at least there is one less in this story

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