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VUSD Recruitment For Personnel Commissioner

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What does a Personnel Commissioner do? Personnel Commissioners have three core responsibilities:

  • To oversee a personnel management program that ensures the selection and promotion of employees is based on merit
  • To develop and administer policies governing employment matters, ensuring fair and equitable treatment of classified employees
  • To conduct appeal hearings on matters related to non-teaching employment in the Vista Unified School District

The Merit System, used in Vista Unified School District to hire classified (non-teaching) staff, is administered by an independent body known as the Personnel Commission. The Commission is comprised of three members, appointed for three-year terms, with the term of one member expiring each year in December. One member is selected by the Board of Trustees, one member is selected by the employee organization representing classified employees, and the third member, or joint appointee, is selected by the other two Commissioners. The vacancy is December is for the joint appointee. TO APPLY CLICK HERE

Personnel Commissioners are paid $50 per meeting (generally one meeting per month) and are eligible for health benefits plans, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

What are the requirements to be a Personnel Commissioner?

  • Must be a registered voter and reside within the boundaries of the Vista Unified School District
  • Must not be an employee of the Vista Unified School District or a member of the Board of Education
  • Must be a known adherent to merit system principles

Questions? …For more information about the Merit System and the responsibilities of Personnel Commissioners, please visit www.vistausd.org/pc or www.meritsystem.org

If you have questions about applying to be a Personnel Commissioner with the Vista Unified School District, please contact Alaina Reede, Director, Classified Human Relations at (760) 726-2170, ext. 92213 or [email protected].



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