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Calendar >  Wolfe Was On The Prowl -Thomas Calabrese

Wolfe Was On The Prowl -Thomas Calabrese

By   /  November 20, 2021  /  11 Comments


Happy Thanksgiving

Thomas Calabrese –Some men are born to serve and others are born to lead and a very few are born to do both. Actor James Stewart became one of the few Americans to ever rise from private to colonel in only four years during World War II. The path for Spencer Wolfe wasn’t quite so swift, but in its own way it was equally impressive and spectacular. He served in Operation Desert Storm as a Marine Corps infantry sergeant. When his platoon was ambushed, Sergeant Wolfe directed fire and kept his men alive by attacking three enemy positions to nullify a deadly crossfire that had his squad pinned down. For his efforts, he was awarded the Navy Cross.

After returning to Camp Pendleton, Sergeant Wolfe completed his last two years of college and received a bachelor’s degree in American History. He applied for Officer’s Candidates School and with his military record, he was quickly accepted. After being commissioned a lieutenant, Spencer Wolfe quickly moved up the ranks.

As a keen analyst of military strategy, Spencer saw many things wrong with America’s mission in Afghanistan, most notably the lack of continuity and the philosophy of ‘I’ve just got to make it to my departure date.’ This greatly hindered strategic coherency and over a period of four years: Stan McChrystal, Dave Petraeus, John Allen and Joe Dunford all served as NATO Commanders. These men were devoted to the mission and worked tirelessly, but the changes of command were simply too frequent and tactical approaches changed with each man. It is said by military historians that America didn’t fight a twenty-year war, but rather twenty, one-year wars. It is understandable from a human perspective that most military personnel don’t want a five-year deployment, but it deeply hurt the military effort and greatly diminished chances for victory.

 They needed men to stay for the long term. One example was Kristoffer Bryan Domeji, he was a United States Army soldier who had fourteen deployments over ten years before he was killed on October 22, 2011. Some men have a problem with unfinished business.  Spencer was one of them, he had 18 deployments over a 19-year time frame. He developed a cohesive unit of Marines, Navy Seals and Delta Force operatives and wasn’t about to relinquish his command to an unexperienced officer who might ruin all his hard work.

Colonel Spencer Wolfe respected the chain of command because it was part of military discipline, but he wasn’t the kind of leader to give orders to send men into harms’ way while he remained safe. So, whenever he felt it was appropriate, which was more often than not, he would lead the mission. It was this type of bravery that endeared him to his men. Every person who has ever served in combat knows that when the man giving the orders is also taking the same risks as him, it dramatically changes the dynamics of the situation. They follow those leaders anywhere.

There are between 40 and 59 languages spoken in Afghanistan. Dari and Pashto are the official and most widely spoken languages, by 77% and 48% of the population respectively. During his time in Afghanistan, Spencer made it a point to learn several of them, so he could communicate with the warlords, fighters and villagers without an interpreter.

Another thing that distinguished Colonel Spencer Wolfe was his command style. He never diverted blame, took responsibility when things went sideways and always gave credit to his men when things went well. He didn’t sweat the small stuff and let his warriors relax between missions. It may have looked undisciplined, even chaotic, but there was a method to the madness. Even though he had the final word, there was always a pre-briefing meeting when any man, regardless of rank could voice their concerns or make suggestions. Spencer didn’t hesitate to make changes because in his mind, he wanted the best way and he didn’t care who came up with it.

When word was passed that the United States was planning on withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, Spencer went to see Marine Corps Major General Tyler Chandler.

At first greeting in public, they maintained perfect military decorum, “Good morning, Colonel Wolfe.”

Spencer replied, “Good morning, General, I’d like to talk with you if you have the time?”

General Chandler turned to his aide, Lt. Hekestrom, “I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Lt. Hekestrom answered, “Yes sir.”

The two men walked into the private office and General Chandler shut the door, “Want something to drink?”

            “Got any ice tea?”

General Chandler shook his head, “After all these years, you still don’t drink beer.”

            “Never developed a taste for it,” Spencer replied.

General Chandler reached into the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles, one ice tea and one beer. He tossed the bottle of ice tea to Spencer. There were two recliners and each man took a seat and leaned back.

            “What’s going on Ty?” Spencer asked.

            “I wish the hell I knew. The previous administration had strict guidelines to any withdrawal.  If the Taliban violated any of them, we didn’t leave. If they killed any Americans during any one of the stages, we’d bomb the hell out of them,” General Chandler sighed.

            “What the hell was wrong with that plan?” Spencer said.

            “That’s what I said, but nobody is listening to me. This is coming down from the White House and the State Department, which means it’s a political decision, not a military one. They are bound and determined to withdraw by a particular deadline, common sense be damned,” General Chandler replied.

            “We gave our word to a lot of people that we wouldn’t abandon them,” Spencer said.

General Chandler quipped, “Our country breaks its words to people all the time.”

            “I don’t,” Spencer snapped back.

            “Whoa, big fella, there’s nobody that I would rather go to war with than the legendary Wolfe, what do you have, 20 deployments?”

            “Eighteen, I think,” Spencer said, “What’s that got to do with anything?

General Chandler laughed, “Only 18, a drawer full of decorations and too many missions to remember.”

            “I remember them all, including the time that we served in the field together,” Spencer said.

            “My point exactly, you should be a General by now.”

Spencer laughed, “I’m exactly where I need to be. You always wanted to be a General and I always wanted to be a combat commander. I like the action and you like the other stuff.”

            “What’s wrong with being a General?”

Spencer replied, “Too much politics for me. You’re a big picture kind of guy and I like to keep things simple.”

            “Want some advice?” General Chandler asked.

            “Sure…as long as I don’t have to take it.”

            “Don’t take this personal, you could ruin your illustrious career by calling out the politicians in Washington,”   General Chandler warned, “It’s a done deal.”

            “Careers are something you look back on, I’m still taking it day by day. “Spencer got up from his chair, “You’ll keep me posted on any new developments?”

General Chandler reached into the refrigerator and took out another bottle of ice tea and tossed it to Spencer, “One for the road, my friend.”

Once the withdrawal began, it was even worse than Spencer had feared. The Taliban began taking over provinces and executing their enemies with impunity. Rather than leave the country, Spencer violated orders and worked with his men to evacuate ‘at risk’ Afghans before the final date. When Americans were killed at the Kabul Airport by a suicide bomber, Spencer was further enraged because he knew it didn’t have to happen this way. When he finally got back to the United States, Colonel Spencer Wolfe resigned from the Marine Corps then contacted Newsmax Network and offered to give his expert opinion about what actually happened in Afghanistan.

 During the lengthy interview, he called out the President, Joint Chiefs of Staff and State Department. He gave names, dates and actual incidents. His comments were scathing and brutally honest and he made a lot of a very powerful enemies in the process.

 General Chandler called him, “I see that you didn’t take my advice.”

Spencer replied, “Sure I did…I retired before I even said a word. Remember First Amendment Rights…I just exercised mine”

            “To you, that might make a difference, to them, the constitution is an outdated document. You embarrassed a lot of powerful and corrupt people and they will want retribution. Despite what some people say about the Wolfe, you are not bulletproof.”

            “One question…did I say anything that was untrue?” Spencer asked.

General Chandler snapped back, “That’s not the point!”

            “That’s the only point.”

            “You’re a warrior looking for a war, “General Chandler grumbled, “If you can’t fight in Afghanistan, you’ll look for an adversary here.”

            “Ever heard the saying, a man who is ready for a fight is usually better than a man who goes looking for one?” Spencer said, “If you don’t know which one I am by now, then I guess you don’t really know me at all,” and disconnected the call before waiting for a reply.

General Chandler turned to his wife and sighed, “The Wolfe is on the prowl…lock up the chickens.”

The current administration demanded Colonel Spencer Wolfe be punished for his public condemnation of the Afghanistan withdrawal. They wanted him put in jail and prosecuted for violating the chain of command and any other charges that they could fabricate. The President was warned by his advisors that Spencer was no longer in the military and it would be disastrous if they arrested a war hero after he left the Marines.

President Adam Liddon growled at his intelligence chiefs, “Then discredit him and destroy his reputation! You guys are experts at putting out fake stories. Get ahold of our friends in the media and tell them we need their help again. Look how far we got with the bogus Beale Dossier.”

There were thousands of patriots in the government who supported Colonel Spencer Wolfe so when rumors circulated that he was in the crosshairs of Washington bureaucrats, the military community closed ranks around their brother. General Chandler made some discreet phone calls, one of them was to a former Marine who was working as an investigator in the FBI cyberterrorism unit.

General Chandler stated, “I want to make myself emphatically clear, I don’t want any information about Colonel Spencer Wolfe. I repeat, I want nothing.”

The FBI agent responded in kind, “Yes sir, I wouldn’t never give out any information about an ongoing investigation about anyone, especially Colonel Wolfe. That would be a clear violation of department policy and my code of conduct.”

The words were clear, unmistakable and meant exactly the opposite. Special Operators current and presen, answered the call of duty and brought their considerable skills to this mission.

Spencer began working for a weapons manufacturer as a consultant, but the current administration threatened the company with loss of their government contracts unless they terminated him. The word was passed that any company that hired Spencer would face an audit from the Internal Revenue Service.

The government sabotaged his monthly military retirement checks, sending the wrong amount or not sending anything at all. It was an all-out blitz. Don’t forget the media who broadcasted every story from ‘so called’ reputable sources about Colonel Wolfe’s misconduct.

One outrageous story was that he stayed in Afghanistan so long was because he was running a major narcotics operation. Then it changed to human trafficking and that evolved to killing innocent civilians and selling military equipment to the enemy. In a matter of months, Colonel Spencer Wolfe had gone from an American patriot to a suspected war criminal. An uninformed public just accepted allegations as proof, like most uninformed Americans usually do.

Spencer’s fight plan was the infamous ‘rope a dope’ (a boxing tactic of pretending to be trapped against the ropes, goading an opponent to throw tiring ineffective punches). He was hanging out at a Minden Valley ranch in Central Nevada with some former military personnel when he received a call. When he saw who it was, he put it on speaker phone so everyone in the room could hear, “Spencer Wolfe speaking.”

The person on the end spoke, “This is Senator Benson Warren.”

            “How are you doing, Senator?” Spencer said.

Senator Warren replied, “Much better than you. I’d like to thank you for your service. I’ve always been a big supporter of the military.”

The men in the room did their best to not laugh out loud. “That’s good to hear, I’m sure that active duty personnel will be happy to hear that, but I’m retired,” Spencer said.

            “It’s a disgrace the way they’re treating you. To show my appreciation for your service, come work for me and we’ll re-build your reputation together.”

The men in the room smiled but said nothing. “How would we do that?” Spencer asked.

            “I received a grant in this newest stimulus package. One million dollars to help homeless and troubled veterans in my district. I want you to be in charge of how that money will be distributed. You’ll have complete discretion.”

            “Sounds interesting, give me a little time to think about it. I’ll call you tomorrow with my answer,” Spencer said.

            “I hope your answer is yes, this is a win-win situation.”

After hanging up, former Marine Corps recon sergeant, Richie Santos said, “It’s a set-up.”

Former Navy Seal Jim Chisholm added, “Warren couldn’t care less about the military. He’s a stone-cold flunky.”

Former Army Ranger Steve Walters asked, “What are you going to do, Colonel?”

Spencer pondered the situation for a moment, “Get ahold of our people in Intel and Cyber and tell them to hack into Warren’s communication systems.”

            “Roger that,” Jim said.

Back at Senator Warren’s office, he made a call, “I made him the offer just like you told me. He said he’ll call me back.” then listened for a few seconds and responded, “Yes sir, I know how important this is, I won’t fail you. I’ll get him to agree.”

When everything was set up, Spencer agreed to handle the distribution of the money. His team carefully monitored and documented every charitable donation. It didn’t take long before money from the account began disappearing.

Richie Santos reported, “Just like you said, Colonel. They’re stealing the money and they’re going to blame you for it. They must think you’re a real idiot.”

            “Let ‘em keep thinking that,” Spencer said.

A month later, Colonel Spencer Wolfe was arrested for embezzlement and Senator Warren was quick to throw him under the bus at a press conference, “I thought Colonel Wolfe could be trusted, but I obviously was mistaken. I could forgive him if the theft was just against me, but it was against needy veterans and that I can never forget. He must be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Spencer was out on bond and sitting in the house of General Chandler. Both men watched the press conference on television, “He actually said that like he believed it was true,” General Chandler shook his head in disgust, “They are very good at deceit and deception”

            “Just the first nail in the coffin, they smell blood in the water and they won’t stop until I stop them,” Spencer said.

A month later, a rally to protest the withdrawal from Afghanistan took place in Washington DC. It was a staged protest filled with hired agitators. It got violent and there was looting and burning in the streets. The police arrested numerous protestors, but they were quickly bailed out and they disappeared from sight. Congress wasted little time in creating a select committee to investigate the protest, calling it an uprising against law and order. The first subpoena was for Colonel Spencer Wolfe to appear, whom they accused of organizing it.

General Chandler decided it was time for him to retire so he submitted his paperwork. On the first day of his scheduled testimony, thousands of veterans began arriving in the nation’s capital to show their support for Colonel Spencer Wolfe.

The administration knew they needed to act quickly to change the narrative so they began calling in outside agitators to disrupt the rally. Their error was that they were sending thugs and hoodlums against highly trained combat veterans and American patriots.

General Chandler spoke to the overflowing crowd who were waving American flags and cheering, With the Washington Monument to his back, “We are not here for trouble, we’re here for the truth, accountability and to show our support for Colonel Spencer Wolfe. I expect each one of you to stay focused on the mission and act appropriately. We know that outside agitators have been sent to infiltrate our ranks and disrupt this peaceful gathering. We will not let that happen. Violence will not be tolerated and if that is your intention you’re either going to end up in the hospital or in the morgue. To the undercover officers who plan on recording this rally and then falsifying charges against us later, it is still not too late to do the right thing. You have been given an illegal order and are under no obligation to follow it. You should remember that if you violate our constitutional rights there will be a price to pay and we will collect, one way or another. That is not a threat, it’s a promise!”

One FBI agent turned to his partner, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want some Navy Seal or Marine sniper on my trail, I’m outta’ here.”

His partner looked around at the seasoned veterans and commented, “I didn’t sign up for this…wait for me.”

Not far away, a busload of agitators arrived and disembarked the vehicle, they were immediately surrounded by a hundred motorcycle riders from the Devildogs chapter in Oceanside, California.

Dylan Ryan approached the group with a warning, “Not today, kiddies.”

Several of the young troublemakers pushed forward and a couple even threw punches at the former Marines. Where they got the impression that they were a match for these veterans might never be known? One man threw a punch at Dylan, who blocked it then hit the man squarely in the face and his teeth went flying. The brawl was over in a few minutes and the bloodied and battered group of young men dragged themselves back on the bus. A veteran called out, “Get this trash out of here.”

Inside the congressional chamber, the hearing began and members of the President’s party began insulting Spencer and it went on for six hours. It was getting late in the afternoon when Congresswoman Jodie Breslin began her questioning, “Two Navy Crosses, three Silver Stars, four Bronze Stars, five Purple Hearts and 18 deployments over a 31-year career. I thank you for your service.”

Spencer replied, “You’re welcome, but I didn’t do it for you.”

            “Who did you do it for?”

            “If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand anyway.”

            “Do you believe that your accomplishments give you special privileges?” Congresswoman Breslin hesitated for emphasis, “like an exemption from the law?”

            “Which laws are you talking about…the laws of common sense? integrity? duty? I need you to be more specific,” Spencer replied.

            “The laws of a civilized society,” Congresswoman Breslin retorted.

Spencer said, “You means like H.R. 2534, the law that prohibited you from inside trading. The law that you ignored when you invested in a defense contractor’s company one week before your committee awarded them a three-billion dollar contract. You made 16 million dollars on that one deal alone. Maybe there are laws that apply to me and other Americans, but are only suggestions to you?”

Congresswoman Breslin thought she had covered her tracks so she was shocked that anybody knew about her financial windfall. She just sat there blindsided and dumfounded. Chairman of the Committee, Ted Slazenger reacted to protect his cohort in crime and slammed down his gavel, “Your time has expired. This hearing will resume at 0900 tomorrow. We’re adjoined.”

Spencer stood up and looked directly at Congressman Slazenger, “Maybe when we come back tomorrow, we can talk about your business dealings in China…especially in the Wuhan Province.”

Congressman Slazenger’s face went ashen white.

Upon his exit from the building, thousands of veterans cheered Spencer and their voices echoed throughout the capital in a sign of strength and solidarity that could never be silenced by government corruption, abuse of power and government overreach.

That night, an angry and frustrated President Adam Liddon met with his advisors in the Oval Office, “I told you that I wanted Colonel Wolfe disgraced and destroyed. I watched the hearing and he’s making fools out of all of us. Breslin and Slazenger are so scared that I can hear them shaking over the phone. They told me that if they go down, they’re taking me with them. It is time to change strategy and end this farce once and for all!”

Eric Van Werkle meekly asked, “How do we do that, sir?”

            “Terminate with extreme prejudice.”

The entire room was caught off guard by this order, Van Werkle stammered, “That is very drastic.”

An irrational President Liddon snapped, “Drastic times call for drastic measures. Get in touch with Benning at the CIA, he’ll know who to do. When it’s done, tell our media sources to run the story that Colonel Wolfe was killed by his criminal partners to stop him from testifying.” When nobody moved, Liddon shouted, “Don’t just sit there, this has to happen tonight!”

The rats scurried out of the room.

Four well-dressed men entered the lobby of the Trump International Hotel and took the elevator to the 26th floor. When they got to Room 2642, one of the men used a computerized master key to unlock the door.

The Second Man said, “Wait here, we’ll be right back.”

            “We’re supposed to make sure that it’s done,” The Third Man said.

            “We don’t do business that way,” The First Man said.

            “I don’t like it,” The Fourth Man interjected.

First Man suggested, “Then you do it and we’ll wait here.”

            “Okay, go ahead,” Third Man sighed, “Send us a photo as soon as it’s done.”

First and Second Man entered the darkened room and quietly made their way to the dimly lit bedroom. Their steps were measured and silent and their shadows were barely visible. Suddenly a lamp went on, Spencer was sitting in a chair. Suddenly two more lamps went on to expose five more men.”

First Man sighed, “You caught me by surprise, Colonel.”

            “How you doing, Mike?” Spencer replied.

            “Keeping busy.”

The two assassins acknowledged the other five men and it was obviously that everyone knew each other.

The Second Man said, “They want a photo as proof of death. They’re waitin’ in the hall.”

Spencer went into the bedroom, took off his shirt and laid down on the bed. One of his men poured fake blood (made of corn syrup and red food coloring) on his head and chest.

Mike the assassin took several photos with his phone and sent them. “Be seeing you, Colonel.”

            “Hold on,” Spencer turned to one of his men, “Shoot a few rounds from their weapons, just in case they decide to check.”

The two men handed their weapons over and Aaron fired four rounds from one and five from another into a bucket of thick ballistics gel then handed their weapons back. It was a good thing that Spencer did this because their weapons were checked to see if they were recently fired when they exited the room.

Three weeks passed and every conceivable story that could portray Colonel Spencer Wolfe in a negative light had been broadcasted, printed or posted on the internet. Eventually people were ready to move on in their lives.

President Liddon was scheduled to give a speech at the dedication of the new orthopedic wing at Walter Reed Medical Center. He vented his frustration, “I don’t like the military and they don’t like me, so get me out of there fast.”

Rosalind Rice, White House Press Secretary replied, “It’s just a photo opportunity to boost your falling poll numbers, sir.”

After giving a cold and emotionless speech that lasted just over five minutes, President Liddon stepped down from the podium to say hello to the injured veterans sitting in the front row. One veteran had his head bowed, “What’s your name?”

Spencer lifted his head, “Colonel Spencer Wolfe.”

President Liddon stumbled backward in shock and was caught by a member of his Secret Service security detail. The former Marine, Anthony Santini said, “I’ll be taking you into custody at this time.”

Rather than go through the embarrassment of an impeachment hearing, Adam Liddon resigned as President. There were still numerous criminal and civil charges pending against him. On a clear Sunday morning, a heavily medicated  Adam Liddon walked into the Pacific Ocean near his summer home in San Clemente, California, where his watery grave eagerly awaited his arrival.

General Chandler said, “You have now become the unofficial ‘go to’ guy for every veteran and patriot who wants to report fraud, waste, abuse in the government.”

Spencer replied, “I don’t want to use the scorched principle of burning everything down to solve the problem, but I do have an idea.”

            “Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Over the next few months, Spencer focused his energies on creating, Wolfe Watch, an independent foundation that promoted, transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. He hired the best of the best from the veteran community to help him operate it.

 When corrupt bureaucrats and politicians received a letter in the mail from Wolfe Watch about their nefarious dealings, they had to make the decision on whether to resign or defend themselves in the court of public opinion. Since the evidence against them was overwhelming, irrefutable and true, all chose the former option and not the latter.  

It would be a slow and painful transition from a government where many politicians entered public service to get rich and powerful, to one where they actually represented the best interests of the country and their constituents. Why were the chances better now than ever before of that happening? Because The Wolfe was on the prowl. 

The End


Colonel Spencer Wolfe was running on Camp Pendleton’s Del Mar Beach, alone in his thoughts and feeling optimistic on this fall holiday morning. He was proud to be an American and a Marine and wanted to wish every nation-loving patriot a Happy Thanksgiving. To him this was still the greatest country on earth, one that he would always be willing to fight and die for.

Work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance

The Veterans Writing Group of San Diego County invites all writers to join us at our monthly meetings. Veterans and Non-Veterans are equally welcome. For more information go to our website: www.veteranswritinggroup.org


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  1. Robert says:

    Another enjoyable story. I always look forward to your Sunday stories.

  2. Tom says:

    All true Americans can only hope that this would some day take place. Well done, sir!

  3. David says:

    I like the way you put stories together that reflect on current events or recent events. Makes it all relative..

  4. John michels says:

    Very imaginative story only wish that there actually were operatives like that currently working behind the scenes. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. wolf says:

    Enjoyed it

    If there was ever a time in history for a WOLF WATCH it now

  6. Cary says:

    A truly entertaining story. Great job!

  7. Clyde says:

    A very thought provoking story. If only it could be true

  8. Tony says:

    A great Sunday Story that does not disappoint. It reflects on some current events about American’s that care and are concerned about our country and their fellow man.
    Stout hearten people that are willing to risk all for their country.
    This story really hits home and hope we find more people with a backbone to step forward for our country and hopefully these people will be members of our government.
    Very nicely done Mr. Calabrese. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. If you happen to see Colonel Spencer Wolfe running on the beach wish him a Happy Thanksgiving from another concerned American.

  9. Jeremy says:

    The Wolfe Watch…definitely need that!

  10. Mona says:

    Excellent story! Great characters. Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Joe says:

    Another exciting story Tom, you have a way of getting inside of people’s heads – even if they aren’t real!

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