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1st Annual Women Who Will: Inspire, Educate, Elevate Conference

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Women Who Will: Inspire, Educate, Elevate Conference

Winter Sierra….The “Women Who Will: Inspire, Educate, Elevate” conference was hosted by the Vista Chamber of Commerce at the Vista Civic Center last Saturday March 13th. The full house sold out function was attended by women business owners and leaders including Mayor Judy Ritter, Deputy Mayor Amanda Rigby, and Lenna Wright, District Representative for Congressman Darrell Issa. The event consisted of fifteen all-female vendors and four female speakers, each of whom personified the empowering and self-actualizing theme of the day!

The first of four speakers was Madeleine Hoang, a Transformative Coach and owner of Yoga Munkey. Hoang began her speech with “a multi-sensory journey,” in which she encouraged each woman “to treasure yourself and treasure this day.” Among the lessons that she shared with the women, Hoang taught us all the difference between an authentic fear and an inauthentic fear: an authentic fear in a truly instinctual fear, while an inauthentic fear is self-created, and must be overcome by giving it insignificance.

Photos by Winifred Meiser

Hoang then told of her near-death bicycle accident, and how it taught her to “embody aliveness,” and that “we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.” So, she said, “don’t let your song go unsung,” because “we get to write that song!”

The next speaker was Dr. Tania Williams, who is a holistic doctor and founder of Carlsbad’s Health From Within Family Wellness Center. Williams spoke of the importance of taking care of one’s body. She said, “Your body is far greater and far smarter than anyone has led you to believe,” and that we are “designed to be healthy.”

Williams said that there are three main factors that cause us to be unwell: chemical stress, such as toxins in our air and food, emotional stress, and physical stress. She said, “every choice you make adds up,” so it is very important to give yourself and your body priority.

The day’s third speaker was Annie Fennel, a music teacher in VUSD, a published author, a Grammy Award nominated music teacher, classical flutist and a national figurehead in the music world. Fennel stated, “Everyone is creative, it’s just that we haven’t figured out how to manifest that.” Fennel told the audience of her own trials and tribulations along the way of establishing herself in her music career.

Listening to her speak of music and teaching, it is clear that Fennel has found her passion in life, and is ready to share it with the world. She said that if public schools don’t ensure that “every child has every opportunity, we have failed.” She loves to “sculpt lives through creativity” everyday, and says, “I’ve never ever ever taught like other people, and that’s made all the difference.”

The final speaker of the day was Keao, who is the creator of the Petal Process and conducts inspirational workshops and healing sessions. The Petal Process is a method to help people let go of stress, fear and emotional pains of any kind. Throughout her speech, Keao emphasized the importance of gratitude for one’s body and life.

Keao said, “When we are feeling love, we cannot feel fear, because we cannot feel love and fear at the same time.”


One of the vendors was Heather Miranda, owner and head baker of The Copper Box, Baked Goods and Confections. Miranda created her business in 2014 after San Diego passes legislation to allow people to make cottage food items in their homes, meaning food that can be kept at room temperature for up to 24 hours, and sell them to others.

Miranda sells a variety of baked treats, including cookies, breads, biscotti, and pies, to name a few. She sells locally at farmers markets, and does the entire business herself; she makes all the labels and the logo herself, and even creates her own recipes! Miranda was generous enough to give me a loaf of her blueberry bread, and I have to say it was absolutely delicious!

Another extraordinary business I found at the conference was HandyMa’am, which is owned and operated by Annette C. Jacobson. Jacobson started her business during the recession when she couldn’t find work; she’d had construction experience and decided to put that to work running her own business!

HandyMa’am will perform various household tasks. When asked of the success of her business, Jacobson said, they’re “still moving forward,” and just passed their five year mark!

The conference was filled with intelligent and inspirational women, and was a great success!

Thank you to the Sponsors: Puzzle Pieces Marketing, Queen of Cakes, Isaacs Catering, Croziers Flowers, Emerald Spirits and Grocery Outlet of San Marcos.


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