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Calendar >  A Vacation to Remember – Travel to Croatia and Slovenia in 2015

A Vacation to Remember – Travel to Croatia and Slovenia in 2015

By   /  August 23, 2014  /  1 Comment


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tom & carolHaving traveled to numerous countries in Europe and along the Mediterranean coast line two countries that have been on my bucket list, but always seemed to be missed, were the countries of Croatia and Slovenia.  September of 2015, my wife and I will be leading a 15 day trip to these two breathtaking countries.  Along with this will be several optionals that can be added to take you to several additional countries – Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Most people know very little about the countries we will be traveling to, so to perk your interest in possibly joining our group in this exciting adventure I thought some general information about these countries would show you why these should be included on your bucket list of places to see.  The following article will go over highlights of Croatia followed by Slovenia and the optionals to Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the following issue of theVistaPress.com on-line. Information about signing up to join us on the trip will be at the end of this article as well as what is included for the tour.









It can be said Croatia is a country that blends history and culture surrounded by incredible natural beauty.  Croatia was selected by National Geographic as the travel destination of the year and is currently ranked as the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world.  Many of you may have seen the historic buildings and fortress walls used this year in several T.V. shows and movies as location shots.  The country itself is close to 2000 years old as a culture even though peoples have been living in this area long before this. The country has a continental Mediterranean climate and is home to roughly 4.28 million Croats. Croatia’s economy is growing every year and is considered an emerging and developing economy in the European world. The currency in Croatia is called Kuna – 1 Croatian kuna equals .18 U.S. dollars.

dubrovnik-1zadar-1cablecarWhile in Croatia we will be traveling to the major cities that should not be missed. Our first stop will be in Dubrovnik, set on a peninsula on the Adriatic.  It is most famous for its massive walls that protected the maritime city state for years. The present walls run for 6,360 feet and at its highest point they reach 82 feet. Highlights in the city will include a visit to the 13th century Franciscan monastery, the Rector’s Palace and the famous Old Town of Dubrovnik.

prsut-sir-11 (1)

After Dubrovnik, we will take a guided tour of Split, a city that encompasses many different cultures that have passed through this area.  On the tour is a Roman palace, Gothic churches, Renaissance palaces, Venetian fortifications, an Egyptian sphinx and more. Out of Dubrovnik and Split there are optionals offered that can take you into Montenegro and Mostar & Medjugorje in Bosnia.  These will be discussed in the article on Slovenia.



From Split, our next stop on the tour will be to Zadar with a stop in Trogir, a city known for medieval Venetian architecture set on a tiny island just off of the mainland. Zadar is a beautiful seaside market town that blends classical and Christian cultures together. Out of this city we will travel to Plitvice Lakes National Park, considered one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. It is known for its incredible lakes, forests and waterfalls. From Zadar, out tour continues on to Zagreb, the capital and largest city in Croatia. It has been the capital of Croatia since 1557. Highlights we will see here includes squares, parks, museums, towers and an ancient cemetery.

From Zagreb we will travel to the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.  Our stops in Slovenia will be discussed in the next article appearing in the Vista Press on-line. No discussion of Croatia would be complete without mentioning the mouthwatering food this country offers.  It is truly a country of many flavors ranging from meats such as venison, duck, pheasant, rabbit, lamb, veal and pork abound. Tasty sausages, skewers, various stews and goulash will fill any one up. The seaside towns are known for their seafood dishes with mussels, shrimp, octopus, cuttlefish, cod and oysters having a variety of main dishes. Croatia is also known for its cheeses and soups.  For those that like their desserts you can’t go wrong with baklava, strudel, sweet breads, ravioli with almonds, crepes, Croatian honey with pancakes.  And not to be missed are the herbal liqueurs, the plum brandy and the Croatian red wines. You will definitely not be hungry in Croatia.


If Croatia sounds like a place you would like to visit I encourage you to contact me at trobertsasb@yahoo.com for an all-inclusive brochure.  Drop me an e mail with your mailing address and we will get the information to you. We can send you information on the pricing for the trip and how to reserve spots for the tour.  This trip will include round trip air transportation, airport and departure taxes, a multilingual guide for the duration of the tour, great local guides, all hotel accommodations, daily buffet breakfasts and 4 dinners, private deluxe motor coach, and entrance into the parks and museums included on the tour. The brochure will also go over passport information, travel protection insurance, optional tours offered, how to sign-up for the tour and information about the tour company we are using. Many of our travelers who go on tours with us even choose to stay on and travel to other destinations before returning home.  This can be discussed with us as well. Our departure date at the present time will be Sept. 10, 2015.  Next issue I will discuss Slovenia and the optional trips to Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hope to hear from you and remember to Keep on Traveling. …



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