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Calendar >  ADU GURUS, LLC OCTOBER 2023 Newsletter

ADU GURUS, LLC OCTOBER 2023 Newsletter

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The Realtor® The Property Owner & The ADU 

At ADU Gurus LLC™, we value our Broker® and Realtor® friends as well as our property owner clients. In fact, a lot of our Realtor® friends ARE our clients! We feel especially grateful for their confidence and referrals. I started ADU Gurus LLC™ when I built my own ADU. I am also a licensed California Real Estate Broker®. As such, in the early days, a number of folks I know in real estate’s ancillary services – Title, Escrow, Lenders – wanted to know, “hey, what’s with these ADUs?”. They began to ask me to do presentations to Realtors® and thus began my education endeavors to “teach” everything ADU. Since then, I’ve spoken to thousands of agents, primarily in Southern California, but also across the state and even nationwide, as other states and major cities in the US have approved ADU legislation. In our newsletter this month, we recognize the Realtor® and their desires to always learn more as well as our property owner clients. Thank you for subscribing to our Newsletter and reading our Blog! ~Lisa De Jesus

El Cajon approves $600,000 for ADU loan program to increase affordable living options  OCT. 2, 2023

El Cajon has approved a new loan program to help homeowners build

accessory dwelling units as long as they lease them at affordable prices to those with a moderate income. 
The $632,109 loan program — unanimously approved last month by the City Council — will help El Cajon homeowners build accessory dwelling units — or ADUs, for short — which are smaller, secondary homes that are either attached or detached from an existing home. Read Full Story 

Property Owners & The ADU – Why do folks build ADUs?
That question has no general answer. ADUs are built for a number of reasons – rental revenue income, multi-generational housing (aging parents, children saving for their own home purchase, etc.), aging in place, downsizing, where property owners wish to continue living on their property but in something smaller, creating a work space separate from the primary residence, etc. Whatever the reason, becoming a Property Manager for the ADU is part and parcel of the build. If you own a single family residence, you’re now a Developer. Oh, and once the ADU is built, you’re also a Property Manager – be that accounting of rental revenue, tax benefits – write offs, depreciation and income/expenses, and/or maintenance. Adding a property to your property can be daunting yet it is probably the best return on investment you can make in your real estate ownership.
Homeowners & Their ADUs

The Realtor® & The ADU
In an online Master Class for Realtors last month, our own ADU Guru, Lisa De Jesus, delivered a wealth of information on how to research the real estate market trends and find ADU homes for sale or list “ADUable” properties. Lisa also shared how to specialize in finding properties where your client can convert an existing garage (JADU), build an ADU, or homes that have an ADU already on the lot. Learn With ADU Gurus

Property Owners & Realtors – Why Care About ADUs? 
There are many reasons why homeowners, buyers, investors, real estate professionals should care about ADUs in California; long term, it’s a relatively low-cost, fast way to build a dwelling unit on a single family property. The State of California mandates that every jurisdiction must process ADU applications within a very short, 60-day period. An option to build an ADU could mean a higher valuation for the property owner and when/if they decide to sell the home, the value is higher (a plus for the seller).  The buyer will have good future possibilities of rental income or utilize it as a multi-generational property. As an agent, ADUs are now an important tool when advising buyers or sellers on the purchase or sale of properties.  Most importantly, ADUs are allowed as of right in California and all local jurisdictions in California are required to approve them on certain properties.  Another ADU Advantage

Attention Realtors®  Use Your SOI – TOUCH YOUR BASE & GET ADU REFERRALS
NOW is the time to reach out to your base, include ADU info in your  social media, marketing email campaign and newsletters; become the expert that your sphere recognizes as the ADU Specialist, or the one who has access to an ADU Guru!
If your sphere doesn’t need or want to build an ADU, someone they know will be talking about building one. They will refer to YOU as their ADU Specialist.
If your sphere is looking for ADU potential, ADU in place or to build an ADU, they will know who to call or who they can refer to their network of friends.

ADU Gurus Q&A

Lisa De Jesus

If I am looking for a property where I can build an ADU, what should I be looking for?
It’s not about the size of the lot, per se, it’s about what you can fit within the setback requirements of the ADU laws. The state says the minimum distance between the property line and where you begin your ADU construction is 4 feet. That’s 4’ from the side yard and rear yard property lines, or setbacks as they are formally called. You will want enough space to fit what you would like to build, ideally. You must also consider the distance between the ADU construction and the home’s roof line in the backyard. Further, if you are considering a garage conversion ADU, you may look for a home that has a bathroom that shares the garage wall. This will make it easier and more cost effective to connect to water and sewer. Let us know what you’re looking for in a property; we can help you understand the most ADU friendly layouts. 
Get answers from the ADU Gurus! CLICK HERE

ADU Gurus LLC 450 S Melrose Dr Vista, CA 92081


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