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Calendar >  Amazing and Unusual Natural Formations Around the World – Part 1

Amazing and Unusual Natural Formations Around the World – Part 1

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TR Robertson — Over millions and millions of years the Earth has been forming and reforming into the various landmasses and bodies of water we now recognize and call the Earth. As a result of a variety of geologic, tectonic and environmental processes some extremely unusual natural formations have been created on every continent. In this two-part series a few of the most unusual sites will be highlighted. Most of the places are accessible, but not all. For many, experienced guides would be needed before attempting to explore the areas detailed. A variety of web sites have an amazing array of photos that have been taken highlighting many of the locations and discussing the requirements needed before entering the site.

Red or Blood Falls -Photo Peter Rejcek

Red Falls – Blood Falls – Antarctica – This natural bright red plum of saltwater flowing from the tongue of the Taylor Glacier onto the ice covered surface of West Lake Bonney in Taylor Valley of McMurdo Dry Valley in Victorialand, Antarctica is the result of small fissures of iron oxide-tainted minerals that have mixed into the salt water. This site was discovered in 1911.

Spotted Lake Khiluk

Spotted Lake Khiluk – British Columbia, Canada – This saline endorheic alkali lake is located northwest of Osoyoos in British Columbia. Various minerals, including dense deposits of magnesium, calcium and sodium sulphate plus eight other minerals including silver and titanium create the unusual large spots on the lake, especially during the summer. The spots achieve their color depending on the amount and type of mineral composition in the spots. The magnesium sulfate crystallizes in the summer contributing to the color and the other minerals harden and form natural walkways between the spots.

Island of the Dolls

The Island of Dolls – Mexico – Known as La Isla de la Munecus, this island is a chinampa, a small area of arable land in shallow lake beds. It is located in the channels of Xochimilco, south of Mexico City. The small island is one of several formed in the area. What make the island unusual and strange is the mysterious stories that have grown dealing with what is on the island. Dolls of various sizes and colors can be found hanging and placed throughout the island. The dolls were originally placed by Julian Santana Barrera beginning in the 1950’s. Julian passed away in 2001. The story attached to the island is a young girl drowned just off the banks of the island, some time in the 1950’s. It is said the girl called out “I want my doll” before Julian found the body, which had a doll near the body. Julian is said to have believed the dolls keep the girls spirit from the island. Many believe her spirit still haunts the island. Hundreds of dolls are on the island as well as a small museum. Small boats take interested visitors around the island to see the dolls.

Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest – Poland – Located near the village of Nowe Czarnowo, Poland, these oddly shaped pine trees bend to the north, just above the ground. It was said there were 400 planted in the 1930’s, but only 80 exist today. The bent pines are surrounded by straight pines. There is no clear indication as to why the pines are bent. Many say they are “man-shaped” in the 30’s. There are some crooked aspens in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lake Michigan Triangle

The Lake Michigan Triangle – an area ranging from Ludington, Michigan to Benton Harbor, Michigan, to Manitowoc, Wisconsin – The mystery began in 1891 when the schooner Thomas Hume disappeared with 7 sailors on board. No trace of the ship was ever found. To date, 1,500 shipwrecks have occurred in this area. In 1950 Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 disappeared with 58 people on board and no wreckage has ever been found. Everything from UFO Alien abduction to vortexes to time warps has been suggested, just like the Bermuda Triangle. One other unusual site in Lake Michigan, discovered in 40 feet of water, is the Lake Michigan Stonehenge. Ten thousand years ago the water level was much lower and Native American tribes may have carved the etchings on the large rocks placed in a circular pattern at the edge of the lake.

Yonaguri Monument

Yonaguni Monument – Japan – This submerged rock formation off the southernmost coast of Yonaguni in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Some claim the massive boulder formations are a man-made stepped monolith. Other say the formation is natural. Geologically the formations date back 20 million years. Some have attempted to link the formations to a time 10,000 years ago when the seas were lower saying they are part of the lost continent of Mu.

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway – Northern Ireland – These 40,000 interlocking basalt columns are the result of an ancient volcanic fissure which erupted six million years ago along the north coast of Northern Island. The formation is three miles northeast of Bushmills. Most of them are hexagonal, some have 4,,5,7,8 sides. The tallest is 39 feet tall. The lava in the surrounding cliffs are 92 feet thick. An Irish legend says the columns are steps built by the giant Fionn macCumhaill when he needed to cross the North Channel.

Thor’s Wall

Thor’s Wall – Oregon – This formation is on the edge of the Oregon coast near Cape Perpetua. It appears to be a bottomless sinkhole. The sinkhole is also called the Drainpipe of the Pacific. The sinkhole is actually an old collapsed sea cave with water surging from below when the tide is in.


Pamukkale – Turkey – Also called the Cotton Castle, these travertine thermal pools are surrounded by white limestone, the carbonate mineral giving the sides the brilliant white color. The sides built up over time from the minerals in the flowing water. Many have names like Cleopatra’s Pools and White Paradise. In the second century B.C. the area was used as a spa by the Greco-Roman ancient city of Hierapolis.

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier – Australia – This saline lake is on the edge of Middle Island off the southern coast of Western Australia. The lake covers 37 acres and is notable for its bright pink color. The pink color is due to the presence of the organism Dunaliella salina, a micro red alga.

Badab-e Surt

Badab-e Surt – Iran – A natural site in norther Iran. This is a range of stepped travertine terraces formed from two mineral hot springs that cooled and deposited carbonate minerals along the mountainside. These are located at the 6,040 foot level.


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