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Calendar >  April Newsletter | Elevate 2024 | Spring Forward With ADU Gurus™

April Newsletter | Elevate 2024 | Spring Forward With ADU Gurus™

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Welcome to our April Newsletter!
As the vibrant energy of Spring fills the air, we’re excited to share the latest news and insights from the world of ADUs! Whether you’re a homeowner exploring the potential of adding an accessory dwelling unit, a Realtor seeking valuable market knowledge, or a professional in the real estate ecosystem, we’ve got something for you. From property tax information to navigating regulations, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Join us as we celebrate the season of renewal and growth, and explore innovative solutions for sustainable living and community development.

Thank you for being a part of our journey to make ADUs accessible and impactful for all. Happy Spring!

Lisa De Jesus, President & CEO
ADU Gurus LLC™

Build It – Let’s Get Started!

Impact on Property Taxes & Tax Deductions in CALIFORNIA
California, a state known for its diverse culture and vibrant cities, is also infamous for its high real estate prices and rising property taxes. Over the past few years, homeowners in California have tried various strategies to reduce their taxes. One such strategy gaining popularity is the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). 
DISCLAIMER – This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. LEARN MORE

Owning an ADU as a Rental Property in California offers several potential tax benefits:
– Rental Income: You can generate rental income from tenants occupying the ADU, which can contribute positively to your cash flow.
– Depreciation: As a rental property owner, you may be able to depreciate the cost of the ADU over its useful life, providing tax deductions that can offset rental income.
– Deductible Expenses: You can deduct various expenses associated with owning and operating the ADU, including property taxes, mortgage interest, insurance premiums, repairs, maintenance, utilities, and property management fees.
– Home Office Deduction: If you use a portion of your primary residence, where the ADU is located, exclusively for managing rental activities, you may be eligible for a home office deduction.
– Capital Gains Exclusion: If you decide to sell the property in the future and meet certain criteria, you may qualify for the capital gains exclusion on the sale of a primary residence, potentially reducing or eliminating capital gains taxes.

It’s essential to consult with a tax professional or accountant familiar with California tax laws to understand the specific tax implications and benefits of owning an ADU as a rental property in your situation.

How Much Does An ADU Cost?

When researching and planning out your ADU construction, it’s crucial to have a clear picture of the costs involved. Typically, building an ADU can range from $50,000 to $250,000, influenced by factors like size, location, design, and material choices. However, this range is just a starting point. You’ll also need to consider permit fees, utility connections, and even landscaping, which can add to your total investment. Furthermore, an increase in your property value might lead to higher property taxes, an important budget consideration.

From BuildItGreen.org & in the spirit of Earth Day…
Here’s a collection of resources to help you understand the rules and codes that apply when building an ADU in California, technical guidance on how to build greener, energy-efficient, high-performing ADUs, and resources to make ADUs more accessible to you, your family and neighborhood. 
Build It Green connects changemakers to transform the housing system in service of human and ecological vitality.
EARTH DAY – APRIL 22, 2024
THEME: Our Earth, Our Future

Ways to Celebrate & Participate

Want to Add a Granny Flat or Rental ADU? Here’s How to Finance It
ADUs are going mainstream. An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) is an independent living space sharing the same lot as a single-family house. Depending on the structure and the local slang, you might know it as a granny flat, carriage house, garage or basement apartment, backyard cottage, tiny house or something quirkier.

The federal government, and some states and localities, are encouraging homeowners to build ADUs to ease shortages of affordable housing. The mortgage industry is becoming more ADU-friendly, too. If you want to add an ADU to your existing home, there’s probably a loan program that suits your needs.

Can you recommend reputable contractors, architects, or other professionals experienced in building ADUs?

YES! Our comprehensive services cover all your ADU needs, guiding you seamlessly from concept to completion. As part of our approach, we facilitate the submission of your ADU plans to the city under the “Owner/Builder” designation. This empowers you, the property owner, to oversee the permit process directly, rather than relying solely on a contractor. While your plans undergo review, ADU Gurus™
assists you in sourcing contractors, leveraging our extensive network to gather quotes.
This process affords you the flexibility to select the contractor that aligns best with your budget and construction schedule.

Do You Have a Question for our ADU Guru? CLICK HERE


Mailing Address: ADU Gurus LLC – 450 S Melrose Drive, Vista, CA 92081


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