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Calendar >  Sculptor Ricardo Breceda Reception Well Attended

Sculptor Ricardo Breceda Reception Well Attended

By   /  June 13, 2016  /  2 Comments


Rancho Buena Vista High School Intern Amanda Esquibel interviews the Artist Ricardo Breceda

By Amanda Esquibel…Sunday June 12, Ricardo Breceda and his daughter, Lianna, were both being recognized for their artwork in creating metal sculptures. This event was held at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens from 2 to 3pm for the public meet and greet, plus it extended until 5pm for those who wanted to attend the private reception that provided food and drinks.

The garden features multiple sculptures he created including the Triceratops, Raptor, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Scorpion, Giraffes, and the Serpent. The sculptures were all laid out on a trail that took the visitors all throughout the garden, sending them on a journey that showed them the many different parts of land the event had to offer. On this trail, there was other artwork from artists other than Ricardo that were also being displayed throughout the garden. All the art had its own unique purpose but all of them were there for the same reason, to create a learning environment for the kids.

Photos By Philippe Carre    http://www.bountyphotographie.com

This new found hobby of Ricardo’s started in 2001 when Lianna wanted a life size dinosaur inspired by the “Jurassic Park III” movie. At the time, he continued to sell cowboy boots and got the idea of using sheet metal to weld together a dinosaur. He used this idea because back in Mexico it was very common to use this style in art and there were many famous art pieces that used welding. After that, over the next couple years he began to develop a hobby of welding metal into imaginative creatures. Since then Alta Vista Botanical Gardens (AVBG) has purchased 8 sculptures that were installed in the fall of 2015. Lianna even owns her own art gallery that contains some sculptures that she has created or thought of herself. She decided to own her own gallery after being a part of her dad’s business for long, thinking it would a good idea since it would provide her a chance to express her ideas more while still being able to work together with her father.

When we had the chance to speak with Ricardo, he explained to us how each sculpture takes 3 weeks to make and how the rustic look is created simply by nature when left out in the sun or over the course of time. He told us about his past as well and how he used be a middle school teacher for 2 years in Mexico. Which explains why he loved the idea of displaying his art for the children. When speaking to him, you can tell he really cared about the kids and the fact that his art would contribute to an environment where the kids can put down their electronics and get inspired. Ricardo loves his job, not only does he make good money but he gets to meet so many different people and have great conversations with them as well.

This event had taught me that talent can really be hidden almost anywhere and any of us can have the ability to create or do something beneficial for others. Being a Latin American, I was able to learn more about my culture and see how Ricardo uses the love he has for his background into his work. The children, according to Nancy B. Jones, from the Woman’s Club of Vista, were thrilled and amazed by the sculptures. They had a great time seeing the different variety in each sculpture and being able to be taken on an adventure that almost reminded them of a safari. The Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is doing a spontaneous job in teaching the children today that there are no limits when pursuing your dreams and that even though it may start off as a hobby it doesn’t mean it can’t turn into something great later on in life.





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  1. Thank you Amanda and Kathy Woods!

    Please make sure that a copy is shared with Ricardo!

    We had a great event to celebrate his sculptures and appreciated Ricardo’s time – he’s so happy and open and ready to share!

  2. Lois Walag says:

    Thank you Amanda for the inspiring article and lovely pictures! The gardens are open almost every day for all to come and enjoy the art, classes and events in this unique natural setting.

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