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Jeremy: Seems like many of my friends have had heart attacks and it’s more common than I thought. I’m only in my 50’s so what are the warning signs of a heart attack? 

Megan: It’s true about 790,000 Americans have a heart attack each year, and 114,000 will die from it. The main warning sign is tightness or discomfort in the chest area that feels like pressure. The left side of the body might also feel pain or discomfort. Feeling dizzy, short of breath, or vomiting may also occur. The key is to call 911 ASAP and don’t wait to call whether you think you are having a heart attack or not. Many people don’t do anything at all, then another heart attack will occur. A heart attack is life threatening so if your life can be saved by getting to the hospital and getting help in that critical time period, then take the action and don’t pretend it will go away. 

If you have a question for Dr. FIT, email her at everybodysfit@gmail.com and be sure to check out her website www.everybodysfitoceanside.com


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