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Dora: I have a sweet tooth and I’ve been told that using stevia is healthier than having sugar in my coffee and in other things I use it for. Is stevia better for you than sugar? 

Megan: The simple answer is yes, stevia is better for you than sugar. It has far fewer calories than sugar because it is calorie free. One tablespoon of sugar has 45 calories. You can still satisfy your sweet tooth with stevia at a lower expense to your health. In most cases, stevia is still highly refined with additives. It can cause digestive issues for some people. It also won’t help you curb sugar cravings, in fact, if can do the opposite and increase them because you think it is “healthier” so you can have more. Sweetness comes with pros for your taste buds but cons for your health. In the end, less is more. 

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