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Back to School – Important Legal Reminders

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With many of our kids heading back to school over the next several weeks, and some already back in the classroom on year-round schedules, this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the legal resources available to us as parents to protect our rights and make a difference.  (This is also an update that I would encourage you to share with your friends who are parents or grandparents of school-age children and may not be receiving Pacific Justice League’s e-mails.) 
As many of you know, students have been especially near and dear to my heart for many years.  In fact, my wife Susanne and I wrote a book called “Reclaim Your School that for more than 10 years has been encouraging and equipping families and youth pastors across the country.  I’m excited to tell you that we are now making this book available in an electronic format, absolutely free, on our website at www.pji.org.    
Besides our book, the PJI website also has downloadable opt-out forms for parents in a number of areas, including exemptions from intrusive surveys, statewide assessments like the controversial Common Core testing, and more.  We have a downloadable Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy form that allows families to put schools on notice that constitutional rights still matter and are not being surrendered just because of notorious laws like the so-called “Co-Ed Bathroom Bill,” AB 1266.  (By the way, our attorneys are continuing to fight AB 1266 in court—contrary to some media reports, the battle is far from over!)
Through the years, Pacific Justice League has been privileged to represent students and parents in countless ways to defend religious freedom and parental rights.  We have successfully defended the rights of students to start Bible clubs, share their faith in school assignments, sing Christian songs in school talent shows, hold evangelistic outreaches, and refuse to be silenced by the intimidation of pro-LGBT events like the Day of Silence.  We’ve helped parents stand up to controversial curriculum, challenge offensive assignments, defeat efforts to keep them in the dark about their children’s health, and be proactive by joining school site councils.  We’ve represented teachers who were fired because of their faith and have assisted numerous school employees in asserting conscientious objections to forced support of unions.  And we’ve given strategic advice to school board members who have sought to side with parents against radical efforts to silence free speech and stifle parental involvement.
I hope you will take advantage of the free legal resources on our website and let your friends know about them.  And please contact us immediately if you run into any situations in the school environment where your religious freedom is being challenged.  Finally, let’s remember to pray for our students, teachers, administrators and ther families as they head into a new school year. 
Running the Race, Brad Dacus and the PJI Legal Team




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