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Calendar >  Beauty Is The Beast – Thomas Calabrese

Beauty Is The Beast – Thomas Calabrese

By   /  July 9, 2022  /  9 Comments


Unlawful Orders

Thomas Calabrese –Naval Captain Ron Raintree was a full–blooded Kiowa Indian and his wife Rosemary Russo was Italian, one set of grandparents emigrated from Palermo, Sicily and the other were from Naples, Italy.

Ron and Rosemary met at Northeast High School in Kansas City, Missouri and dated during their senior year. They agreed to attend the University of Missouri at Columbia together and it was during his freshman year that Ron decided to major in Pre Med. It would have been too expensive for his family to pay for medical school and he didn’t want to accumulate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Was there another option? Ron contacted a Navy recruiter and under the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) the military would cover 100 percent of his medical school tuition and most other education-related expenses for all four years of school. In exchange, Ron would owe four years of active duty service after his residency in orthopedics. After a discussion with Rosemary, he signed up for the program.

Ron and Rosemary were deeply in love and strong-willed independent people so they decided to postpone their marriage plans until Ron completed his studies. It was a long process, but Ron was determined and focused and failure was not an option. He was commissioned a lieutenant and began his Navy career. His first duty station was the Naval Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. Ron and Rosemary were married at the Perry Hotel and Marina in Key West on a moonlit night.

Two years later, their twins were born, a boy that they named Reece and a girl, Rylee. Ron decided to make a career out of the Navy and the family moved three places over the next 14 years and Commander Ron Raintree was currently stationed at Camp Pendleton Hospital.  Reece and Rylee were not only brother and sister, but also best friends and excellent athletes. They constantly competed each other in swimming, surfing, basketball and track. They both graduated at the top of their class at El Camino High School in Oceanside. Both siblings were offered scholarships at learning institutions throughout the country, Rylee in volleyball and Reece in baseball.

After discussing the pros and cons of each school with their parents, the two siblings decided to stay together a little longer. They contacted San Diego State and gave them an offer, take both or get neither. Two years passed and both brother and sister excelled in academics and athletics. San Diego State was playing UCLA in a three game series and each school had won one game and Reece was pitching the third game. There was more at stake than just winning the series. The winner of this game would get an invitation to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

San Diego State was leading two to one, going into the 9th and Reece was pitching well. He had a two-hitter going and all his pitches were working.  There was a runner on third base, due to a two base throwing error by the shortstop.  The count was three balls and two strikes with two outs on the batter. The runner took a long lead off third base and did his best to distract Reece, but that wasn’t happening. Reece kept his laser focus, took the signal from the catcher and threw a sweeping curve ball that the batter flailed at. It hit off the end of the bat with just enough power to slowly roll toward the third base bag like a well-placed bunt. It stayed just inside the foul line as the runner took off in a full sprint and Reece leaped off the mound.

The ball, pitcher and runner intersected at the same place. It was a bone jarring collision as Reece picked up the ball, reached out and tagged the man running for homeplate. Ron and Rosemary Raintree were in the stands when they saw their son get knocked backward several feet and lie motionless on the grass with the baseball still clutched in his right hand. Ron rushed to his son’s aid.

When Reece came to, he looked up at his father and asked. “Is he out?”

            “Yup, you got him.”

Reece started to move and grimaced. Ron did a quick examination and commented. “We need to get you to the hospital.”

It is what Doctor Raintree initially suspected, Reece had a badly torn supraspinatus muscle (rotator cuff). After surgery, Reece began physical rehabilitation at the Vista Physical Therapy Center where he met former Navy Seal Donny Mitchell who commented, “Raintree, that’s an unusual name. I met a Navy doctor by that name. He replaced both my knees and a hip after I had a parachute mishap. Any relation?”

            “He’s my father.”

The other doctors told me I’d probably never walk again properly, but not your old man. He did a hell of a job putting me back together and when I went back a few months later to tell him that the surgery was a complete success and to thank him, you know what he told me?” Donny asked.

 Reece guessed. “It’s more about your positive attitude than it is about my medical expertise.”

            “Exactly, when you see him, tell him that Donny Mitchell sends his deepest thanks”

            “If you already had the surgery and it worked, what are doing during here?”

Donny replied,   “This is something completely different. A beer truck slammed into me while I was stopped at a traffic light. I got whiplash and the doctor wanted to get some rehab…it’s no big deal.”

A few weeks later, Reece invited Donny to his home. When he entered, he called out, “Hey Dad, there’s somebody here to see you.”

When Ron came out of the kitchen, he saw his son and Donny standing there and responded. “Chief Petty Officer Mitchell…it’s been a while”

Donny responded, “I wasn’t sure you’d remember me.”

            “Absolutely, I remember all my special operator patients.”

Rylee came walking down the stairs looking stunning and naturally beautiful in shorts and a white t-shirt. Her features were a rare combination of Native American and Italian ancestry. She had high cheekbones, olive skin and glistening green eyes. Donny thought to himself that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.

Reece said, “This is my sister, Rylee.”

Donny swallowed hard and responded. “Nice to meet you.”

Time passed and Reece recovered from his injury. Donny and Rylee started spending time together, not as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as friends who genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. There was a chemistry between them, but they did not act on it, for fear that it might make things jeopardize their good thing.

Reece grew up on military installations and saw firsthand that it was an honor and privilege to serve his country. His sister and he grew up in a loving home where the values of freedom, liberty and duty were revered. Reece always knew he wanted to serve, he just wasn’t sure what service he wanted to enlist in and what he wanted to do. After spending time with Donny Mitchell, Reece decided he wanted to try and become a Navy Seal.

At the time Rylee was studying to become a lawyer. When Reece told his father about his decision to join the Navy and try to become a Seal, Ron contacted Donny to discuss it. “Reece told me that he wants to be a Seal. I think that decision probably have to do with his respect for you.”

Donny was defensive, “I don’t know about that, but even if it is, is that a problem?”

            “Would I prefer it if Reece wanted to follow in my footsteps…absolutely. Would I like it better if he wanted to be a lawyer like his sister…most definitely.  Reece loves this country and if he wants to go into harm’s way as a special operator that his mother and will respect his decision. Anything that you can help him achieve his dream would be greatly appreciated.” Ron said

            “Reece is my friend and I’ll do everything I can to help him Thanks for letting me know where you and Mrs. Raintree stand.” Donny responded.

For the next six months, Reece trained relentlessly in preparation for entering Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, or BUD/S. This intense program is designed to find and develop men of the strongest character who give everything they have to accomplish their mission and support the men on their team.

Donny commented after an intense workout. “You’re physically ready, the mental part is up to you and that’s the hard part. In BUD/S they will repeatedly encourage you to give up and make it extremely easy to quit. It’s going be up to you to block that out and embrace the pain and discomfort. You’ll be weak and vulnerable, but you have to rise above it. ”

Reece was up to the challenge and finished all stages of his training and was assigned to Seal Team Five. By this time, Rylee had passed the California Bar Exam and was now a criminal lawyer, specializing in representing military personnel who could not afford suitable and appropriate legal representation. While she did not want to go on active duty, Rylee still wanted to serve her country so she enlisted in the Navy Reserves and was assigned to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) on Camp Pendleton. Donny Mitchell took a position at Rylee’s law firm as an investigator.

After 28 years on active duty Captain Raintree decided to retire from the Navy and brought the same dedication and expertise that he possessed in the military to his private practice  

Reece took great pride in being part of the elite brotherhood of special operators. It was during his fifth year with Seal Team 5 when they were ordered to begin receiving Vitamin B injections to increase their stamina and focus. . High performance athletes and Special Operators often use vitamin injections to maintain cellular health throughout periods of intense activity. The nutrients go directly into the bloodstream to be utilized by the body — allowing for 100% absorption. Once the cells get the nutrients needed, they regain optimal function.

 It was a good premise based on scientific evidence but something wasn’t right.  It was very rare for an order like this to come from high command. Special operators are very pro-active about their health so they usually handle these things at team or unit level. After receiving three injections, completely healthy young men starting having hallucinations and experiencing memory loss. When Reece had to be hospitalized because of a clot inside his lung, a dangerously fast heart rate, dilated pupils, toxic psychosis, confusion and vivid hallucinations he told his father about the injections that the team was receiving.

Ron was obviously concerned and his medical knowledge and deductive brain kicked into high gear.  “I sure would like to know what’s in those injections.”

            “I know what you’re thinking,” Reece said.

            “That it is not vitamin B?” Ron replied, “I was in military medicine long enough to know that when politicians, bureaucrats and corporations enter into an unholy alliance, their priorities are not always the welfare of our military, it becomes what’s in it for them.”

            “That’s pretty cynical thinking,” Reese said, “You think that they’re lying to us?”

Ron responded, “If I’m wrong, I prefer to err on the side of caution.”

After Reece was released from the hospital, the Navy gave him two weeks off to recover. He knew that when he returned to full duty, he would be faced with a dilemma. If he refused to take the shots, he would face disciplinary action for disobedience of an order.  

The Raintree family and Donny Mitchell met to discuss the issue. Rosemary was especially protective of her son. “This family has given enough in the service of our country. Being a guinea pig isn’t in the job description.”

            “Agreed,” Ron said.

Rylee interjected, “We need more information so we know what we’re dealing with”

            “That’s where I come in…I’ve got some contacts that might be able to get me Intel.”

Ron said, “Be careful, decisions to give vaccines and injections are like onions. You don’t know what you’ll find until you start peeling away the layers.”

Donny began making calls the next day and it took almost two days before anybody returned his call. H passed the word to the Raintree family, “I found out a few things, but my contacts warned me to keep our distance.”

            “Warning acknowledged, now tell us what did you find out?”  Rylee asked.

Donny explained, “It’s called EV4895, the EV stands for experimental vaccine. The drug is designed to eliminate fear and stress in our warriors and increase their fighting capabilities. The side-effects are dangerous. Robellius Pharmaceuticals has a multi-billion dollar contract and a time limit to get it approved. They are bypassing standard testing procedures and using Seal Team Five for their human trials. Why they picked your team I don’t know, but there’s hundreds of millions to be made if it is approved by the military. I am still trying to find out who’s involved.”

 “If I had to bet money, I’d say it was Admiral Chilland. On my last deployment to the Middle East, he ordered my team to abort the rescue of several nuns who had been captured by ISIS in Syria. We already had a visual of the captives so we disregarded his order and completed the mission. When we returned, he filed charges against us. He pushed hard, but he was only a one star and two star Admiral Patrick Grimsby dismissed the charges after we said that we lost coms (communications) and never heard the order to withdraw. I don’t know if Grimsby believed us or not. Personally I think it might have been more about Chilland than about us. Chilland was relieved of his command and transferred back to Washington. Last that I heard, he was working in Research and Development.”

            “Chilland is a real piece of work. I never liked or trusted him when I was in…he’s a stone cold flunky.” Donny said, “He’d sell his mother out for a promotion.”

Ron stated matter-of-factly. “There’s a couple of ways to do this; we can come out with guns blazing and accuse everybody of conspiracy. They circle the wagons, play the plausible deniability card and then they come after us and we have to go on the defensive.”

            “Or we can use stealth and deception,” Rylee suggested.

Ron volunteered, “I had Grimsby’s son as my patient about ten years ago, He got busted up pretty good in a car accident and had hopes of being a professional football player, I did several surgeries and right now he’s playing for the Arizona Cardinals. I’ll contact Grimsby and see where he stands on this. I don’t like to call in favors, but I’ll make an exception in this case.”

Rylee said. “I’ll do some research on my own.”

            “My job is to get those injections.” Reece said.

Reece added, “You mean our jobs.”

Reece and Danny intercepted an employee of Robellius Pharmaceutical who was supervising the medical procedures after he left the Navy base at Coronado. The duo made it look like a standard robbery by taking the representative’s watch and credit cards and the experimental injections.

Ron contacted Admiral Grimsby with his concerns. “My son is with Seal Team Five and they have been receiving shots. Do you know anything about it?”

            “What kind of shots?” Admiral Grimsby asked.

            “That’s what I’d like to know.”

The high-ranking officer responded. “I’ll do some checking and get back to you.”

            “Thanks Admiral,” Ron said, “We have to look out for our sons…right?”

After he hung up, the Admiral called his aide into his office and ordered. “I want to know everything about the injections that Seal Team Five is receiving. Who authorized it, what is it and who’s involved. This is top priority!”

Lt. Punelli responded. “Yes sir.”

Five hours later, Admiral Grimsby was being driven home and a car pulled in front and slammed on the brakes. Another car came up from behind and five armed men with heavy armament got out and fired over a hundred armor piercing rounds into the sedan. Admiral Grimsby and his driver were killed.

Reece and Danny returned to the Raintree home with the injections. Ron called a bio-chemist friend to evaluate them. “I’ll drop it off in the morning.”

Two days later, “Ward Devers, the bio-chemist called to report his findings “It is basically highly advanced Scopolamine, ’the Devil’s Breath drug.’ This particular version is ten times more powerful than any other that I’ve ever seen.  Give this to someone and you would eliminate their free will and their memory. They would have no idea what they did while under the effects of the drug. To an impartial observer the person would look perfectly fine, but they would be at the mercy of who was telling them what to do.” 

            “Thanks Ward, I appreciate that you got back to so quickly.” Ron said. “Anything else?”

            “If you took this strain at full strength without building up a tolerance, it would kill you.  But, if you slowly increased the dosage over a period of time, you’d eventually have total control over the person because there would always be a small residual amount in their systems.” Ward said. It was to be done under strictly monitored conditions to avoid overdosing or detection.”

            “Better control through drug enslavement.” Ron quipped.

Rylee found information about Robellius and their business relationship to Vladimir Putin, China and other terrorist organizations and told her family “This thing is international…bigger than we could have ever imagined.”

Several weeks passed, the private estate was palatial and extremely well- guarded and located in an area of control of Mexico controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel. There was a secret meeting going on between corrupt politicians, career bureaucrats and high ranking military officers from around the world. Admiral Chilland from America was one of those attendance. China and Russia and several other rogue nations also had their representatives there. Each one was a card carrying member of the Deep State International Cabal.

One hundred former Special Operators from all branches of the services were at an isolated area, several miles from the estate. Danny, Reece and Rylee were among these patriots.

Reece gave the rules of engagement to his comrades. “Our job is to protect America and our leaders were supposed to have our backs. Some have betrayed us and we’re here for accountability. It is time for a reckoning …long live the brotherhood!”

There was a unified sound of support from the American warriors.

Rylee was an expert shot and was carrying a Barrett M82 semi-automatic sniper rifle. When they got within three hundred yards of the estate, the special operators eliminated the roving patrols with precise efficiency. Rylee set up in a position where she had a clear field of fire.  A dozen other trained snipers also found positions to set up. She turned to Reece and Donny and said. “I out-rank both of you…come back safely…that’s an order!” She gave both men a kiss for good luck and the group moved out.

Not far away a dozen special operators waited until exactly the right time then fired dozens of smoke mortars into the compound to obscure the visibility of the guards.  When the Special Operators reached the perimeter of the grounds, Danny radioed “We’re in position.”

The men switched from smoke to HE (high explosive) rounds and unleashed hell on the compound. It was pure pandemonium inside the buildings as the occupants rushed for any kind of protection. Armed guards prepared for what they believed was an impending ground attack.

Rylee kept her brother and Donny in her sights and picked off two guards in close proximity to their location. Each time Donny or Reece acknowledged her proficiency with a wave of their hand. The Americans breeched the buildings and engaged and terminated everyone they encountered. After a fierce battle with the guards, the Americans took control of the structures and grounds.

Donny radioed. “Mission accomplished.”

A group of former Navy Seals found Admiral Chilland hiding among the debris and dragged him out.  He began ranting and raving, “I am part of the New World Order and you men belong to yesterday and yesterday is gone! If you think this pitiful show of force matters, you are badly mistaken.” He looked directly at Reece and added, “Is all this about taking the shots? Hell, the government has been experimenting on our military for decades. This isn’t anything knew, just more money involved now.”

Reece responded, “I swore an oath to follow all lawful commands and disobey unlawful orders.”

Rylee walked up and commented, “Is this the infamous Admiral Chilland that I’ve heard about?”

Donny answered, “That’s the creature.”

Admiral Chilland remained defiant and arrogant. “You’re a pretty thing, I know a human trafficker that would pay a good price for you.”

            “You came after my brother and came after my country…unacceptable on both counts.”

            “And I’d do it all over again,” Admiral Chilland laughed.

Donny shook his head, “Oh boy, you shouldn’t have said that, Admiral.”

Rylee pulled out her pistol and shot Admiral Chilland in the forehead and sent him to eternal damnation.

Reece smiled approvingly and commented. “That’s my sister, Beauty is the Beast.”

The End


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  1. john michels says:

    What a story. Must have been inspired by a Biden Stooge who publicly announced the administration was working to establish the new “socialist” order just prior to independence day

  2. Robert says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your story. Keep them coming.

  3. Wolf says:

    Good story. I love when the corrupted officials get their true justice.
    Tom’s story may be more fact than fiction.

    Here is part of an article from the ATLANTIC

    “We had the best amphetamines available, and they were supplied by the U.S. government,” said Elton Manzione, a member of a long-range reconnaissance platoon (or Lurp). He recalled a description he’d heard from a navy commando, who said that the drugs “gave you a sense of bravado as well as keeping you awake. Every sight and sound were heightened. You were wired into it all and at times you felt really invulnerable.” Soldiers in units infiltrating Laos for a four-day mission received a medical kit that contained, among other items, 12 tablets of Darvon (a mild painkiller), 24 tablets of codeine (an opioid analgesic), and six pills of Dexedrine. Before leaving for a long and demanding expedition, members of special units were also administered steroid injections.”

  4. Tony says:

    What an “Eye Opener” of a Sunday story in the Vista Press by Mr. Thomas Calabrese. We all know there are people that will sell their souls for a “Buck” and on the other hand we have some very Patriotic American that would give their lives for America,.
    I hope and always will that we maintain more Patriots then the vermin that will sell out our country for their own self interests.
    God Bless these heroic Patriots and damned those that that act against America.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Very timely story..it kept me interested.

  6. Clyde says:

    Family will always defeat bureaucratic evil. Tell that to the current administration.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Well Tom, that was a great story. Thanks

  8. marty says:

    Great story Tom. I think I see a little of how things could happen if left to get out of hand.

  9. Jon Gregory Nielsen says:

    Thanks for another timely and entertaining story. Always enjoy and appreciate your story telling.

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