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Calendar >  Boys & Girls Club of Vista News

Boys & Girls Club of Vista News

By   /  June 19, 2023  /  1 Comment



Summer is off to a fantastic start! Field trips included Boomers and a Career Launch visit to Cal-State San Marcos. We are working on adding an additional bus to include more kids on field trips because they are so popular. We are personally super excited to see Girls Volleyball make its long-awaited return this summer. It’s wonderful to see so many familiar summer faces along with a whole bunch of spirited new Club members excited about Sports, STEM, Music, Art and Friday Fun.

The Club keeps kids engaged from 7 am to 6 pm. We plan activities to prevent summer learning loss making sure that when kids are out of school, they’re still getting exposure to academic subjects and opening doors to new educational opportunities. We host lots of STEM programming such as Club Kids making glow in the dark slime or creating anime figures with our 3D printer. As a parent of two former Club members, I am truly grateful for a safe and fun place that keeps kids focused academically while boosting their self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

I wanted to share with you an amusing anecdote this summer. During the first day of day camp, a new Club member was very reluctant about joining us on his first day. It can be overwhelming the first day. He was crying about entering the Club for the first time and pleaded to go back home immediately. His mom and our staff persuaded him to give the Club a chance for a couple of hours. Later that afternoon, after a full day of Club, this same Club member was in tears because he didn’t want to go home. We hope to make a positive impact on more kids this summer.

When school is out, the Club is in!

Matt Koumaras, President & CEO

What’s happening at the Club

End of The School Year… The end of the school year was celebrated with a popsicle party and an epic Staff vs Club Members Dodgeball game. The kids at the Club completed 9 months of enrichment programs including Spanish, Coding, STEM with a focus on sustainable energy, a running program, Fine Arts, Mindfulness, Music, and Power Hour.

After working diligently on the Coding program, Club Members worked hard to stay on task and learn how to create programs thanks to a grant through Motorola. Learning the process of writing codes and how to instruct a computer on what to do, gives them another outlook on how to build their own creations. Now they’re ready to create an app for the Vista Fire Department. The revelation of collaborative art was a wonderful way to encourage teamwork among students, explore diversity and enrich classroom culture. Our Youth and Leadership Service program helped Club members build confidence and succeed in activities like group projects, team sports, clubs, etc. These are life-long skills that will only continue to benefit them as they grow older. 

As the Club Members are excited to start their summer vacation, our teens will remember the friendships and memories made with the 8th graders, now high schoolers. “Best of luck in high school!”


Staff of the Month –

June Staff of the Month Sierra Loredo

Sierra has worked hard to bring in numerous volunteers to support events, programming and day to day operations. Community partners are always complimenting that she is such a pleasure to work with and how great of an experience they have. Her efforts have brought in new partnerships and have grown current ones. We appreciate all of Sierra’s dedication and all her efforts! VOLUNTEER

Summer Kick Off

Kiwanis Club of Sunrise Vista joined us for their annual Summer Kickoff BBQ at the Club’s Main Site! Between the juice, chips, cookies, and hot dog you could say they had their hands full! What a fun way to end the school year and kick off summer for our Club kids. Thank you Kiwanis Club of Sunrise Vista for all you do for Vista kids!

There is still space to sign up for Summer Camp and Field Trips! Register Today!


Summer Volleyball Sign Ups are Here!

Did you hear about the City of Vista summer scholarship program? The goal is to enable youth living in the City of Vista to participate in positive activities by providing funds to help offset the cost of such activities for those that cannot afford it. This funding helps Vista residents help cover Boys & Girls Club of Vista day camp and sports fees! APPLY TODAY

Boys & Girls Club of Vista | 410 W. California Ave, Vista, CA 92083


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