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Calendar >  CITY OF VISTA NEWS UPDATE April 1, 2020


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Vista, CA — COVID-19 UPDATE As the world and our community continue to face the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, the City of Vista is working diligently to protect the health and safety of our community. Thank you Vista for following the public health orders, staying at home except for essential needs, and maintaining the important 6-foot social distance! Your help is instrumental in how our city fares in the weeks ahead.

COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER EXTENDED On March 28, the County of San Diego extended the current Public Health Order indefinitely. There are no changes to the restrictions or what we should or should not be doing. The County goal is to slow the spread of new cases while increasing the capacity of our local health care system. We appreciate the hard work the County is doing in responding to this pandemic and keeping our cities informed .

VISTA: 8 POSITIVE CASES County Case numbers (March 31) show Vista has 8 people who have tested positive for COVID-19. Public health officials update the information at 5:30 pm on a daily basis. The cases by city of residence can be found here. We know COVID-19 is spreading throughout the county and the best action to take is to continue observing public health orders:  

  • Stay home except for essential needs.
  • Maintain 6-feet of distance between yourself and others outside of your household when you are out.
  • Wash your hands often. Including before and after visiting grocery stores and other places outside of your home.
  • Wipe down commonly touched surfaces, which include items you bring home from the store or take-out from the restaurant.
  • If you are sick, don’t go out at all. Contact your health care provider if you have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Heeding these actions remains the best way to protect yourself and family, your neighbors, and our community.

CITY PARKS – On March 30, all city parks were closed. That means all of our parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, tennis, bocce ball, pickleball, and basketball courts are now closed. We understand these public spaces contribute greatly to the quality of life in Vista; and it’s difficult to stay at home, especially in this beautiful spring weather. The decision to close the parks was not taken lightly; however we have an obligation to follow the guidance of public health officials in order to maintain our community’s safety. Our primary goal is to help reduce the spread of the virus in our county, and especially in our city, so we can get back to our routine of enjoying our green space, playing ball with our kids, or having a family picnic in our parks.

VISTA VIRTUAL RECREATION The City of Vista invites you to explore a variety of virtual recreation programs and discover a whole new way to pass the day on our VistaRecreation.com website. You’ll find fun and active ideas, videos, educational opportunities, and fitness challenges for staying healthy while at home. Kids are encouraged to go to “virtual sports camp” and adults can take the 30-day ab, plank, or push-up challenges. Over the coming weeks, our Recreation staff will provide more videos, fitness activities and at-home exercises to help residents stay healthy and active.

RESIDENTIAL RESOURCES A list of resources that may help residents protect themselves financially in the short and long-term is available on a new City Residential Resource webpage here. Resources include unemployment assistance, and assistance with trouble paying credit cards, mortgages, and rent. More information will be added as it becomes available. STAY INFORMED

We are keeping our website and social media up to date with new developments. You can also sign up for City COVID-19 e-news updates here. We’ll post updates throughout the day via the City’s social media and our COVID-19 website. Stay Connected. Stay Active. Stay Engaged. FacebookTwitterInstagramCityofvista.com/COVID-19

  • Judy Ritter, Mayor
  • Amanda Young Rigby, Deputy Mayor
  • John B. Franklin, Council Member
  •  Joe Green, Council Member
  • Corinna Contreras, Council Member

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  1. Tracy Carroll says:

    With all due respect in order for this to actually work there needs to be a mandatory shutdown nobody’s listening nobody believes it’s real everybody still going about their business and as long as it is not a mandatory people will keep going out and doing what they’re going to do this is putting everyone at risk even if I’m in my own front yard I am a risk now because Joe schmo next door just went to five different stores to get their home Depot there Walmart their Lowe’s all that stuff and now they brought it home and they’re right next door to me now I can catch whatever they’ve got and so on and so on and so on it needs to be a mandatory shut down cross the US!!

  2. Angela says:

    I agree with Tracy Carroll it needs to be mandatory shut down and stay at home it is very scary it is spreading rapidly we need our children and our family safe people are not taking it serious that’s why our governor needs to do mandatory shutdown

  3. Garry says:

    To whom it may concern is this the beginning of the end? Is a national guard on his way to help why don’t we get people to volunteer to go to Camp Pendleton In Living tent for a while like they it in the past with what’s the refugees from Vietnam at least up in the north county would you go and stay there I would..

  4. Brian D Velte says:

    Open the parks walking our dogs and our self is safe.keeping us confined is beyond your over bearing control is redickuless. Act now and reopen our parks.

  5. Ken the Dude says:

    Front yard?? Really?? Are there tons of people wandering around your yard?? Even so, you need to get close to them to get contaminated. Are they walking up to close or something? (Within six feet?). Some people are a little paranoid, no?

    The fact is we all need to get essentials. In my opinion we don’t need a full lockdown. We just need to keep up the great work of social distancing and washing hands as much as possible as stated in the article. It was announced by a white house worker today that California and Washington are doing the best job of containing the virus.

    A full lockdown is nonsense and a bit paranoid.

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