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Conversation With The Candidate -Vista Irrigation District Division 3 – Peter Kuchinsky II

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Vista, CA –Peter Kuchinsky II is the current Vista Irrigation District Director for Division 3 and a candidate for election on November 8, 2022.  He recently answered some questions on his views regarding water issues facing Vista, the region and State, as well as his experience and background.

Q: What qualifications and experience do you offer to fill the seat on the Vista Irrigation District Board?


  1. Maintaining affordable water rates through the use of technology, operational efficiencies and regional partnerships.
  2. Working to create and secure a more reliable water supply, through recycling, desalination, stormwater capture and local, regional, and statewide collaboration.
  3. Ensuring that high water quality standards are achieved through proactive system maintenance, planned capital improvements and continual water quality monitoring for safe water delivery to ratepayers.

In the future, if ratepayers are asked to pay more for water, it should be for the development of new water supplies and resources for our community and growing economy.

Q:  What water issues are on the horizon as you see them?

A:  Vista, our region and all of California, needs vision and must work together to solve our water issues. It is no longer a single water district problem. The San Diego region and local water agencies have shown that by working together, we can accomplish this through our efforts of conservation, increasing water storage, canal lining, desalination and water reuse to increase water sustainability and supplies.  But so much more will be needed, including consideration of improving, increasing and developing local, regional and Statewide solutions, such as:

  • Agriculture irrigation technology /efficiency
  • Groundwater management / recharge
  • Water reuse / reclamation
  • Stormwater runoff capture

The realities are that increased development and water demand will remain with us.  There is no way that conservation will ever be enough, and not one water agency will be able to solve or fund these solutions alone in the future.  The need is for an elected Board of Director that informs, educates and works with ratepayers to ensure them that investment is needed to develop new water sources locally, regionally and Statewide for the future success and quality of life for all. I have the skills, experience, qualifications and desire to serve the ratepayers and represent Vista Irrigation District at the highest level.

Q:  What can you share about yourself personally and your community involvement?

A: I grew up in North San Diego County, graduating from Fallbrook Union High School. I earned my degree in Public Administration, with a minor in Finance, from San Diego State University in 1981.

After marrying Stephanie in 1982, we moved to Vista and have lived here for the past 40 years. Stephanie and I raised our family in Vista with all four children, Kyle, Eric, Rebecca and Trey, graduating from Vista High School. We love calling Vista home.

Over the years, I have served on volunteer committees at the school and city level, and have been a part of Vista’s annual Alley Art Festival since its start, known for the “Before I Die” Wall and origami art. I have put up an annual community “Wishing Tree”, folded and donated thousands of origami cranes, created origami crane decorations to raise money for the local Women’s Resource Center, and have several origami flags on display in County libraries. I regularly volunteer to teach origami in the community. Many may not know me by name, Peter, but as the “Vista Origami Guy”.

Q:  Any closing comments for the voters?

A: My campaign is a non-partisan and grassroots effort. All I ask is support from the ratepayers in Division 3 for a candidate that:

  • Is a 40+ year Vista resident
  • Is a water industry professional with 18+ years’ experience
  • Holds State water treatment, distribution and wastewater certifications.
  • Understands that affordable water rates, quality and supply sustainability are the most critical issues facing us all, now and in the future.

There is a growing list of selected endorsements, water professional and individuals that support my election, including:

  • Vista Firefighters Association – Local 4107
  • Vista Irrigation Board of Directors – Unanimously Appointed to fill Division 3 seat

Elected Officials

  • Joe Green – City of Vista Councilmember, District 2
  • Corinna Contreras – City of Vista Councilmember, District 1
  • Katie Melendez – City of Vista Councilmember, District 3
  • David Drake, Board President and Director for Division 2 with Rincon del Diablo MWD
  • Neal Meyers, Olivenhain Municipal Water District Division 5 Director

Community Leaders

  • Dave Cowles, Vista Community Clinic Board of Directors Former VUSD Superintendent, Past City of Vista Councilmember
  • Cristine Clark – 40+ year Vista Resident and local real estate agent

Water Industry Professionals

  • Todd Novacek, Director of Operations, Moulton Niguel Water District and 32-year Water Industry Professional
  • Dan Dambach, Field Services Manager, Vista Irrigation District (retired) and 36-year Water Industry Professional
  • Joe Aurora, Water Operations Manager, San Dieguito Water District (retired) and 34-year Water Industry Professional
  • Ray Kolisz, General Manager, 29 Palms Water District (retired) and 36-year Water Professional

I would like to thank all the voters in advance for supporting and electing me their Vista Irrigation District Director of Division 3 on November 8th.  They can reach out to me with their water questions at Kuchinsky4VIDWater@gmail.com.  Additional information on my experience, qualifications and experience can be found on the League of Women Voter’s Edge candidate profile at



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