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Calendar >  Delphy’s Corners Site Under Construction!

Delphy’s Corners Site Under Construction!

By   /  March 22, 2018  /  19 Comments


Delphy’s Corners Site Under Construction! Delphy’s Corner construction underway at Foothill and East Vista Way. Construction began March 19th, 2018. 

Early design review for a proposed development of 137 townhome units on an
approximately 15.9-acre site located at 1155 Foothill Drive was discussed at the Planning Commission meeting Tuesday, February 16th.














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  1. tom payne says:

    This is a huge zoning change. Traffic has gotten ridiculous as high concentration housing has sprung up all over Vista. The hill is an archaeological site. Where are all these folks going to park? How will the residents get out into traffic?
    This deal was supposedly dead when the other developer backed out.
    This proposal frankly stinks.

    • P. Battaglia says:

      Tom, I couldn’t agree more. The traffic through the East Vista Way and Foothill intersection is already an issue.
      It has astounded many of our fellow Vistans the amount of high density housing going in and the quality of neighborhoods, particularly in northeastern Vista, have declined considerably.
      My family has lived here since 1980 and in a few years, we will leave for good. While the weather is fantastic, the element moving into northeast Vista has had a negative impact on the safety, law enforcement, and property values. Each time you turn around, there is another huge development. It is sad to see the corner of Bobier and Melrose take the million dollar views and build high density units right next to single family homes. I would not be happy spending money on a home there only to find out there are apartments with better views going in so close by.
      In years past, people actually cared about what was being built in Vista and now it seems the city council has carte blanche!
      My love for Vista has died as the real estate ties to the city have taken over without regard to quality of life here.

    • Brigitte says:

      Agenda 21 -google it – they changed the name

  2. Paul says:

    The pitfalls of redevelopment, traffic and reduced quality of life. Vista borrowed money on future property taxes on certain properties, to pay for shopping centers and Paseo Santa Fe. Coincidentally, all the properties borrowed against are ‘mixed-use’, including this property Delpy’s Corner. What a shame to sell out on zoning and quality of life for commercial interests. At least there not apartments.

  3. Jill Tipton says:

    My ancestors are crying …. Delpy’s Corner.
    Uncle Jacques Jules and Mariquette Maria are very sad.
    “..“Maria was born in Escou France to Louis Hauret and Engrace Castechourena. She came to the US as a young girl and married Jules Jacques Delpy on 5th May 1894 in Los Angeles. After their marriage the Delpys traveled to Vista where she made her home. At first, it consisted of an abode hut. And then, her 1st child was born. She added burlap sacks to make a room. Eventually they built a wooden house shown in the picture with the three sons and later a larger abode house. She was instrumental, shortly after her arrival in Vista, in establishing the Delpy School, attending classes herself in order to establish the eight students required to hire a teacher. The Delpy Ranch became a place for visitors. Maria was always involved in helping others, civic and church activities. She raised three sons Louis Delpy, Frank Delpy, and Jacques “Jack” Delpy. She died at the age of 104.” From us old Bascos. J.Tipton

    • Barbara says:

      Didn’t see a picture. I wish Vista Press had shown some of the great paintings and photos of this beautiful and historic corner.

      • Editor says:

        thevistapress.com did not have any pictures of the early Delpy’s Corner…and the Vista Historical society is under going some upgrades…

      • Janice Klafehn says:

        the Developer has meet with me at the Historical Society an has load of old picture

  4. Sam says:

    This hill has native American grinding stones, when I was younger my friend and I kind a Native American arrow head. The remaining chimney and brick wall from the Delphy’s house remained as a historical artifact.
    Instead it’s being torn down for housing… The zoning for housing in vista is that of a third world country. Thanks for putting my family and others at risk by having low income housing next to our houses.

    The greed and lack of respect on the behalf of those involved in this project is evident…You don’t have respect for archeological or historical grounds. … Because it doesn’t effect you….
    May those who disturbed this land be cursed by the Delphy’s and the native American spirits may they haunt you and your family’s for all your generations eternity disturbing their ground.

  5. Tom Payne says:

    My kids played in that field.They found arrowheads, and there were grinding stones there. It is quite a visible project. Welcome to Vista, the city of high density housing. The State says we don’t have enough power, not enough water. Vista says let’s take the money for yet more high density housing permits. It’s time for this insane policy to end. Seems like city leadership is too cozy with developers. Delpy corners, home of the soon to be East Vista Way parking lot.

  6. Brigitte says:

    Governor Brown signed up for this and the rest of the cities and all the high density is planned everywhere – high costs of building development for an individual is impossible and cost is to high so people sell their land – study Agenda 21

  7. Drew says:

    Just what we need, more housing people can’t afford and more TRAFFIC on Vista Way. This city has gotten out of control with it building homes and apartments with NO upgrades to the infrastructure. The city is becoming over crowded and the traffic is getting horrendous. On the positive side at least the field won’t catch fire like it does every year.

  8. Janice Klafehn says:

    As a 3rd generation Delpy It still never ceases to amaze me that no one know how to spell. Even in this article the refer to in several sentences as “Delphy”

    • Editor says:

      Janice…even the drawings from the city/developer have the name misspelled!
      Corrected headline. THANKS

  9. Curious Vistan says:

    Heard a rumor Joe Green will be selling or having his hand in selling these townhomes. It would be a shame if there is any truth to this.

  10. Refugee says:

    Some of the nicest land in California, systematically ruined over the decades by shortsighted greedy scoundrels with no respect or integrity. Good luck to those that chose to stay.

  11. HECTOR GARCIA says:

    Clearly the developers don’t live in Vista!!!! Getting in and out is going to be a mad house. This sucks!!!! It really just is about the money. Yes we do live in a great country where we can live the dream but to just have no sort of care to mind in other peoples living! “Let me make my $$$. Who cares about them taking hours to get home” The TRAFFIC on Vista Way is going to be !!!Really Bad!!!
    there is another complex going up just south on the same street just before the tracks. 130+ units!! We are in for it now…

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