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Deputy Mayor Katie Melendez Weekly Newsletter

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City Goals Update

During the Council Workshop on Thursday, April 4, the Vista City Council updated our Council Goals and provided direction on our priorities. Goal setting is important because we create a unified vision for the future. The vision we pursue as a community needs to be clear so that our professional City staff can implement initiatives to help us reach our goals. 

The Vista City Council Goals

  • Homelessness and Housing
  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • A Cleaner, More Beautiful, Vista
  • Climate and Environmental Responsibility
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Economic Development
  • Traffic (for all forms of travel)

Meaningful Updates to City Goals – The City Council’s goals have guided the City of Vista through many years. The goals have evolved each year with new Council updates. This year, through robust discussion, the Vista City Council moved forward with meaningful changes and important new initiatives.

Eliminate Childhood Homelessness -The City Council believes homelessness is a top priority, and many council members expressed concern about how youth are impacted. I put forward the language in our strategic plan to “eliminate childhood homelessness and partner with Vista Unified School District” in this effort. The City implements multiple strategies to address this goal, such as rental assistance for families. However, a more targeted approach is needed to resolve homelessness for every child, and we are committed to helping every child. 

Public Safety Improvements – With crime rates at an all-time low, the Council discussed the importance of our Sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, and other emergency professionals. The Council agreed to “ensure an adequate number of public safety personnel” and continue to utilize data and best practices to ensure proper first-responder coverage. I put forward an addition to our safety goals to “consider multiple strategies to improve public safety outcomes including programs, infrastructure and emergency response.” Youth interventions, domestic violence prevention, and a better-built environment can all be a part of a holistic public safety approach. 

Arts, Gardens, and a Beautiful Vista -The Council made several improvements to our goals, including highlighting the importance of arts and culture. We are planning ahead by prioritizing future parks and creating shovel-ready projects for the future. Every neighborhood deserves a beautiful environment for our families to enjoy, and our City is committed to keeping streets clean and safe. We will continue to improve communications with the public so that Vista residents know about important resources, from our homelessness services to our youth recreation scholarships. If you are interested in learning more about the City Council’s Goals, check out the full meeting to hear our recent discussion: View Council Workshop Meeting

Deputy Mayor Katie Melendez

City of Vista – kmelendez@cityofvista.com – 760-277-2922


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