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Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough -New Location & New Business

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Yes it’s true…..I’m moving my studio and have bought a new business and I’m now the owner of Mindful BODY’s (Behavioral Outpatient Discovering Your Self), an outpatient substance abuse treatment center. After 12 years of starting my own studio and completing my doctorate, my Dr. Fit dreams have come true. Around March of this year, I was advised to look into investing in a rental property for Carl and I to purchase. The idea never excited me, so I said how can I make myself like this concept? Given my background in helping persons in addiction, I did a Google search for “how to start a sober living”? I could turn that rental into a sober living. Well, that just led to sober living locations in Oceanside. In the bottom right-hand corner of my screen an ad popped up for an addiction treatment center for sale in Oceanside. I thought, “what is that?” I clicked, on it, knowing that clicking on ads is not the greatest practice, but I felt I had to. Low and behold, God plopped this ad in front of me finding Mindful Rejuvenation, an outpatient addiction treatment center. What first caught my eye was that the location is two minutes from my studio/house. I sent a general email saying I was interested. No response for a few days. I found the number on the ad and called. No response so I emailed the direct address listed instead of through the 3rd party advertisement. Then Jacky called me that day. There had been over 200 inquiries, so she was overwhelmed but was drawn to my email. We chatted and I said I’ll have my financial adviser call you. It was a Monday. Jacky is only in the office on Mondays. Well, that very Monday my financial adviser had an in-person meeting with her. Just like that. On his way back stopped by my house and we sat on my porch and were both in awe at this opportunity. Every Monday since March, we have talked on the phone for a meeting to have me become the new owner of Mindful Rejuvenation.

For a better idea of what I’m referring to check out the newly designed website https://www.mindfulrejuvenationinc.com/

Instagram @mindfulbodysinc



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