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Calendar >  ER David Workman –Monday Morning Briefing

ER David Workman –Monday Morning Briefing

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Monday Motivation
“When you progress expect stagnant people to say you have changed.” ― Thebe Kegomoditswe

I would rather try something and fail, rather than simply be stagnant.  Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.  Being stagnant should never enter the picture.

23-year-old Thebe Kegomoditswe from Selibe Phikwe is a self-employed multimedia practitioner building a brand popularly known as “Cyc Jouzy.”  Cyc Jouzy is a multimedia production brand established in Gaborone, Botswana with a vision of pushing boundaries.

Flu Season – Please Read
This is the time of year we usually refer to as “flu season.”  What is not “usual” is that along with the seasonal flu, COVID is still around, and “he’s brought along some friends.”  The variants.

Here’s what the CDC says about variants: “Viruses constantly change through mutation, and new variants of a virus are expected to occur. Sometimes new variants emerge and disappear. Other times, new variants persist.”

We need to do what we can to protect our members and ensure we do not have to close our doors for a prolonged period of time.

What does this mean for our Lodge?

  1. I have asked our F&B Staff and Greeters to take temperatures, names, and phone numbers of all employees, volunteers, members, and guests entering the Lodge… effective immediately.
  2. Anyone with a temperature of 100º or greater, and/or showing signs of sickness (coughing, runny nose, etc.) will be asked to leave the Lodge by the manager in charge, or an officer.  Please don’t give these people a difficult time.  They are doing their best to protect the Lodge members.
  3. I am asking for you to be proactive and simply stay home if you are not feeling 100% healthy.  Also, if someone in your household has COVID, you will need to quarantine at home for at least 10 days to make sure you are not an asymptomatic carrier.

While nearly all of our members will be very understanding of these measures, there are always a few that resist, so let me make this very clear: If a member does not leave when asked to do so, they are at risk of being suspended from the Lodge by the House Committee “for a period not exceeding one year,” pursuant to GLS Sec 16.041.  So, please, let’s work together.

Thank you for your help!

No Lodge Meeting This Week
Our Thursday Lodge meeting is canceled for this week.  A number of our key officers will be in Riverside for the CHEA Mid-Term Convention and a couple of officers are not feeling well.  I contacted our District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler who granted us the needed dispensation to cancel the meeting.

Elk of the Month
This would have been announced at Thursday’s meeting but that was canceled so I will announce it here.

Our Elk of the Month of November is… Sharon Heyden!

Sharon is a recent transfer to our Lodge.  She has been volunteering most of this year and is our new Activities and Rentals Coordinator.  You can also find her volunteering in other areas as well.  She is a great volunteer with a positive attitude.  Thanks for all you do, Sharon!

Bingo Takes A Break
The Bingo leadership team has decided to terminate Bingo for the time being.  They have been working hard since mid-summer to bring Bingo back to the Lodge but it never gained traction.  Changing times, and possibly days, and the struggle to find enough volunteers made launching Bingo all the harder.

Thanks to Larry Kolsky, Pat Neff, Doreen Kromer, Jimmy Knott, and all the dedicated volunteers for all your hard work.  Sometimes success is measured in learning, not in dollars.

Tuesday Dinner
Our Tuesday Dinners at the Swim Step Bar are still on!

This week we will be having Baked Lasagna with Garlic Knots, and a Caesar salad, all for just $10!  You can’t beat the price… and live music, too!

Got Your Back
“Got your back” is asking for our help in providing NEW BLANKETS for the North County Children who would not have a blanket for the winter.
  The teachers in North County have identified over 200 children in need of New Blankets for the upcoming winter. Our Lodge would love to help make this happen. 

We will have three barrels in the Lodge starting now until November 8th. The barrels will be by the Office door, next to the Greeter station, and one in the bar under the TV.  
If you need additional information you can contact Brenda Schoonard at 760-468-3800.

Remember the wonderful handmade Tamales we had last year at Christmas time?  We’re doing it again this year… and you can pre-order your Tamales right away.

Vera Marcado and her talented team will be hand making each Tamale to Vera’s exacting standards. Vera used to own a very successful Tamale shop and knows how to make great, handmade Tamales. 

Tamales will be sold in 6-packs. No special order or mixed packs. 

  • Beef with Red Sauce $18 per pack

  • Pork or Chicken with Red Sauce $16 per pack

  • Vegetarian Jalapeño w/Monterey Jack Cheese $16 per pack

Call the office today to place your order for these beauties, along with payment. Your order can be picked up on Monday, December 20 through Wednesday, December 22, between 9am – 2pm.

Have a great week, friends!
ER David


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