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Four Properties One Decision

By   /  December 14, 2015  /  No Comments


One of the discussion items heard by the Vista City Council on Tuesday December 8th was the Sale of Successor Agencies of City Properties and City Acquisition of Property. The Housing and Re-Development Director John Meyer presented the staff report.

Mr. Jay Wentz purchased the property at 603 South Santa Fe from the Community Development Commission for the purpose of relocating Altura Paints from 365 East Broadway. Prior to the relocation Mr. Wentz will make a substantial renovation of the building which will provide an enhancement for that section of South Santa Fe.

Altura Paint will purchase the property from Mr. Wentz which keeps a successful local business within the area. The City will then purchase 353 and 365 East Broadway from Mr. Wentz for the purpose of securing properties to address future parking needs of the downtown. This action is consistent with the recommendation of the recently completed downtown parking management plan. The staff will study the benefits of moving forward with the full parking improvements now, or whether it makes better economic sense to rent out the existing building until there is an increase in the demand for the downtown parking. The results of this analysis will be presented to the council at a later date.

Mr. Wentz will then purchase 100 Main from the Successor Agency. This is consistent with the requirements of the dissolution process. Mr. Wentz’s development proposal will go through the City’s entitlement process and must adhere to the standards and regulations of the recently updated downtown Vista specific plan.

Jay Wentz then spoke to the City Council. He stated there are 3 positive benefits for the short term and the long term. The following is Mr. Wentz presentation to the City Council members:

  1. ”A long standing successful business, Altura Paints, will be relocated to 603 South Santa Fe. We will build a nearly new building for Mr. Hutchinson. One of the big benefits is that Paseo Santa Fe is being envisioned and promoted as an up and coming area. This will likely be the nicest building in that area.
  2. Long term permanent parking will be secured for the downtown area as you seek to revitalize it. The nearly acre site that he is proposing to sell to the City can accommodate up to 90 spaces right now if you raise the buildings, but you might decide in the short term to do something with the buildings but eventually you could park up to 250 cars which should take care of your parking needs for the long term.
  3. The most important benefit for a favorable decision is that you will finally see 100 Main developed in a way that is consistent with your stated policy, goals and objectives, and that may bring up to 200 new residents and up to 12,000 square feet of commercial and retail space to that site. Those folks will pour out into the downtown area on a daily basis and support the financial underpinnings of all the businesses in the downtown, as well as in Vista Village and to Paseo Santa Fe. So yes, you are paying it forward in the short term, debiting one of your accounts, but in exchange you are getting an unquestionable benefit for the long term that will pay benefits for decades to come. The 100 Main Street plan will activate the site, thereby the entire downtown area according to your specific plan update. We are not looking for any exceptions. You will also incorporate the unique attributes of the arts and culture of this marvelous little downtown area. The building itself will speak to that art and it may be we have tenants there that also may be emblematic of the arts and culture in the downtown. Thirdly, it will act as a lightning rod, connecting the North and South, the East and the West of all of the business areas around it as well as downtown. We will begin the entitlement process in earnest after a favorable vote tonight and we look forward to bringing you the design iterations, your staffs input and doing something, coming along side Vista, that will do something very positive with long term benefits in the downtown. We would really appreciate your support.”

The City Council members voted unanimously 5-0 to approve all parts of the proposal. We will update you in the months ahead as this project progresses.



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