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Annual Meeting & Hall of Fame

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Jack Larimer … The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Vista Historical Society will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 17, at the Vista Valley Country Club, 29354 Vista Valley Dr., Vista, 92084.
The meeting will include a lunch provided by the Country Club. The annual meeting includes election of new Vista Historical Society board of director’s members, a report on the society’s progress, and the formal induction of the following new Vista Hall of Fame members. call 760-630-0444.

This year we are inducting 8 new members into the Vista Hall of Fame. They are: Edwin Giles Hart, Nancy Jones, Alex and Julia McDougall, Karl and Peggy Ramsing, JC Wynne, and Howard Williams. This year the new members are from both the Regular and Early Residents divisions. All Hall of Fame members must have made a significant contribution to Vista. In addition, members of the Early Residents division must have died at least 20 years before their election to the hall.
The new members this year are:

From his arrival in Vista in 1925, until his death in December of 1939, Edwin G. Hart was closely identified with the development of the Vista Irrigation District and one of the principal developers of agriculture in the district. He was the head of the Vista Development Association, subdivider of about 2200 acres of land in Vista, president of the Edwin G. Hart Co. and was the principal organizer of the First National Bank of Vista of which he had been a stockholder and officer since it began business in 1928. Dale E. Wood and Harry Reynolds were Vista agents for disposal of the properties. Later, both were real estate brokers in Vista. He was also president of the San Luis Rey Development Association where his organization owned some 1800 acres.
E. G. Hart was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1874, to John, a Civil War veteran, and Emma Hart. The family moved to California in 1884, where John Hart grew grapes on 40 acres in the Sierra Madre and was prominent in professional music circles. Edwin had two brothers, John, an attorney who served as Acting District Attorney of Los Angeles, and Frank, an accomplished pianist and manager of the Southern California Music Company.
After being in the mining business in Mexico, E.G. Hart went into land development in Southern California.
Mr. Hart was the leading developer of California’s expansive avocado industry. His avocado and citrus fruit developments had a large part in creating La Habra Heights, Vista, and North Whittier Heights. The city of San Marino, near Pasadena, and its school sys-tem were organized many years ago, largely due to Mr. Hart’s vision and perseverance.
His first avocado growing experiments were carried on at San Marino after which he developed 1700 acres and the first hillside terraced orchards at North Whittier Heights. Then 3600 acres were developed at La Habra Heights and some 2200 at Vista.
Water and road system developments were fol-lowed by plantings. Mr. Hart had also developed probably the largest collection of hibiscus in the State. He was a past president of the Los Angeles Realty Board, first president of the California Avocado Asso-iation, and an organizer of the Calavo Growers of California. He was also a Los Angeles Cham-ber of Commerce leader and interested in the welfare of many agricultural industries.
He was killed when he was struck down by an automobile on East Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles, on Dec. 6, 1939. At the inquest, the fatal car’s driver was exonerated after the widow had asked that he be absolved of blame due to the glaring lights of many cars and to the fact that the new boulevard had not been lined off as yet.
Sources include The Vista Press 1939, A History of Vista by Harrison Doyle, and Edwin Giles: Vision of a City Founder by Linda Molino PhD. Published in the Winter 2017 issue of The Grapevine by the San Marino Historical Society.

Nancy Jones – Elected to the Vista Hall of Fame – Regular Division 2017
Since she retired in 2006 after 19 years of teaching first grade at Alamosa Park Elementary school, she has given thousands of hours of her time and talent to various projects through-out Vista. While she has worked 30 days per year consulting for the school, she continues the Green Thumb Gardening Club and gives Earth Day field trips to Guajome Regional Park for first grade classes.
Her accomplishments can be divided loosely into three categories: Kids, Gardening, and Community.
KIDS: Coordinated California School Garden Grant for Vista Unified School District, bringing in $63,000 for gardens at 20 elementary, middle and high schools 2007 – 2009. For Alamosa Park first graders, she provided field trips to Guajome Regional Park for Earth Day 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and will again in 2014. Nancy taught Basic Skills and testing for first grade classes at Alamosa Park in Spring and Fall of 2010 and 2011.
GARDENING: As a member of the Vista Garden Club, Nancy has volunteered to help teach Vista children how to garden through the VGC’s gardening classes for children. She has served on the executive board, two years as treasurer and two years as corresponding secretary. She also coordinated the club’s annual Scholarship Luncheon opportunity drawing from 2007 through 2011, raising funds for horticultural college scholarships. For the club’s annual free flower show, their gift to the Vista community, Mrs. Jones served as Horticulture Chairman from 2008 through 2013 and also Ice Cream Social Chairman in 2010 and advisor for same in 2011 and 2012.
At Alta Vista Gardens, Mrs. Jones serves on the AVG board as Chairman of Children’s Garden Commit-tee where she is known as “Farmer Jones.”
Nancy wrote and received the grant for Incredible Edibles garden at AVG and supervised the building, installation, fencing and irrigation of same done by volunteers, 2009-2010.
Mrs. Jones founded and organized the Fall Fun Festival for AVG Children’s Garden, 2009 – 2011, continuing to work with community members to raise do-nations for the garden. The Fall Fun Festival includes a scarecrow contest, judges, activities for children, student volunteers and certificates of appreciation. At these outdoor events, children were also given opportunities to express creativity, appreciate nature and to learn how to grow vegetables.
She also organized and volunteers and certificates of appreciation. Many of the activities were similar to those for the Fall Fun Festival, with an added bonus of opportunities to learn more about the environment, recycling, and how to enjoy life out in nature. Mrs. Jones continues to lead and provide monthly Kids in the Garden classes at AVG, promoting environmental awareness and gardening, and has contacted over 400 children with all fees paid being donated to AVG.
In addition, Nancy has provided field trips for Scouts, Daisy Scouts, third grade classes at AVG, again with all fees paid being donated to AVG. She also supervised volunteers for workdays at AVG: high school provided children’s activities for Earth Day at AVG 2007-2013 including student

Alex and Julia McDougall
Alex 1908-1999 • Julia 1910-1983 Regular Division-Alex
Early Residents Division-Julia- 2017

Julia- graduate of Oceanside High School. Miss Vista in 1929. Married Alex in 1933. Started a school of dancing in North County including Temecula. Was very active with Girl Scouts and served on the Board of Directors in North County for 10 years. She was awarded the highest honor in Girl Scouts in 1973. She was a PTA President, founder of the Vista Women’s Club and a member of PEO Chapter in Vista. Helped organize several town functions such as the Old Timer’s Picnic in 1967.
Alex-established McDougall’s Pharmacy in the Granada building on South Santa Fe Ave. He bought a building in down town Vista in 1929 where the pharmacy moved to. Dad was very active in the community and was a member of the Vista Rod and Gun Club, Vista Volunteer Fire Dept(1920’s), member of the Rotary Club, president of the Chamber of Commerce (1936), President of the Vista School Board (1945-55), member of the Mason’s 1948 installed as Master. He also served on several bank boards, such as the First National Bank, Liberty National, and Chartered Bank of London.
He was also the town photographer at one time.

Karl and Peggy Ramsing Elected to the Vista Hall of Fame
Regular Division 2017 Karl and Peggy Ramsing are longtime Vista residents that have contributed to the community in many ways.
Karl served on the Park and Recreation Commission from 1971-1978, most of those years as Chairman. He served on the Sales Tax Oversight Committee from 2007-2010.
Karl served in the Navy and Naval Reserve. He was a commercial airline pilot for American Airlines.
Karl has been active in the Friends of the Rancho for many years. He has been the lead person on refurbishing projects at the Rancho, including the total renovation of the tile mural from the Women’s Club.

JC Wynne – Elected to the Vista Hall of Fame

It was our first year in Vista – my father retired from the USMC and bought our first home in Vista. My parents wanted to jump into his new community and that Year teamed up with the Farner’s and the Wynne’s in what was a very successful run in the Vista National Baseball League at Lincoln Jr High.
All of us “brats” became team Panthers for life.
It was during these successful years of great parenting JC learned the true meaning of “ground root” passion.
During the next 30 plus years JC embedded himself into the Vista soul. He picked up positions of leadership during the most critical times of need.

Howard Williams -Elected to the Vista Hall of Fame
Regular Division 2017 Howard S. Williams was born in Phoenix, Arizona in December 1923. He married his wife Ann in 1946, and together they had one son, Darin. Howard is an Army AirCorps veteran, a 1948 graduate of the University of Southern California, a long-time journalist, and a public relations expert. He had a brilliant career as a newspaper and TV editor, a local Emmy Award winner, and still to this day, a very proud Eagle Scout.

This year, the society will again be busy. Each year we participate in events held by others as well as holding some ourselves. The following is a projected schedule; however, as experience has told us, many things may change. Please consult future newsletters for updates.

  • June , 18, 24, 25, 2017: The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum will again hold two shows featuring tractors. The historical society will again participate.
  • July 15, 2017: The society will host its annual ice cream social at the museum site. This is one of our most popular events and a great deal of ice cream and root beer floats are normally consumed.
  • August 5, 2017 Our 50th birthday party and acknowledgment of Rancho Minerva’s historic status
  • August 26, 2017: Our most elaborate summer event is our barbecue which is also held on the museum grounds. This is also a very popular event.
  • September 16 and 7, 2017: Oceanside holds the annual Harbor Days. The historical society will participate for the second time.
  • October 21, 22, 28, 29, 2017: The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum will hold its fall event on these dates. The society will again participate.
  • December 10, 2017: Our last event of the year will be our annual Christmas Party.

This is a brief  list of our events. We may add events throughout the year, and the grounds are always available for private rental. In addition, all of our events require volunteers. Please plan to attend or volunteer at all of our events.

Historical Society MARCH-APRIL 2017




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