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Healthy Community Healthy You – Diabetes – Insulin’s Enemy

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Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough –Diabetes has been called the disease of “affluence”, meaning today’s lifestyle and how long people are now living, has led to the prevalence of this condition. More than 15 million American and two million Canadians have type II diabetes, while 70 million Americans are considered pre-diabetic with their current symptoms. It is a leading cause of death in the developed world. It is the chronic combination of
diet and lifestyle that have led to high levels of insulin. Refined sugar is a major culprit and has led to
soaring rates of many people having an increase in visceral (abdominal) fat. The beltline is one of the
best predicators for type II diabetes. This disease is not just a simple sugar imbalance that can be
overlooked. There are long term serious health consequences which include poor nerve health, poor
kidney function, poor cardiovascular health, and even implications to eyesight.  
To be clear, there are two types of diabetes. Type I (insulin-dependent) diabetics are unable to produce
insulin to control their blood sugar levels. Type II (non-insulin-dependent), which is what 90% of
diabetics have, is when the person can produce plenty, if not too much insulin in their diet. Symptoms of
type II include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, and high triglycerides
(fat), and an increase in abdominal fat. Unfortunately, many people let these symptoms go untreated
before the damage can be reversed. It the fear of facing disease, the lack of resources, and the
procrastination towards one’s health that can cause this ability to let the symptoms spiral out of control.
The diagnosis is serious because the person becomes at triple the risk for heart disease and 80% of
people who are insulin resistant will die from cardiovascular complications.  
When the body is constantly exposed to high levels of insulin, the body regulation symptoms start to
malfunction and doesn’t know how to recognize good from bad. The body soon becomes unable to
move glucose into the cells to be stored and used. When the body becomes insulin resistant, it can be a
silent stalker. Different theories say that obesity causes insulin resistance while others say being insulin
resistant causes obesity. Either way, the relationship is toxic. Stress is also another culprit of high blood
pressure which leads to diabetes. Chronic stress produces the hormone called “cascade” which elevates
blood sugar levels.  
The best approach to overcoming insulin resistance is to combine exercise and a low-glycemic diet.
Exercise will help increase metabolic functions and improve cardiovascular health. Weight loss is the
single most effective strategy to overcoming type II diabetes. The body will re-learn to utilize insulin to
normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.


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